6 Easy Ways To Choose The Best Genesis Child Themes

6 Easy Ways To Choose The Best Genesis Child Themes

A good WordPress theme offers not only mobility and rich features but it also plays a crucial role when it comes to SEO and website security matters.

If you are looking for a great WordPress theme, you don’t have to look any further as Genesis framework and Genesis child themes are already a household name when it comes to premium WordPress themes.

StudioPress (the company behind Genesis framework) offers more than 40 breath-taking, eye-catching and mouth-watering themes. With over 96,000 website owners using Genesis themes, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t.

Before we choose Genesis or it’s child themes, we got to know what is Genesis all about right?

So, what is Genesis framework all about?

Genesis Framework Features
Genesis framework offers not only one but 8 different features for bloggers

1. Genesis framework and child themes are search engine friendly – This means that every child themes are SEO ready out of the box. All you need to do is to choose the right child theme to work with and you are basically ‘ready for battle’.

2. Great looking turn key designs – This means that changing the looks of your website is extremely easy and you don’t need a designer or developer to do it. Change it every day or week, the choice is in your hands.

3. Genesis gives you unlimited everything – Unlike any other premium WordPress themes, there is no such thing as ‘Developer Option’ for Genesis. This means that all you need is to pay once and you get unlimited support plus updates … for life.

4. State-of-the-art security features – With thousand of websites being hacked yearly, you need to know that your websites are secure … and Genesis can offer you that. With Mark Jaquith, the security expert and core WordPress developer working closely with StudioPress, you know that you are in good hands.

5. Hassle free and instant upgrade – Forget about calling your developer or webmaster to perform the upgrades as with Genesis framework and child themes, you can easily update them with just a few clicks of the button.

6. Customizing Genesis themes are incredibly easy – From auto-sizing images to advertising ready, the guys behind StudioPress had thought about them. All you need to do is to spend an hour or so in customizing your own child themes and NOT a few hundred dollars for hiring web developers to do the customizations for you.

7. Custom widgets and layout options – Need some customized widgets and layouts for different pages? It is easily doable when it comes to Genesis framework and its child themes.

8. Availability of trustworthy Genesis developers – Let’s say you still need help and want to build your own custom theme. Well, there’s a truckload of skilled and trusted Genesis developers at your disposal.

Now … take a moment and have a closer look at StudioPress’s theme gallery. I know you will be impressed!

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Brian Gardner is the man behind StudioPress and the highly successful Genesis themes
Brian Gardner, the strong man in StudioPress and Genesis Framework

Choosing the right Genesis child themes – How?

Welcome back! Glad you made it back here 🙂

When I first saw Genesis framework and its child themes, I was mesmerized and I had absolutely NO IDEA where to start.

If you are at the same spot with me right now, then you definitely got to read what I have to say below.

When it comes to deciding a Genesis child theme, you got to know a few basic information which are:

  1. What that your website is all about?
  2. The basic layout you are looking for?
  3. Minimalistic or colourful?
  4. Corporate or leisure?

For me, choosing the best Genesis child themes is actually easy as long as you know what you really want.

I have listed down several top child themes which I truly love and I classified them in a very logical manner which is … according to your niche.

What is your ‘type’?

1. Balance website themes between images and words:

Genesis child theme: Magazine

Genesis child theme Magazine

Genesis child theme: Metro

Genesis child theme Metro

2. Business and corporate genres:

Genesis child theme: Agency

Genesis child theme Agency

Genesis child theme: Corporate

Genesis child theme Corporate

Genesis child theme: Executive

Genesis child theme Executive

3. General genres:

Genesis child theme: Blissful

Genesis child theme Blissful

Genesis child theme: Pretty Pictures

Genesis child theme Pretty Pictures

4. Photography genres:

Genesis child theme: Crystal

Genesis child theme Crystal
Genesis child theme: Landscape

Genesis child theme Landscape

5. Very specific genres:

Genesis child theme: Education

Genesis child theme Education

Genesis child theme: AgentPress

Genesis child theme AgentPress

6. My personal favorites:

Genesis child theme: Eleven40

Genesis child theme Eleven40

Genesis child theme: Focus

Genesis child theme Focus

Genesis child theme: Going Green

Genesis child theme Going Green

Genesis child theme: Mindstream

Genesis child theme Mindstream

Genesis child theme: Prose

Genesis child theme Prose

Genesis child theme: Genesis Framework

Genesis child themes and Genesis Framework

Are you an outgoing and adventurous blogger?

