Disqus is one of the best WordPress comment system

How To Import WordPress Comments To Disqus?

Disqus is a popular comment platform after the default WordPress comment system and CommentLuv (read more about CommentLuv). For many bloggers, the thoughts of exporting hundreds or thousands of comments from WordPress system to Disqus could be a very daunting experience.

Lucky for you, I’m going to share how you can easily import all your WordPress comments straight into Disqus … without hassle.

What is Disqus?

According to Wikipedia, Disqus, Inc. is a blog comment hosting service for websites and online communities that uses a networked platform.

What are the advantages using Disqus compared to CommentLuv or WordPress default comment system?

Disqus is one of the best WordPress comment system

Here’s a real fact.

I know tons of bloggers who swear NOT to step foot onto my blog just because I don’t have CommentLuv.

Yup, seriously.

And the simple is really simple; they were looking for simple / easy backlinks (even though it’s pretty obvious that links on my comments are strictly no-follow).

Here are some reasons why I changed to Disqus from the beloved CommentLuv:

  • Good by spam (Disqus help me clear over 200 spams a day)
  • Easy moderation of comments on various blogs with just the Disqus admin page
  • Disqus allows blog monetization (Yes!)

Here’s my confession. The reason of me changing to Disqus is simply because I hated the number of spams I receive daily. On a good day, I receive around 200 and on bad days, I get over 500.


How to import WordPress comments to Disqus?

The whole process of importing and exporting comments into Disqus are fairly simple. There’s no need for hair pulling if you are worried of that.

Just follow the steps below and you should be just fine.

1. Download the Disqus plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

Download Disqus plugin for WordPress


2. Install and activate the Disqus plugin.

3. Go to Disqus settings to configure the plugin.

Setting up Disqus for WordPress


4. Enter your Disqus shortname (you need to register first before you can get the shortname – Register here). The shortname can be anything. For me, I choose something that is easy for me to remember. One shortname represents one website and thus, you may create more shortnames if you have more than one website.

What is Disqus shortname?


5. Once you acquired the Disqus shortname, you should add it to Disqus and it will show automatically on your setting page.

6. The next step is to setup Disqus login for your visitors. See the image below. All you need to do is to click on the hyperlink to get your API.

How to acquire Disqus API


7. The last step is to export all comments from WordPress default commenting system to Disqus platform. This can be done easily using the ‘Import and Export’ option on Disqus.

Import WordPress comment to Disqus

All you need to do is to click on the Export Comment button and just wait for it to complete. The more comments you have, the longer it will take for you to get the exporting comment done.

Grab a coffee or a smoke while waiting for the comment to be exported to Disqus.

It took me about 20 minutes to export over 2,300 comments from WordPress to Disqus.

Once that is done, the Disqus comment system is ready for using and you can turn off any comment system you have on your blog.


Do you find this tutorial useful?

Importing WordPress comments to Disqus is pretty easy and it wouldn’t take long to get the job done.

Do you have any issues with Disqus? Just fire up your questions using the comment form below and I’ll get back to you real soon!

19 thoughts on “How To Import WordPress Comments To Disqus?”

  1. Hi Reginald,
    This is the second post that I’ve read today about Disqus. I’m sticking with CommentLuv Premium but I will definitely keep this post in mind in case someone asks about how to do this. It’s a great tutorial. Good job!

    1. Hey Sherryl,

      How are you dear friend? Oh yes, I feel there’s a surge for this in the recent 48 hours. So many questions about it and really made me wonder!

      Glad you find this use and appreciate it.

      Have a great weekend!

    1. Ryan,

      2,500? You must be kidding me! No way I could live that way.

      I hate spam so much as there are so many of them! I am definitely sticking to Disqus for now. It has been bad years back but now, its much better 🙂

      Thanks for commenting mate.

  2. I just replaced my comment system with Disqus Reg that’s why I badly needed this tutorial. I am in favor of using it since it gives an easy access to anyone who has facebook or twitter. Thanks for sharing this awesome guide. 🙂

    Will care to visit your blog from time to time man, just shared this post.

  3. Of Course, I find the article very useful. I have been thinking of switching to Disqus but have been skeptical of how it would really pan out.

    This post readily showed me what steps to take. I am particularly impressed with the simplicity of the “export to Disqus” feature. Its so easy to do. 😉

    Now, its time to put these into practice!

  4. Hi Reginald,

    I was using Disqus for nearly a year before I shifted from the Blogger WordPress about 2 years back. It was one of the most popular commenting system that time, though later with CommentLuv there was no looking back.

