What Is The Best Page Builder For WordPress?

What Is The Best Page Builder For WordPress?

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Looking for the best page builder for WordPress? In this article, I discuss on the top 2 drag and dop website builders you should be using for building WordPress sites.
Drag And Drop Builder Tools for WordPress Websites

Chasing For The Best Page Builder for WordPress

It has been over a decade that I use WordPress for personal (side hustle), business and promoting a service. One of the smartest things I had learn and discovered from my journey is that a page builder for WordPress is probably the best, God-given gift to all WordPress users.

No, I'm not preaching how good a WordPress page builder is but if you are blogger or a website owner, you know exactly what I mean.

With the constant change in technology especially in WordPress, which is the best page builder for you?

Carry on reading this post to learn more on the best page builder for WordPress.


Want to discover the best WordPress page builder plugin of all time?

The answer is this: Thrive Architect.

The reason for my choice is simple. Thrive Architect is simple to use and by far, this is the fastest drag and drop WordPress builder plugin. A page builder is meant to speed up the process of building pages and websites (and not cracking our heads to understand how the coding works).

Using Thrive Architect, you can build new pages, landing/sales pages, blog posts and homepages under 5 minutes or less. And the visual builder is best to none. You can read my review here.

But wait. Thrive Architect may be best for bloggers and affiliate marketers. How about web developers?

I glad you ask.

If you are a web developer, I recommend you to go with Divi by Elegant Themes. The reason is simple. If you are serious in using front end editor to build your client's WordPress website, there is no other tool that works better than Divi. Powerful from it comes, Divi is best used when you have strong background in CSS and HTML.

Want to know more about Divi? Read this review here.

For the record, you don't require coding skills to use Divi. However, having coding skills under your sleeves certainly help to make web development much easier.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect Best WordPress Themes 2019

Thrive Architect is a state-of-the-art page builder plugin for WordPress. Managed and developer by the popular ThriveThemes.com, this is the most popular WordPress builder tool in the market today.

For the record, 75% of the blog posts and pages in this blog is build using Thrive Architect.

Curious to see Thrive Architect in action? You can check out the demo right here, or head over to this blog post that was build entirely with Thrive Architect.

Pros (8 counts)

  • Front-end builder
  • Compatible with all major WordPress themes and plugins
  • Affordable (one-time payment for lifetime updates)
  • Constant updates (close to bi-weekly updates)
  • New product features launched every month
  • Fastest page builder for WordPress plugin
  • Over 275+ ready-made demo available
  • Don't break your website upon uninstalling the plugin

Cons (1 count)

  • Most of the themes are build with several core concepts (core concept looks are fitted well for bloggers only—you might need to change some settings/layout to fit your personal needs)

The above is based on my personal experience using Thrive Architect (been using this plugin since beta time). While Thrive Architect is very useful and powerful (I really, really love it), I still don't use this plugin that much especially with my client's website.

Overall, Thrive Architect is a very solid page builder plugin for WordPress in which I truly recommend to bloggers and WordPress website owners.

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Your #landingpages and layouts are your first impression for new visitors landing on your website. Make it count. ✨ Thrive Architect is an excellent option for crafting eye-catching landing pages with ease.

Divi by Elegant Themes

Divi Theme Review

Divi had gone a long way. Owned and designed by ElegantThemes.com, this is one of the most popular page builder tool for WordPress developers. The first few version of Divi (both theme and builder plugin) were kinda buggy. But, they did step up the game. The launch of Divi 4.0 was the change maker in the web design industry.

I don't use much of Divi on this blog but this new venture of mine, ArticleSumo.com is created entirely based on Divi framework.

Curious to see Divi in action? You can check out the demo right here, or this post for more information.

Pros (8 counts)

  • The most popular page builder tool for WordPress developers
  • The best visual builder tool (WYSIWYG)
  • 1-click import demos
  • Wide range of demos and designs for homepages, pricing page, contact us, about us and sales pages
  • Most affordable WordPress builder tool
  • Divi comes with both a dedicated builder plugin and Divi theme
  • Membership includes unlimited access to everything (other themes and plugins)
  • Lifetime pricing is available (massive discount and best value)

Cons (1 count)

  • Divi is heavier than most drag and drop builders which may impact website loading speed

If you are a website developer or managing multiple WordPress websites, Divi theme and Divi builder plugin are the best options for you to go with. Compared to other WordPress page builder tools, Divi comes with unlimited usage—which means you can install it in as many websites as you wish.

When added with the lifetime subscription of Divi theme, you are bound for some massive savings and deals.

Overall, Divi theme is a great page builder for WordPress ... one which I have absolutely no regret in purchasing.

Divi Monk
Divi Monk@DiviMonk
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If you are looking for a stylish WordPress theme you can customize in almost every way, Divi could be the theme for you.

Your turn

Are you still looking for the best page builder for WordPress?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

A meticulous entrepreneur by nature, Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

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How To Create A WordPress Page In 5 Minutes (Or Less)

Yes, you read it right. You can create a WordPress page in 5 minutes or less. In this article, you will discover simple methods on how you can create a WordPress page fast and minus the hassle.

Before that, what is a WordPress page? Let's take a moment to see what WPBeginner has to say about a WordPress page.

A page in WordPress usually refers to the page post type. It is one of the default pre-defined WordPress post types. WordPress started out as simple blogging tool which allowed users to write posts. WordPress pages are static one-off type of documents which are not tied to the blog's reverse chronological order of content.

A WordPress page can be used for many reasons including creating landing pages and custom homepage. However, creating a WordPress page without the help of any tools would mean one thing — coding works.

coding works

So, how do you create a WordPress page under 5 minutes even when you are a complete beginner?

Option 1: Use a WordPress page builder

A WordPress page builder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create pages in just a few clicks.

Most WordPress page builders come with drag and drop builder which helps a lot especially when it comes to building a webpage from scratch.

Top WordPress builders like these ones allow you to create landing pages fast without using any coding skills.

If you are looking for quick ways to create a WordPress page, using a good WordPress page builder will serve you well.

I've bene using Thrive Architect to build websites and WordPress pages for months, and it is the only plugin I recommend for beginners. You can read the Thrive Architect review here.

You can also click on this link for a complete comparison between three of the best WordPress page builders (including Thrive Architect).

Option 2: Use a premium WordPress theme

Most premium WordPress themes comes with drag and drop builder or a pre-made templates for you to create WordPress pages easily.

For example, all StudioPress themes comes with landing page designs that you can easily 1-click import and install. This saves time and more importantly, no coding is required at all. Here are some StudioPress themes demos for viewing.

Alternatively, you can also use all-in-one WordPress theme builder such as Thrive Themes (review) and Divi (review). These WordPress themes come with inbuilt drag and drop builder which you can easily create WordPress pages in a few clicks.

The GIF below shows how you can use Divi to build your custom WordPress page without using a single line of code.

divi 3.0 review

Undecided? Here are some resources for you!

Are you ready to create WordPress page in 5 minutes or less?

How do you create a WordPress page fast? Do you use a WordPress visual builder like I do?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!