is one year old Is One Year Old!

First Year Anniversary

Today, 12th June 2014, marked my first year anniversary for

And I’m pumped. It has been a long road; probably a very tough one but I’m glad I made it through.


Of course, I met with many friends down the road in blogging and thank you all for being there.

In this article, I’ll expose all my secrets that I had experienced with for the past 12 months:

  • Traffic
  • Success and failures
  • Events


How did score in building blog traffic?

Blog traffic report from Google Analytics

My traffic isn’t huge and I am a strong believer that quality over quantity. This means that I focus on a very simple blogging strategy; more targeted traffic.

As seen from the image above, I managed to gain 111,648 visits which equals to 306 visits per day. Personally, not much of an achievement compared to blogs who makes thousands of traffic a day.

Google is still my main powerhouse for traffic followed by social media and email marketing. Contrary to what others claimed about social media being the main generator of traffic, if search engine (Google in particular) isn’t your main drive in traffic, you’re definitely doing something wrong!

Want to build more blog traffic? Follow these steps:

  1. Do aggressive keyword research (my personal favorite tool ~ Long Tail Pro | Read my Long Tail Pro review here)
  2. Write articles over 1,500 words and highly optimized (I uses Scribe SEO for the matter)
  3. Perform on-page and off-page SEO strategy (very important)
  4. Share it on blogging network such as DoSplash, Klinkk, BlogEngage and Blokube
  5. Publishing on social media using social media automation (my personal favorite tool ~ HootSuite)
  6. Build a newsletter and even a small list is better than none. I highly suggest GetResponse since it is an extremely versatile email marketing services (and easy on your wallet too). I also have a GetResponse tutorial which will guide you to setup your first campaign. successes within the first 12 months

Income report from blogging

I believe the biggest success is still my blog earnings. Here are my current (average) earnings:

Affiliate sales ~ $500 +/- per month

Ad banners ~ $150 +/- per month

Business consultations services ~ $1,500 +/- per month

Featured posts ~ $50 +/- per month

Total estimated earnings per month ~ $2,200 per month

On a bad month, I earn a mere $1,500 which is pretty A-okay to cover my spending especially with premium plugins, tools etc.

And if you think I’m making big bucks out of this, think again. There are many ‘gurus’ out there who earns at least 10 digits per month compared to my little blog here.


Honorable mentions is my second biggest success. I was mentioned many times in various blogs which I’m truly thankful of. Some of the biggest names that I can remember are:

  • Harvard University’s Blog
  • Yahoo Small Businesses
  • SEMrush
  • Shareaholic
  • UpCity
  • Traffic Generation Cafe
  • Referral Candy

Not to forget, I was extremely lucky to be included in The Top 100 Bloggers on Triberr by Dashburst. It was a honor and thank you!


In the past 12 months, I was also able to meet up with several top guys in the market. Of course, I kick started my first experts share on SEO 2014 and it was one hell of a challenge!

On top of that, I was lucky to be able to connect with the decision makers in WP Engine, SEMrush and even landed myself some opportunities for beta testing apps.

And recently, I have just secured a place with a publisher to publish my first book! failures

Blogging mistakes to avoid

Yup, we all have them and I will be lying if I tell you that I didn’t.

For starters, I wasn’t focusing on my blog enough to convert it into a business.

I wasn’t offering my services when I started my blog. I only did it down the road; after 3 months. Until date, providing consultation services easily land me at least $1,500 per month which is huge.

My failure? I didn’t start much earlier and didn’t capitalize my knowledge in blogging.

Moral of the story: Use your skills and knowledge to monetize your blog!

My second failure is that I was focusing too much on social media traffic. Don’t get me wrong, social media traffic (some call it referral traffic) is good but you are required to be active all the time just to get some quality traffic back.

Seeing my situation, I know I wasn’t able to cope up with all the work and I changed my plan to focus slightly more on search traffic.

The third mistake was a little odd (to be honest). I was focusing so much on specific traffic (for better ROI) but I left out the opportunity to make more money out of it.

Take it an instant where I have only 300 traffic per day. Advertisers aren’t interested with these low traffic figures. They want huge 4 or 5 digits traffic a day … even if you have a 90% bounce rate!

Specific traffic is good for affiliate sales but when it comes to Google Adsense or advertising, you’re on a huge losing side.


Celebrating first year anniversary

Yes, I’m not letting you go empty handed. I’m giving away 6 months FREE hosting for you!

I have several reseller hosting accounts and I believe it is time to give back.

So, how do you claim your free hosting?

  1. Signup for my newsletter (skip this if you have already subscribed) | Sign up right here!
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Important note:

  • Free hosting is only applicable for yearly hosting
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I hope you enjoy this (small) celebration of mine. Again, my success isn’t huge and I am looking forward to grow even biggers.

Thank you guys for all the support and I really appreciate it!

29 thoughts on “ Is One Year Old!”

  1. Hi Reginald.

    I think you have done well for what you have achieved. I’m sure that most would have achieved nowhere near what you have achieved in a year.

