What is SEO? Understand what SEO is all about in 521 seconds

What is SEO? Understand what SEO is all about in 521 seconds

Recently, I read an article about SEO written by Brent Carnduff, CEO of Echelon SEO which you can find it here.

That article … struck my mind about search engine optimization.

Let me ask you something.

What do you know about SEO? Go on … think about it for a moment.

SEO plays a huge role when it comes to blog ranking
Let’s learn SEO today!

What is SEO all about?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is indeed very simple but why on Earth, everyone is saying that SEO is hard?

Like what Brent said, it is us who confuse ourselves and when I think about it, it make sense.

Let me tell you why.

I had been doing search engine optimization research and practicing multiple techniques over the years (since 2005 to be exact) and it is no secret that we get all our SEO scoop from no other than … other blogs and websites.

There are some reputable SEO sites out there like Moz and Search Engine Journal. However, we usually don’t get enough from these sites and we venture out to the open sea looking for more sources.

I bet you do right?

And there comes other so-called SEO blogs that we assume are providing valuable insight on the matter. The question here is … how many of these sites are trust worthy?

I am not saying that my blog is 100% correct but at least, they worked for me (ding!).

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Understand what SEO is all about … in just 521 seconds

This time around, I am going to cut the chase. Good by wall of text (do I hear the crowd cheering?) and hello Youtube.

I am a good story teller so … do bear with me alright?

Search engine optimization is rather huge and therefore, I am keeping the video as simple as possible (plus as general as possible).

Basically, search engine optimization (SEO) could easily be divided into 4 very distinct categories which are:

  1. Traditional SEO (some call this white hat)
  2. Black hat
  3. Content marketing
  4. Social SEO

For more, watch this video:

I hope you enjoyed watching the video and remember to like it as well on Youtube!

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32 thoughts on “What is SEO? Understand what SEO is all about in 521 seconds”

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I can’t help but to emphasize that SEO is actually very basic. It’s people who make it looks complicated. What’s worst is that many people are trying to make money out of it!

      Really hope this video shares some light on what SEO is all about 😉

      See you around Robert!

  1. Reginald, all good tips here. You are right – SEO isn’t all that difficult if you follow a few simple rules. I just started doing videos myself and really like the results. Have a great day!

    • Hi Tom,

      I started doing recently too. Well, results aren’t really THAT big and thus, no celebration here. However, I found out that it was fun doing it! Haha…in fact, I am kinda … addicted to it!

      Thanks for commenting and appreciate your time mate! Talk to you soon.

  2. Hi Reginald,

    Very interesting – I haven’t come across an explanation of SEO quite like this before, dividing it into these four categories. You explain it very well, but I couldn’t quite catch all that you were saying about black hat SEO – there was one word you used I couldn’t understand, even though I replayed the section two or three times.

    As a general point, my personal preference is to read posts rather than listen to videos – I just like to see the words on the page and to be able to read an article at my own pace – so I prefer it if video posts like this come with a transcript. I do find listening to videos very time-consuming – I like them for instructional posts, when it’s helpful to see a process in action, but for general posts like this I far prefer to read the content on the page.

    Thanks, Reginald – you’re very good in front of the camera, by the way, very natural 🙂


    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for the feedback. I am still very green in this and can’t wait to get a new mic when my paycheck is out.

      To be honest, video watching isn’t my type as well. However, the process was pretty cool and it was fun! Hope to produce more of these with better quality in the future.

      Oh yes, thank you for suggesting transcript! Got to work on that too. I did a few videos without any caption and this is the first with one. I feel it gives a better … output than just plain talking.

      More to come I promise and yes! Will improve 🙂

      Thanks for everything Sue. The comment mean alot to me!

  3. Hey Reginald

    I have recently started my blogging career. I am still learning. Well people must learn new things. You have mentioned all the aspects of SEO.

    You are right people make it tough and people make it right. Having said that It will take some time to reflect the results.
    Thank you for the outstanding post. Keep up the good work

    • Hi Shristhi,

      Thanks for the kind words and welcome aboard. I hope you enjoyed my novice video.

      If you need any help in terms of blogging, do feel free to drop me a line. Will try my best to help.

      You can also grab my newsletter to have some insight scoop on blogging 🙂

      Have a great day ahead!

      • Hey There
        Thanks for your kind reply. You seems like to be a nice Guy. Me and my team is working on bringing our blog to the next level. It is good to have nice people like you around. Would definitely ask for help .
        Thanks once again

  4. Hi Reginald, I made it 🙂 Nice video, part of it was hard to hear but I did get most of it. I like how you broke it into 4 categories. It seems the interlinking has become more important over the years, yes or no? I don’t remember hearing about it as much when I first started about 4 years ago. I’m glad I don’t understand most of the black hat SEO so I have no need to worry about its effect 🙂 Thanks for sharing the info and have a wonderful day.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for commenting! When it comes to video making, I think I’ve got to break it down into:
      1. Having good mic
      2. Finding a good and quiet spot

      Of course, if you can see, most of my videos are … not prepared in advance. This means that I want it to be unique and natural. Talking from my point of view. It is hard since I am super forgetful. Might forget this and that from time to time 😉

      Lots more to improve and I really hope to have learn more in the coming months!

      Have a great weekend Lisa!

