9 Business Trends to Follow in 2017

The world is changing at the speed of technological innovations and the public is more digital, more demanding. The Millennials, as well known as Generation Y, grew hand in hand with technology and is today the main responsible for purchasing decisions, as the largest group of consumers.

The business trends for 2017 are following these changes.

The world is changing and businesses, for the coming years, will have to take care of this generation.

The 10 trends that will drive your business in 2017 will be focused on technological tools, on the growth of eCommerce platforms, on work remotely and more.

Here you go.

 business trends 2017

1. Web Design Trends

It is no wonder web design has become more important to business than ever before.

Long scrolling, flat design, micro interactions, rich animations and HD visuals are just some of the new trends. From logos to websites, to enriched graphics on social media accounts, consumers are becoming more obsessed with visually appealing content and companies need to take advantage of it.

lang="IT" style="font-family: 'Georgia',serif; color: #333333;">Following web design trends for 2017 will be required for every business in order to compete at the highest levels. This holds true especially for those companies who refuse to embark on the Internet for fear of getting lost and not being able to emerge.

Every company, every startup, every small workshop will need a strategic online presence. CMS platforms like WordPress allow you to easily manage a website, with just a minimum of technical know-how to build your online activities. 


2. Personal Branding

If you are a young entrepreneur then you should know that personal branding is a key element for the growth of your business.

The Internet has opened the field to a grueling competition among experts in this sector, generating a kind of uniformity among rivals. What matters is being able to find new personal branding tools to help bring out our companies, like Mention, which helps to monitor in real-time your business name or brand. Just enter a keyword in the search box and you can track what people are saying about you across different platforms.


3. Remotely Recruitment

remote recruitment trends in business

Tech companies and startups are using different forms of remote working.

Since the meeting can be made on Skype or other video conferencing platforms, there’s a much better chance of taking true talents via the digital channel, without the tedious and costly grain of the work on site, in order to have an important role within the company and bring success to your business.


4. Millennials

People may think that Millennials are lazy kids who prefer to stay at home and work in pajamas and slippers.

On the contrary, they are just the opposite of the baby boomers. They seek creative ways to do their job, constantly improving the work process.

This means that companies have the opportunity to meet the needs of the talented Millennials to get in return success and turnover, following the trend of the business carefully.


5. eCommerce

ecommerce trends 2017

2017 will be the year of the growth of online shopping: the spending is on the rise in both the US and Europe.

Just consider that one of the points in favor of the online business development is about shipping and for 2017 the business trends will be all oriented on electronic commerce.

The shipping cost has a very important role in decision making of customers. 58% of consumers are willing to add items to their carts to meet the threshold for free shipping.

Also, the web development and loading time of the ecommerce pages will influence the purchase decision. Be sure to choose the right web hosting to avoid losing customers.

Other important areas will be the social commerce, because many consumers can now make secure purchases using their smartphones.


6. Business Intelligence Software

In 2017 the Business Intelligence will give a big hand to SMEs. BI is a set of business procedures used for the collection and analysis of data and strategic information. Through software like Cyfe you can collect the data fragmented by translating them into valuable information for the development of our business.

BI has historically been used by large enterprises to treat, preserve and display what is known as Big Data. However, the growth of technological solutions and the large amounts of data gives the possibility to small companies to take advantage of BI solutions.


7. Green Business

Green Business Trends 2017

The Millennials are quite aware of what types of products to buy. For this reason, they search for companies that pay attention to the planet’s health through the products they consume.

Green business is a very familiar term, but only recently has been taken seriously by the companies, which have developed specific products to contribute to the success of this mission. Nothing strange, then, of seeing a grow for green businesses in 2017.


8. Videos

2016 was the year of online videos, so much that Facebook has invested and continues to invest much on this powerful medium.

2017 could be the year when videos will be used to create useful content to solve the customer problems.

The video is becoming an essential source of information and many experts have understood in advance. Through powerful targeting tools offered by social networks, you can create a real-time video to address specific issues and help our users to solve them.

In essence, focus on videos to promote your product.


9. Fewer Emails

business trends 2017

2017 could be the year of Slack overtaking emails. Just think this famous tool has exceeded 4 million users a day.

This does not mean companies will abandon emails so sudden, but it is certain these tools of real-time communication will become more used among users.

In an organization where internal and external communication takes place via email, you can save much time using real-time tools, other than spending most of the day with the mailbox open waiting for a response.

As we all know: time is money!

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