SEO is an ever changing industry and probably one of the most challenging one as well. If you are NOT willing to spend thousands of dollars on SEO services, you are definitely at the right place!

I am offering SEO consultancy for a very affordable price and I am very different from the rest. Check out the below for more information.

Description of my SEO consultancy service

My goals are to help you to increase or boost:

  1. Website ranking
  2. Sites linking in
  3. Search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking
  4. SEO settings on your website

Duration of service: Minimum 1 month

How do we communicate: Email

Payment method: PayPal

In the case where you do not have PayPal, feel free to contact me and maybe we could work out another payment method.

Payment circle: 30 days period (payment must be done within 25th to 30th monthly to ensure smooth transactions)

Price: Please use the contact form below for quotation


Important notes:

  1. This services is limit to two (2) customers per month to maintain excellent level of services.
  2. I do not guarantee any specific rank improvement such as confirmed #2 spot on Google etc.
  3. Before the subscribing to the SEO service, we will discuss over email and I will explain to you what you can expect from me.

If you have any further inquiry, you can contact me on your SEO woes using the form below:

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