SendPulse Review - A Great MailChimp Alternative

SendPulse, ladies and gentlemen.

If you are looking for a good alternative to MailChimp, or have the question "is MailChimp good," you're going to love this post. This post will all about SendPulse, the latest email marketing service provider that I have come across recently.

It is important to understand that Sendpulse is exclusively email marketing platform would diminish its value since it also offers free unlimited web push notifications and SMS messaging. But for the sake of this review, we will focus on its emailing service.

Searching on Google, you may find a few thousand write ups about SendPulse and what it can do for you. I hope this write-up will give you even deeper insights, as well as some honest review for SendPulse.


What is SendPulse?

The tagline for SendPulse is 'marketing made simple'. For me, what makes SendPulse unique is simply because it offers artificial intelligence (AI), hyper-personalization and predictive analysis to make your email go BOOM!

sendpulse review

SendPulse features

Do you know why I said SendPulse is an alternative to MailChimp?

SendPulse is freemium email marketing service provider just like MailChimp.

For a free account, SendPulse allows you to have up to 2,500 email subscribers with 15,000 emails send out on a monthly basis.

And yes, the stats will automatically refresh once every month.


Email templates

With SendPulse, you'll access to all their email templates and trust me; they are pretty well done!

Take a look at the image below for some samples:

free email templates

Kind of cool, right?


SendPulse subscription forms

Another "wow" factor for SendPulse is the subscription forms. If you are a MailChimp user, you know that it has very standard, generic look for their subscription forms. While you can perform modifications on the forms, they require some coding knowledge which can be a pain in the a*s for beginners.

Now, take a look at what SendPulse can offer:

SendPulse Subscription Forms

Now, it doesn't take me long to be mesmerized with these! So many options and a form builder as well?

Perfecto, as what Italians always say!


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Autoresponders (the first 'wow' factor)

Keep the best for the last -- this is what I always believe.

Let's be honest here. I was surprised that SendPulse offers autoresponders on their free account.

SendPulse Email Automation

As you can see from the image above, SendPulse provides three forms of automated series which are:

As email marketers, you probably heard how the big guns in nearly every industry use email automation to skyrocket their sales and visibility. You know, the soft sell, hard sell, etc.

In most cases, email marketing is always considered well used only when you have a good email automation that integrates with a sales funnel.

But the biggest challenge most people faced is that they are not leveraging email automation simply because of the price. And this is absolutely where SendPulse comes into play.

Email automation system that comes either super affordable or free in most cases.


A/B testing with SendPulse (the second 'wow' factor)

You might be thinking, "Okay, this is crazy. What is SendPulse doing? Are they killing the market?"

I would easily define the answer as they are revolutionary. With a freemium email marketing service that provides split testing features (also known as A/B testing) can be considered a home run.

Yes, this is just too good to be true.

SendPulse split testing feature

Split testing can be very mind-boggling and complicated, but SendPulse makes it really, really simple.

All you need to do is to fill up the details such as:

Allow me to I point out two important points on the final email sending.

When you select automatic sending, you can set the system to pick the best winner after a particular time. In this case, you can choose either days, hours or both.

Of course, the second point is the manual resend where you can decide to send the winning email at your pace. This option is excellent if you want to have more control over your email marketing strategy.


SendPulse Pricing

SendPulse comes with several different pricing structures. See below for better understanding.

sendpulse pricing structure

When it comes to email marketing with SendPulse, the lowest plan is the free which comes with 2,500 email subscribers and is an excellent choice for beginners and small businesses.

If you require more features and services, you can purchase paid services instead which starts at $9.85 per month.

Don't forget that you'll get 3 months free when you sign up when you pay upfront for a whole year!

There is also Pay As You Go plans that start at $32 for 10,000 emails.

SendPulse Pay As You Go


More SendPulse exciting features - Push campaigns

Wait! Do you know that SendPulse comes with push campaigns?

Push campaign can easily be said as an instant notification from your website on your subscriber's desktops.

SendPulse Push Notification

Looks familiar, right? You'll see many websites doing that now (even those famous sites are using this technology as well).

Here's how it works (credit to SendPulse) for the video.


SMS plans by SendPulse

SendPulse is one of those email marketing providers that provide affordable SMS (short messaging system) plans.

So, if your marketing goes beyond the standard usage of email and would want to engage using SMS, you should consider SendPulse for the matter!

Don't forget that SMS messages are great when you want to send instant messages, discounts, and other offers directly to them instead of the emails.



I was lucky to be able to use SendPulse for a few weeks, and I got to say that it is really good. For the free account that comes with automation and split testing, there's absolutely nothing to complain!

Plus, don't forget that they have a lot of interesting email templates even in the free account.

If you are interested in using SendPulse, there's another great offer for you!

Signup using this link to get a $50 discount for any monthly plan of your choice. The discount will be distributed equally for the first five months ($10 discount per month).