It is no secret that I am extremely picky and choosy when it comes to choosing a theme.

And for those who know me, there is a tendency for me to change my website theme nearly every month.

If you are looking for unique themes for customization, I would recommend you to try using either Prose or Genesis Framework (most basic).

Currently, I am using Genesis Sample child theme with some customization on this website (as you can see now) with the help of Genesis Extender Plugin.

Help! I still can’t find the right Genesis child theme that suits me!

With so many child themes, you are having a hard time to decide (plus getting a Pro Package for all child themes does not fit into your budget).

Don’t freak out and no fuss. I get it!

Have you ever thought of creating your own Genesis child themes instead?

If you are doubting your ability about creating a child theme, you shouldn’t.

I came across Dynamik Website Builder which offers more than 800 options to build your website theme from scratch.

So, what’s the catch?

You don’t need a type a single line of code … EVER!

The plugin is also highly recommended by StudioPress team (and myself since I have a copy of it).

If you are interested, check out my review on the Dynamik Website Builder here.

What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the images here. Regardless how many times I see Genesis themes, I am still thrilled!

So, are you a Genesis user already? Share with me what you like about Genesis and do you have any favorite child themes using the comment form below.

Wait! You are NOT a Genesis user yet?

Take Genesis for a spin or have a look at StudioPress can offer by clicking the banner below. Don’t worry, no string attached and no obligations.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes
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23 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways To Choose The Best Genesis Child Themes”

  1. Great article! Exactly what I was looking for to use Genesis only as grid administrator over the whole website and being possible to customise it as much as possible with the Genesis Extender Plugin. Maybe in a later stadium, I start to develop a new child theme in order to be able to control everything except layout.Have your day! Kristof

    • Hi Kristof,

      Genesis is great and I absolutely love the whole team. The community is also great and it was one of the best choices I ever done in my entire life (choosing to work with Genesis and StudioPress in terms of WordPress themes).

      Great to know you and thanks for dropping by.

      *p/s If you like this article, please do help me to share around 🙂

      • I’ll do, when my holiday is over.
        Actually, I started looking around to when Pagelines came up recently with there new DMS platform. I’m not at al satisfied the way you are licensewise allowed to use it, and beside that, I was looking for a framework which doesn’t break down you content when you leave a certain theme and also their proper shortcodes.

        I knew Genesis already, but the time is there to go with it.

        ps: you need to update the logo for this website, cause on a retina displays … it looks so 1999 😉

        • Hi Kristof,

          Pagelines? Heard about it 🙂

          As for the logo, yes thanks for that. Having some crazy issue because of some … modifications. Grr~ Hope to get it resolved soon.

          Have a great day mate!

    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for dropping by!

      How are you mate? Hope you are in good health 🙂

      Hope this article helps but I am sure you have a better ‘designer’ brain than me … if you know what I mean.

      Talk to you soon and have a great day ahead.

    • Hi John,

      Genesis is great and Eleven40 is a killer theme. I love it so much and the only reason I don’t use it is because too many people are already using it. It makes my site looks … normal. Same goes to my current theme here 🙂

      Thesis is really a double edged blade. Personally, I uses Thesis as well on my secondary sites but it is not very easy to customize. Took me 1 week to learn the manual and another week to completely create a blank skin. Overall, it was fun but challenging. You need to spend lots of time in it if you want to use Thesis (from the view point of a non-techy person).

      Oh yes, Genesis has the website builder which works pretty well too. A great tool created by Cobaltapps. That really kills Thesis … seriously.

      Thanks for commenting mate.

    • Hello Okto,

      Genesis is pretty good compared to other premium WordPress themes I used before. Again, it depends on self preference. Glad you find this promising and thanks for commenting mate 🙂

      Have a great day ahead.

