Google Hummingbird Update And SEO Techniques To Boost SERPs

Top 3 SEO techniques that work after Google Hummingbird Update

Google Update on Small Sites or Google Hummingbird in short could possible be the biggest overhaul done by this giant search engine after Caffeine update. We all know that the latest Google Update took place on 21st August 2013 and at that time, Google didn’t break the news which left everyone wondering. On the eve … Read more

The Truth Behind Google Panda Update On Small Sites (Hummingbird)

How did Google Panda update on small sites affected you?

Some of you might not have realized this but Google Panda Update on Small Sites (Hummingbird) took placed approximately on 21st August 2013. Yes, it happened and I’m not joking. This basically went live right after Matt Cutts gave a quick shout on Twitter as seen below: According to my sources, this particular Google Panda Update (Hummingbird) was reported … Read more

How Website Optimization Can Save You From The Google Penguin Update?

Website optimization is one of the best SEO ways to avoid Google penalization

Are you doing any website optimization? If you have not, you better do as the next Google Penguin Update is on it’s way. Don’t freak out as this article will explain in detail how you can prepare for the next Google Update (and probably rank better with the correct search engine optimization techniques). As we … Read more