What is SEO? Understand what SEO is all about in 521 seconds

Recently, I read an article about SEO written by Brent Carnduff, CEO of Echelon SEO which you can find it here.

That article … struck my mind about search engine optimization.

Let me ask you something.

What do you know about SEO? Go on … think about it for a moment.

SEO plays a huge role when it comes to blog ranking
Let’s learn SEO today!

What is SEO all about?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is indeed very simple but why on Earth, everyone is saying that SEO is hard?

Like what Brent said, it is us who confuse ourselves and when I think about it, it make sense.

Let me tell you why.

I had been doing search engine optimization research and practicing multiple techniques over the years (since 2005 to be exact) and it is no secret that we get all our SEO scoop from no other than … other blogs and websites.

There are some reputable SEO sites out there like Moz and Search Engine Journal. However, we usually don’t get enough from these sites and we venture out to the open sea looking for more sources.

I bet you do right?

And there comes other so-called SEO blogs that we assume are providing valuable insight on the matter. The question here is … how many of these sites are trust worthy?

I am not saying that my blog is 100% correct but at least, they worked for me (ding!).

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Understand what SEO is all about … in just 521 seconds

This time around, I am going to cut the chase. Good by wall of text (do I hear the crowd cheering?) and hello Youtube.

I am a good story teller so … do bear with me alright?

Search engine optimization is rather huge and therefore, I am keeping the video as simple as possible (plus as general as possible).

Basically, search engine optimization (SEO) could easily be divided into 4 very distinct categories which are:

  1. Traditional SEO (some call this white hat)
  2. Black hat
  3. Content marketing
  4. Social SEO

For more, watch this video:

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