  2. Hi mate,

    Great list you got here, I definitely rely on this when next I’m about to give my site a new look or start a new site.
    I prefer Eleven40 but like you said, it damn to common.

    You said something about changing your theme nearly every month, don’t you think it looks unprofessional. I don’t know how to put this but it’s like giving your readers a new look every month, it might take them some time to balance and get used to your colors. It just like darren rowse changing his theme every month.
    Well, I’m not sure if it matters, I’m just assuming; what do you think? 😉

    • Hey Gilbert,

      It really depends on how you see it. For me, this is my site and I will change until I find the perfect theme. I am pretty choosy so having a Genesis Pro is great. Change any theme at any time.

      Now, yes it might look unprofessional but I rather have the problem now then in the future. Of course like Pat Flynn, he revamp his site like 20+ times until date. So it doesn’t really matter as long as you are happy with the end results.

      Personally does it matters?
      1. Yes a little – imagine visiting and every time a different look. However, this is also very common on sites that practise A/B theme testing. But the service isn’t cheap though.
      2. No because if you want to blog, be happy with it – that’s important 🙂

      Who knows, one day I will get my own developer to create a nice theme for me like Traffic Generation Cafe does. Haha!

      • Genesis is really the way forward for serious bloggers, it is so much easier to use than Thesis and has so many more advantages than just using WordPress on its own. I’m really liking all the new HTML5 themes that have come out on to the market and can’t wait to see what other new themes are going to be released.

        • Hi Erin,

          Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog 🙂

          I love the new Minimum Pro and it looks so clean! Just like you, I am waiting patiently for any new ones especially with Focus Pro. Hope that get released soon.

          Have a great weekend ya!

  3. Hi Reginald,

    I’ve seen your blog post about choose Theme for blogs. It’s really great and useful post for every users who have blogs. Overall I like this post too much. Thanks for sharing this post here.

    Mohammad Reaz

    • Hi Reaz,

      Thanks for dropping by. Glad you find that useful. In fact (at times), it could be very tough to choose a good Genesis child theme.

      Why? Every child theme looks so promising! 🙂

      See you around mate.

  4. Hi Regi,

    Interesting that we both have the favorite theme – eleven40. I personally use it and actually wrote a few tutorials and I can see a lot of people like this theme.

    Maybe I develop a brand some day based on this theme. 🙂

    I enjoyed this article and I highly recommend Genesis framework.

    • Hi Dragan,

      Thanks for dropping by mate 🙂

      Eleven40 is good and the latest one is a killer. The floating navigation bar is crazy! Yup, it is extremely popular and what’s make it a little obvious is everyone uses the same colour.

      I will use this theme (Eleven40) once I get enough time to customize it. Haha.

      Have a great day mate and glad you enjoyed the article.

    • Hi Siraj,

      Genesis Framework is crazy great. I might be holding a contest for that in the coming months so stay tune. You can also signup for my newsletter to get informed too!

      Have a great weekend mate.

  5. Hi Reginald, i’m currently using Minimum Pro. I moved from Dynamik which I found to be a gorgeous theme with lots of customisations readily available. I’ve also started to use Agency Pro more, I’m just completing my second site with it and I think there will be more using it.

    However, i’ve found a lot of the themes don’t really have different functionality or even better functionality / ease of use. In fact as many of them are upgraded they start to look remarkably similar, and the colour choices are leaving a lot to be desired. In short, I’m expecting a lot better from Studiopress in 2014, as 2013 didn’t really show anything innovative in the child themes offering.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Argh, I love Minimum Pro too! Dynamik is okay but it requires a lot of developer mindset to really use it. if not, you will be creating just another Genesis theme 🙂

      Agency Pro is my previous theme too for this site and love it! It was insane and increase my ROI a lot! Now, I am happy with New Pro as I wanted more to a magazine style. I definitely can’t wait to see what StudioPress has to offer in 2014!

      My biggest hope was to see a new Focus theme but the current Focus Pro was a big disappointment for me. Gosh! Generate theme too 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

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