It can be difficult to find a good writer at times. The problems can be a) you don't get a writer who is worth hiring for the job or b) He/ she might charge a high amount. So, how to get out of such a sticky situation? Are their quality content writers at affordable prices? Well Yes, addresses this problem and helps connect you to a skilled, qualified writer.

Contentmart works in a way such that not only the clients but the writers can also find projects of great value. Addressing the above-stated problem clients can post their requirements with details of what they are looking for and writers can then bid for the project. The client then makes a choice depending on the bidding writers' area of expertise, education, experience and knowledge of grammar.


Contentmart Review - A platform for Clients and Writers

Contentmart serves as a platform for authors, copywriters, and clients. Contentmart has a categorical presentation of a list of writers as well as clients with an easy interface for both the clients and writers to find each other.

Contentmart is a platform solely dedicated to content which the clients can trust and helps them reach out to serious individual authors and editors.

With over 48 thousand writers and 56 thousand clients, Contentmart promises to take content writing to another level.

 contentmart review

Clients @ Contentmart

Posting content requirement at Contentmart is simple. Register as a client on Registration can be done using Facebook id or e-mail id without disclosing the credit card details. After successful registration the following page appears:

how to use contentmart

To place an order go to 'New Order' and follow the steps given below:

  • Click on New Order
  • Give a name to your order and describe the details in the 'Order Details' section. This helps the writers analyze the requirements and apply for the project

what is contentmart

  • Fill in other important details like the category of writing, deadline, language, etc.

buy cheap content online

  • Moving ahead mention the details like number of words, price per word and writers to whom your post would be visible.

contentmart pricing

  • Click 'Publish' to post your order
  • The writers will start sending bids after the order has been published and approved by Contentmart team.
  • Go ahead and hire the best writer for your project.

Once the writer has been finalized it is his prerogative to deliver the work well within the mentioned deadline, failing which the client can cancel the order.

The client, in turn, has to accept or reject the content within five days of viewing.

Once accepted, the amount will be transferred to the writer's account, and if rejected the amount is refunded to the client.


Writers @ Contentmart

Writers are equally well served by Contentmart. A one-time registration is needed where the writer has to fill in his/her credentials correctly. The registration can be done using a Facebook id or an e-mail id. After creating the account, a link for activation is sent to the registered email id. Once the link is clicked upon, and the account is activated other details such as education, work preferences, etc. can also be updated.

The writer can also upload work samples so that the client can have a look at the previous work of the writer.

Once all the details are provided the writers can start bidding for orders that meet their interests. Though the bidding is completely free, it is totally up to the client whether he/she chooses you for the project or not. Writers can withdraw payments from their accounts only if they reach above Rs. 3000/-. Contentmart charges 10 percent of the total earnings from the project.


Why use Contentmart?

  • Clients need not pay any commission for getting their work done at Contentmart which is unlike any other content providing the platform.
  • Maximum bids due to a large number of writers present on Contentmart (48000+ writers). The client has a wide range to choose from and hence can judicially choose the best writer for the project.
  • Writers are graded as per their English grammar knowledge and their work with previous clients.
  • Complete freedom to the client to reject the work if he/she does not like it. The client can even ask the writer for editing.
  • Provides a great opportunity to writers to find good projects as the client base is huge (56000+ clients)
  • Writers can withdraw payments directly to their bank accounts once they reach the threshold of Rs. 3000.
  • Safe Billing. Once the client has placed an order, the payments are locked so that if the client cancels the order mid-way or is not available for payment, the writer still gets paid.
  • Contentmart is a platform which is solely dedicated to content writing.


Affiliate Program by Contentmart

Joining Contentmart can also be beneficial through its affiliate program. The program is free of cost and someone joining Contentmart through a referral link makes the referrer eligible for 10 percent of the referral's income for a year.

Though the affiliate program is optional, the link for the same can be found in the dashboard after signing in on Contentmart.

This is a great strategic move by the Contentmart team to expand their base and add more writers which would ultimately benefit their clients by giving them more options to choose from.



Contentmart is a great platform to connect Writers and Clients and provides a large number of choices to both the Client and the writers.  A writer can use the platform to get creative and quality writing work. It is also a great opportunity for writers to find good projects with renowned clients.

For clients, it takes away their pain of hunting for writers as the client only has to put in his requirements and then can choose from all writers who bid for the project. Also being the only dedicated platform for content gives Contentmart an advantage over all other platforms.

If Contentmart can hold on to its uniqueness and engage the writers by encouraging them to share their writing styles and writing tips they could be a great marketplace to hire writers.