blogging university by Reginald Chan

Blogging University Courses Transform Newbie Bloggers Into Professionals

blogging university by Reginald Chan

Are you experiencing problem building traffic to your blogs? Or simply, having issues generating income to your blog?

The answers to these problems is simple; Enroll yourself in Blogging University. Yes, it is absolutely free for now and forever.

Being a blogger myself, I know how it felt like when you felt like blogging is coming to an end.

Constant Google updates and competing with over 160 million blogs out there are enough to drive any newbies away from blogging.

Blogging university is created by me and what makes them different is that I will be sharing information that covers about the blogging niche.

  • Yes, you hear me right.
  • Zero nonsense crap
  • Zero BS talks
  • Pure information and actionable techniques to grow your blogging into a full fledged business


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What are the visions and missions of Blogging University?

The main objectives are helping bloggers gain:

  • More traffic
  • More money
  • More authority

Blogging was much easier years back. Nowadays, blogging is much different. It takes more than the ‘usual’ techniques to grow your blog audience.


Why is Blogging University different?

I am a huge fan of writing lengthy posts and in Blogging University, I will be doing it with a twist.

Blogging resources will include various podcast, videos, slides and as well as the blog posts. Therefore, feel free to choose any resources which fits your needs.

Besides that, instead of verbally sharing the resources, I will include life experiences taken from my personal blogging experience. This is ensure you that you’re getting only the best blogging resources you can find on the web.

All these resources would be absolutely free for you for now (and forever). I won’t be charging a dime for anything.


What will Blogging University covers?

In short, everything.

For example, I will be covering:

  • Basic of bloggings
  • Lucrative topics or niches
  • Ways to monetize a blog
  • Building blog traffic
  • Search engine optimization and backlinks
  • Social media influence


Who can participate in Blogging University courses?

Absolutely everybody who want to make a serious living through blogging.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced bloggers, anyone is free to join. While there is no fee in joining this, it is highly recommended to subscribe for my separate mailing list to keep updated with the courses.

And it only takes you 2 minutes to subscribe to my newsletter using the form below. With that, you will get timely updates on the courses published without missing any juicy parts of it.

What to expect from Blogging University?

New posts will be loaded up on a weekly basis (but I’ll try to do more than that). While this will covers from the ultimate newbie courses, bear in mind that there are some things you may have already know.

Feel free to skip any courses if you feel that you have gained sufficient knowledge. Of course, I don’t recommend that but it is entirely up to you.

Courses offered at Blogging University doesn’t guarantee success but with all the proven records, it is a no brainer that these blogging techniques really work.


Are you ready to take blogging to the next level (for free)?

Blogging University will be launching real soon and if you want to grab a seat, sign up to my newsletter below for the latest updates.

13 thoughts on “Blogging University Courses Transform Newbie Bloggers Into Professionals”

  1. Wow Reginald, that’s awfully nice of you to put something together like this and offer it for free. I had a free training site up for a few years but with the way things changed so often I couldn’t keep up. I covered a LOT of topics too. I remember finishing the section on Twitter only for them to update the site and I had to shoot all the videos over again.

    I’m sure that any blogger that would like to learn would appreciate the information that you’ll share. Bravo and I wish you the best of luck. I’ll be sure to share your post for those who may need what you have to share.

    Best to you Reginald, you’ll do great.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Haha! Been planning for a long time and even thought of selling it at membership basis. Might do that in the future!

      I even did a collaboration with a hosting company to setup ‘semi-dedicated’ servers for bloggers. So they could easily host their website without the worry of downtime etc. And all they need is to pay around $5 per month with 2 months free hosting (for Blogging University members).

      Lots are coming their way so I hope they will profit from this. Fingers crossed and thank you for your thoughts!

      If you have the time, do share it around as well. That would be great help!

  2. SuperGirl Advent

    This is neat! I’m an avid blogger and I am always looking for new ways to improve my readership. I have a humor blog that addresses politics and general life adventures. I want to share my humorous life tales to a larger audience; however, it seems that I just can’t clear enough visitors to really make a dent in the market. In the humor niche there are websites that features funny youtube videos or real life pranks, but I’m only making fun of life in general. Not into playing practical jokes or creating memes. Life is an adventure and I love laughing at the chaos of life.

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