Top 5 Plugins For Affiliate Marketers 2017

Top 5 Plugins For Affiliate Marketers 2017

Thinking of starting a blog focusing on affiliate marketing? It’s about time, y’all! Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for bloggers to make money and let me rephrase that again. With the right strategy, you can make MORE money on affiliate marketing compared to any other blog monetization methods out there. For starters, … Read more

Convertkit vs Drip vs MailChimp: The Best Email Marketing Automation

MailChimp vs ConvertKit vs Drip

The introduction to email marketing automation (before we compare MailChimp vs ConvertKit vs Drip) Email marketing automation is the thing right now. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a course or simply trying to create a more engaged subscriber. According to Hubspot, success in email marketing automation comes down to two parts: Recognizing that marketing automation … Read more

SendPulse Review – A Great MailChimp Alternative

sendpulse review

SendPulse, ladies and gentlemen. If you are looking for a good alternative to MailChimp, or have the question “is MailChimp good,” you’re going to love this post. This post will all about SendPulse, the latest email marketing service provider that I have come across recently. It is important to understand that Sendpulse is exclusively email … Read more

9 Business Trends to Follow in 2017

business trends 2017

The world is changing at the speed of technological innovations and the public is more digital, more demanding. The Millennials, as well known as Generation Y, grew hand in hand with technology and is today the main responsible for purchasing decisions, as the largest group of consumers. The business trends for 2017 are following these … Read more

Contentmart Review – One stop solution for content writing services

contentmart review

It can be difficult to find a good writer at times. The problems can be a) you don’t get a writer who is worth hiring for the job or b) He/ she might charge a high amount. So, how to get out of such a sticky situation? Are their quality content writers at affordable prices? … Read more

4 Steps To Build A Brand For Your New Blog

build a brand

Do you know that branding is as important for bloggers as it is for big names? The process of building a brand is often overlooked by many bloggers, and as a result, they will lead to many ‘˜challenges’ such as infringement and trying to be different as they move along their blogging journey. According to … Read more