Divi. What does Divi has to do with website developers?

The answers are as the following—powerful, feature-rich, effective, customizable, easy to use and affordable.

That's a long list to be honest. As a website developer myself, I want to admit that I use quite a few WordPress tools such as Thrive Themes (review) which is my favorite and Divi.

Disclaimer: I love both Divi and Thrive Themes. You can even read my complete comparison between both of them here—Divi vs Thrive Themes

Let's not sway away and talk about Divi. I use Divi for many clients and many of them are extremely pleased with the results. For me, it is easy because it is really affordable. More on this below.

Let's dive in, shall we?

1. Divi is rich in features

divi 3.0 drag and drop website builder

Website developers should use Divi because it is rich in features. The most common feature is the WYSIWYG option where anything is doable. Take a look at the image on the side.

That's exactly how easy it is to use Divi. Coding is messy and with Divi, everything can be done with just dragging and dropping elements on to a page or blog post.

See the GIF below and can you feel me? 🙂

cheap drag and drop website builder 2018
divi 3.0 review

2. Divi is a one-for-all toolbox for website developers

The Elegant Themes membership gives you complete access to 87 amazing themes and 3 awesome plugins, including Divi, the ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page builder. It will change the way you build websites forever.

Yes, this means that you not only get ONE WordPress theme, you get tons of them where you can use at any given time, for any clients.

Everything under one roof

Divi (Elegent Themes membership) allows you to enjoy multiple WordPress themes and plugins under one roof. You no longer need to hunt and scout for different tools and plugins to satisfy your client's needs.

3. Unlimited EVERYTHING

Freelance website developers dig into this, all the time!

Unlike other WordPress builders and tools, you can use Divi (and all Elegant Themes) as many times as you wish. The unlimited everything means that there is absolutely zero quota for you and it helps a lot with your financials (spending).

Website developers no longer need to buy multiple themes for clients as you can reuse the themes as many times as you want (with some customization).

4. Simple pricing rocks

Do you know that Divi is highly affordable? This is one of the most important reason why website developers use Divi on an every day basis.

Highly Affordable

You can purchase a single membership for one low price and get access to the entire collection of themes and plugins. You can use those themes and plugins on as many websites as you like (client sites too).

So, how much does Divi costs?

Drum roll please ...



Divi Pricing

Divi pricing strategy is very straightforward and simple. The first option is $89 per year which is great if you are a freelance website developer and just starting out.

The second option is the best value for money as it is a one-time payment of $249 for lifetime access. Yes, one payment and that's forever! This option is best as it is value for money.

Is Divi really worth it?

Divi is the MOST affordable and best valued WordPress for website developers. And the statistic proves its effectiveness.