    I agree that Disqus comments are more qualitative, though I get good quality comments on my blog too as you already know, but as a newbie, CommentLuv helped me getting traffic, so I’d say the later is great for starters, though you need to be careful about approving comments because of Google’s strict linking policy nowadays.

    While with Disqus, you don’t have to worry about anything, and not at all about wrong linking. The only thing about Disqus commenting system is that it take time to load on the blog post, which can be annoying.

    Overall, I like Disqus, because of its simplicity and as it facilitates quality comments. However, I feel, your choice of commenting system should depend on the kind of readers you’ve, your market, and your needs.

    I wanted to ask you about your little experiment you did earlier when
    you removed it and then added it back again, and now finally this again.

    There was an interesting discussion with Harsh Agrawal at the latest interview where he expressed his thoughts about why CommentLuv isn’t a good option. Wonder if you saw it too.

    Thanks for sharing this one. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for commenting. Yes I basically move from A to B, then B to A and … you get the point 🙂

      CommentLuv isn’t bad to be honest. Like what you said, starting up and using CommentLuv is probably the best investment.

      CommentLuv basically attracts ton of traffic as people likes backlink. Who doesn’t right? The biggest problem is that there are many who actually focus in getting fast backlinks. You literally get comment bombing and that is bad.

      *p/s Read the article and it was good 🙂

      For starters, CommentLuv is really good. But once you are in a good position, it is time to move on. I just got bored of checking my spam box daily.


      Therefore, I think I’m going to be with Disqus for a very long time 😀

      Have a great weekend dear friend.

  5. Ah Reginald,

    You know I’m going to add my two cents to this one.

    So you’re upset that people are wanting only the backlinks and having CommentLuv is an accident waiting to happen right? Well what about those people who refuse to log into one more darn program just to leave their comment? Which would you rather have is my question.

    I don’t remember if you had the free or paid version of CommentLuv but I get NO spam with the Anti Backlink addition. You heard me and you KNOW I get a lot of traffic and a lot of comments. I can put up with having control over the links. I still on an occasion, it actually happened today, that their comment was crap. They were just there for the link so it was instantly deleted.

    For some reason when I comment with Disque and it just happened here, I can’t hit return and it take me to another line. I have to copy my comment so I won’t lose it and then refresh the page just so I can continue my comment. I also hate how long it takes to load on some blogs, it’s very annoying.

    So I agree, to each his own. You have to do what feels best for you but there is always a way around everything. I hope you’ll be happy with this one now and not lose any commenters because of it.


    1. Hey Adrienne,

      Thanks for commenting. Honestly, I have only heard of two peeps who has no issue with spam when using CommentLuv. I’m not sure if the setting or something else. I remember using the toughest and craziest setting I can think of (including Anti Backlink) and I still get spams go through (pretty a lot ~ like 20-30 per day).

      And yes! That puzzles me a lot. While it is easy to clean up those spam, it worries me a lot cos 5% of real comment goes into it. So, my daily task would be reading each and everyone just to make sure (time consuming).

      As for Disqus, there were many issues with it especially when you run a slow site or having too many plugins. Nowadays, it is much better though I experience some from ‘time to time’.

      Moving it from there, I was hoping that Andy could put in all those goodies in CommentLuv itself instead of just a seperate plugin. I know he has tons of pressure with spam and even the footprint of CommentLuv is too obvious 🙂

      Thanks for commenting dear friend. I know where you stand ~haha!

  6. Speaking truly, I don’t think any need to use Disqus comment system as in my opinion WordPress’s comment system is just good enough.

    As you have mentioned those 3 reasons for switching to Disqus, the last option is although not available in other comment systems. Other than that, to prevent spam and to manage several blogs from same dashboard, we have several plugins available for WordPress.

    Anyways, you have explained the tutorial efficiently. It’s really easy to understand every step as you have included snapshots too.

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      Thanks for commenting. I believe WordPress default comment is good but again, when you pick up in traffic, more spam will follow etc.

      Well, it is NOT bad but just, it’s taking too much of my time. Running three jobs (okay I’m greedy) and a upcoming writer for a company is crazy job.

      So, Disqus is still the best option for me anytime of the day.

      However, great input from you. Thanks mate!

  7. marjorie jackson

    Hey Reginald this is an awesome post, this is a really great way to improve comments on your site. and this also helps to avoid spam from your site. and easy way to share your information on social media. thanks for such interesting and useful information.

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