  2. Happy anniversary @nicregi:disqus You’ve gone through a lot and I think it’s time to start harvesting. While this is my 6th month, I’m glad that in your 12th month, you are doing good

    Your stats are not bad bro. Many don’t see half of this. I know there is more to be done but you are on the right footing.


  3. Hi Reginald
    You one year blogging struggle and an enviable success from it shows one biggest reality that you did invest in blogging first then got its return. You not only relied on own domain, paid hosting and premium template but went beyond that by buying premium SEO plugin, keyword research tool and autoresponder. It shows that those who take blogging as business first invest in it and then reap its return.
    A very happy blog anniversary and wish you more success ahead.

    • Muba,

      Thank you! Oh man … when it comes to spending, I believe I spend too much! Yes, way too much. Cutting down some (as much as I can) and hopefully, this gives me a little breathing space. Kinda crazy but hey, I’m loving it in some way 😀

      Thank you for being there mate!

  4. Hi Reginald,

    Congratulations & celebrations 🙂

    It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year! looks like you’ve been blogging for years, seeing those amazing stats. Not to mention the experience that you’ve gained along the way to even start a Blogging University of your own and what all not.

    Ah…I wouldn’t worry about the mistakes and failures, because those teach us and lead us to our success, isn’t it? I wish you every happiness and success, with many more to come.

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us, and enjoy your weekend 🙂

  5. Wow dude one year old hey!
    Mines coming up in September but I know mines not as successful as yours buddy! I really need to knuckle down and get serious with my blog now as I am a lot happier with how it looks now!

    Great congrats dude and keep going with it!
    – PD

    • Philip,

      Yes time fly real fast. I saw your new layout and looking good. Glad you settled down with one. I have to settle down! Gah~

      So, let’s see if I can find more time to build a nice theme around 😀

      Talk to you soon mate.

  6. Is this hosting on share bandwidth? I plan to drive ppc and ppv network with an estimated eyeball of 1000 views per day for a week.

    Can your hosting company take it?


  7. Many congratulations on your first year. Whilst I’ve been going a little longer my current traffic stats are marginally better yet I strive for constant growth.

    Many congrats on your income numbers which I think are excellent. Certainly my website income is very paltry compared to yours.

  8. Hello Reginald,

    First of congratulations for your blog that you have celebrated its 1st anniversary. I am happy to know that you are making $2K+ per month. According to your blog’s alexa and traffic report you should earn more than $5K.

    What you think?


    • Hi Gagan,

      Thank you for your kind words. Well, it really depends on niche. For example, blogging niche isn’t highly paid and thus, you make dimes with it.

      Of course, if you have a financial or niche blog, that is a whole different story.

      At the same time, this blog is just my ‘side income’ blog. Playing, tweaking WordPress is fun. So, monetizing while doing something I like is pretty darn good to be honest.

      And hey, $5k? That’s my plan and looking forward for it.

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. I’ve just known you and your blog for a while. You have some great content on your blog and I’m not surprised with your achievements. That’s the result of your hard work during the year.
    Congrats, mate.

  10. Hi Reginald, many congratulations on your one year old blog and the string of achievements you have behind you, it’s a great feeling isn’t it?

    As for your mistakes, they’re great too as we learn from them so don’t be too harsh on yourself, besides your achievements outweighs your flaws. Your blog monetization is clearly working, as 2k per month is a great little income to have, so very well done my man.

    I like your strategy very much, to focus on quality traffic as apposed to quantity, I think many starter bloggers in particular can learn from that.

    Anyway thanks for sharing your achievements, highs and lows with us, very inspiring.

    All the best for the next 12 months mate.

    Regards – Fabrizio

    • Hey Fabrizio,

      Oh man, thank you dear friend! My achievement on my blog is merely a ‘push’ for my business (consultancy). So, definitely looking for more ways to build more money directly from the blog.

      Haha! I love your blog and you’re definitely doing good. Keep it up and see you around!

  11. Hey Reginald,

    Oh wow, you’ve had an anniversary too! Well congratulations my friend, one year is big and with all the success you’ve had with your blog I applaud you.

    I think your stats are amazing and I’m in awe of what you’ve accomplished within just one year. With these types of results Reginald I’m sure you’ll get even more clients now. I wish you all the best moving forward and I hope that you’ll be joining me looking down the road 5 years ahead. Yep, we’ll still be here kicking butt and taking names.

    Really great job Reginald and again, congratulations.


    • Hey Adrienne!

      Thank you dear friend. I can’t wait for 5! Haha.

      I have too many big plans but the biggest problem is probably time. I am thinking of changing all my schedule again and get things rocking properly.

      More time means more chance of putting food on the table 🙂

      Thank you for being there. I really appreciate it!

    • Hi Reginald and Adrienne,

      After i saw Adrienne’s comment remember where I met you and added you to my list of favorite bloggers! Harleena is on the list also!

      Congratulations on your accomplishments in a year. Time flies when you are having fun or working hard.

      Read some of your SEO posts while I was scrolling around. Since most of the traffic to my blog is Google it is important to try and keep up with changes and better ways to achieve results.

  12. I’ve just read this post (quite late) nevertheless I want to congratulate you on your success. Keep it up and I am looking forward to seeing you tripling those numbers next year!

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