Complete Beginner’s Guide In Building Quality Backlinks

This article is written thanks to the latest Google update. Due to the Google update, more bloggers and webmasters are starting to understand the importance of quality backlinks.

So, what do you know about backlink?

According to Wikipedia, backlinks can easily be definite as incoming links to a website or a web page. Make any sense? See the picture below:

Quality backlinks play a role in terms of blog ranking and page rank
Backlinks can easily be defined as external links that is pointing back to a website or blog 

People says a picture means a thousand words. What does the picture above implicates?

Don’t worry if you do not understand what backlinks are. Referring to the above, backlinks are links pointing back to a certain article, page or website. In the eyes of search engines, the more backlinks a website gets, the better the chances that the website is offering good content.

Quality backlinks means that those blogs or websites pointing to your sites are either established, well known and could have a good page rank all together.

Ways to build quality backlinks

When it comes to link building or building backlinks, there are only two very obvious methods which are the white hat and the black hat methods. Let’s do a quick recap on what both the above are, shall we?

Black hats SEO is basically building backlinks using the illegal method. Guess the word ‘˜black hat’ pretty obvious huh?

Black hats SEO methods consist of a variety of methods such as getting paid backlinks through .gov and .edu websites. In fact, there are many people who told me that why should bloggers bothers since by spending a little money, they are going to save months of hard work just to get a good page rank.

Personally, do I really want to pay for backlinks that do not guarantee me a good ranking that will stay? No thank you! I know how hard it is to build backlinks but trust me, I rather have 10 quality backlinks than 100 low quality backlinks.

White hats SEO on the other hand is…of course, doing things the opposite way compared to black hats. White hats SEO actually consist of months and years of hard work to build a network of strong backlinks with genuine websites.

Does this mean anything to search engines like Google? Yes indeed! Google themselves are updating their algorithm nearly every month nowadays and there will not be any sign for bloggers. For those who uses black hats SEO, I wish them all the best as it is going to be tough!

Building backlinks from scratch

When you talk about SEO, backlinks and stuffs, I definitely prefer doing it the right way. When it come to building good quality backlinks, it all takes not only effort but as well as, tons of patience.

Let’s assume you are brand new to this industry and you are definitely looking to start on the right path right? This is what I call the Golden Period for you to build great backlinks from scratch.

Assuming (one more) that you are looking into the blogging industry, you can easily build healthy bonds with other bloggers around the world thanks to social media and the various networking platforms.

Building backlinks from scratch will actually offer you a better chance not only to avoid any penalty slapped by Google but at the same time, keeping you in a very safe spot when it comes to future updates from Google. A little example is Google had an update around April – May 2013 and many bloggers are penalized due to using black hat SEO methods.

Of course of those bloggers who are using quality backlinks, some of them (not all) received a small boost of ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Through my experience, the best way to increase the number quality backlinks back to your blog is by commenting on other blogs which are related to you. Yes, only blogs that are related to your topic!

Search engines such as Google has another algorithm which detects backlinks coming from low quality and non related blog topics. Are you ready to get ‘˜slapped’ for such as beginner mistake?

Link building method that works (guest post)

For me, this is probably the best way to increase links building to your blog. I read an article at TrafficGenerationCafe that we should focus a good deal of time in both our sites and other related blog sites.

That made me puzzled. I was wondering what she was talking about. Ana Hoffman’s simply quote actually made me thought of it. If I am going to write 100 quality articles on my website, who will be the readers? Where’s my market?

Basically my market is going to be:

  • Myself 80%
  • Friends and family 10%
  • Crawlers 5%
  • Lucky traffic 5%

As you can see the above, it is definitely not good right? So I decided to turn the table around and head towards this direction:

  • Traffic 85%
  • Crawlers 5%
  • Others and myself 10%

Yes you got it right now! Having myself seeing my own blogs (with a whopping 80% traffic) isn’t going to generate me money or any money at all from my blogging. Of course, unless you can to perform click bombing on your sites then, I would have nothing to say!

Okay, the point is this. You want traffic coming from outside and you want search engine to tell readers that ‘Hey, this (blog name) is good!’. That’s what you want right?

So, the only and fastest way to build good traffic is by getting good articles up on your site first (make it 30, 50, 100 or more high quality articles). Once you are all done, head over to other blogging related sites and apply for guest posting.

If you think that is all, then you are wrong. The job doesn’t stop here but it has just started buddy!

Thinking of writing sub quality articles (or even worst spinned ones) and submit them to other blogging sites? Please don’t! Instead, writing really…really good articles and submit them.

You see, when you submit an article to these sites, they are going to promote for you. Remember that these blogs will not only be promoting your bloggings but also your website name and your reputation.

When it comes to guest posting, always do it 101% or don’t do it at all

Authority sites are a good source of quality backlinks for bloggers

Do you know how to build quality backlinks that will stay?
Quality backlinks will bring many advantages to bloggers and webmasters.

When I started blogging, I knew ‘˜content is king’ and I was so focused to create quality articles on my blogs. Okay, you might have done this or even thinking of doing this. Let me tell you now. It won’t work!

I am not joking when I say that, writing quality content will not make you a magnet. Period!

If you want to build backlinks and even really good quality backlinks, then you need to write on authority sites.

Referring to the above, we had discussed on guest posting right? Yes, you are right buddy! Guest posting on various blogs can be considered authority sites.

Authority sites means selected websites which has a good page ranks as seen by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. If you are able to write on authority sites and have a link back to your blog, you are going to have a very good chance of getting very good quality backlinks.

At the same time, you have to remember that one good quality backlinks can easily equivalent to 50 or 100 low quality links. So, bear in mind for that alright?

You will notice most authority sites has NoFollow attribute. Trust me when I tell you that they are still worth something!

Do not over do backlinking

When it comes to link building, I noticed a huge number of bloggers do the same mistake over and over again. Don’t worry as you are not alone. I had done that as well. When we over do our backlinks, there are few implications that may fall upon us.

For new sites, you might not be ready to take on so much traffic at one time. Too much backlinks pointing to your blog and search engine might consider you are using link farm services. Furthermore, if too many links are coming from low quality sites, your blog or website might easily get penalized.

Therefore, the biggest question now is, “Are you doing the right backlinking method for your blogs and websites?”

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