  5. Nice Video Reginald !
    For newbie bloggers , this video is the perfect point to start with .The tips that you’ve shared are no doubt the best tips that can be suggested .Thanks for sharing the information .


    • Hi Pramod,

      Thanks for dropping by. Argh, the video … it was fun doing and I certainly hope it provides some good ‘education’ on SEO.

      Glad you find that useful and see you around.

  6. Hi Reginald ..

    When I read your Article Title, I got shocked after reading your post title. I thought that SEO is very complicated things! I’m not an old disease of blogging! I’ve been doing this work for last one year and have learned many techniques about SEO. Your video has changed my thinkings. I haven’t done Video Marketing yet. Hope it will as much easy as much you have shown.

    Thanks for your article. I’ll try to do it.

    • Hi Bilal,

      SEO is actually very easy and all you need is to understand it. At times, I have bloggers come over asking for SEO help. the problem is they don’t learn because they didn’t want to. Spend some time reading SEO guides (you can start with this website) and you will get it.

      But remember that SEO is a practise, not mainly on theory. So, improvise from time to time.

      Good luck!

  7. Hi Reginald,
    Nice article and great video, i heard and understood every single word of it. WIll i wanted to disagree with you on black hat (though I’m not paying for links) but you concluded it in a great way.

    The commonest one which people call seo itself is the traditional seo, hmm! i got an inspirational word 🙂 “seo is not though”
    Good new! I’m learning great ideas from you. Thanks buddy

    • Hi Gilbert,

      Thanks for commenting and the kind words 🙂

      Black hat SEO has two meaning. Of course, one is the bad way which try to abuse the ‘system’ while another is building more unnatural links 😉

      Talk to you soon mate.

  8. Hi Reginald,

    I have a question for you, why is it that every tech blog has a high Alexa ranking when we other bloggers struggle with this like hell? In any case, I know I do.

    I hope you can answer this question for me.

    Sometimes SEO can be confusing, indeed, but you’ve given some great tips here.

    Nice to have met you over on my blog and here again 🙂

    • Hi Sylviane,

      How are you? Hope you are in good health 🙂

      Allow me to explain a little about Alexa. These are some ways Alexa determine the ranks:
      1. Traffic
      2. Time between updates
      3. Number of contents

      I run a tech blog myself and basically, you can easily hit 1,000 traffic a day if you know how to blog. This is where Alexa count the traffic hit as one of the factors.

      Tech blogs are also updated very frequently. You can easily rank very well as long as you publish one post a day (which is definitely possible with tech niche since posts can be very short ~ 400 words or so).

      Also, it really depends on which country you are targeting in terms of traffic. Some niches work extreme well in several countries while some don’t. It all boils down to your planning. <-- Targeting the right audience and region is the key here. Do I trust Alexa rank? My answer is yes and no. Yes is because I use it to 'check my site' generally and a big NO because I know how easy it is to beat their algorithm. Hope this helps (and don't give you a headache) 😉

  9. What I find funny amongst people when it comes to SEO, is they think it’s basically keyword stuffing their websites with their niche’s keyword. So much more to that. They don’t even know the half of it! lol.

    • Hi Leon,

      Yes you are right. Keyword stuffing is too obvious. Let’s hope people tend to learn how this whole thing works 🙂 It is never a good choice to stuff everything on one article. Makes it totally unreadable 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and enjoy yourself mate.

  10. Hi Reginald,

    Nice explanation you did on that video. Sounded like the book I just purchased about SEO for Bloggers by R.L. Williams.

    I heard about the white list and black list but forgot what it means until I listened to your video. Number #3 and #4 sounds great. That’s what I’ve been doing the most.

    It’s good to know that Google is changing their algorythmn.

    Anyway, thanks for educating us. Have a great week and catch you later.


    • Hi Angela,

      How are you? Long time no hear. Hope you are doing well both in life and career 🙂

      Google is always changing their algorithm and it will forever be a guessing game. Glad that the basic of SEO is always simple and straight forward.

      I am just a newbie in Youtube with all these videos and stuffs. Hoping to improve more over time but first, got to get a good mic. LOL!

      Have a great day Angela.

      • Yeah…it’s been a while. Taking a short break. Btw, I like your new logo. 🙂

        You’re brave on video. I don’t think I can speak like that but only behind the camera via ScreenFlow. However, I can sing in front of the camera but not speak in public.

        • Hi Angela,

          Oh wow I need a break too. Space for one? 🙂

          I didn’t design the logo as I am really bad with that. Just had no idea how to make the logo resize or retina display. Any idea?

          As for the video, used to do a lot of public speaking (ex-sales/ops team) so, yeah it is in my blood.

          Glad you had a holiday. After all, we all need it once a year right?

    • Hi Cole,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Glad you liked the video and hope you don’t mind about my ‘newbie’ experience in YouTube.

      Have a great week ahead mate 😉

  11. Hello Reginald,

    Content is most important part of SEO. Writing excellent content can do seo for us. The content marketing is done by other webmasters and bloggers when we fabulous content for them.

    Great video you have created. All tips listening is very effective rather than reading a long text article. 🙂

    • Hi Aman,

      Thanks for dropping by mate 🙂 Glad you liked the video and I hope it is sufficient enough to learn basic SEO … if you get what I mean.

      Take care and see you around mate!

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