Sales Page Template Anatomy: Introduction and Builder Tools

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What is a sales page template? A sales page template is the perfect toolbox for telling your story, sharpening your pitch, and setting the stage for conversion.
Sales Page Templates

The ULTIMATE Guide To Sales Page Templates

Now, hold on there genius. Do you know what is a sales page and why every marketer on Earth is chasing for the best sales page templates? **Cough, cough. Frank Kern squeeze page is really awesome. Cough, cough.**

A sales page is a page that turn ordinary visitors into buyers. These sales pages are highly customized to encourage conversion. A well-crafted sales pages can make you hundred thousands of dollars, if not millions. An experienced sales page consultant or sales page copy writer can earn up to ten or twenty thousand dollars for a single sales page template.

Having a good sale page template is the key for sales, conversions and a thicker wallet.

Today's topic will cover everything about sales pages—from what is a sales page to building the best sale page for conversion.

I hope you are in for the treat today ... because this is exactly what you will be getting.

What Is A Sales Page Template?

According to Instapage, a sales page is a standalone page created with one specific purpose in mind, to secure sales for your product. The product or service you’re selling on your page can differ depending on your industry or niche. However, the purpose of your sales page remains constant – getting visitors to convert into customers.

For me, a sales page is a tool that converts customers into potential buyers. A sales page must be there in every step of the marketing funnel to avoid losing the lead.

Sales pages are often divided into two main types:

  • Long-form sales pages
  • Short-form sales pages

Don't be confused with both the terms above. As a matter of fact, both types of sales pages (above) are very similar in design. This includes the pitch of your product that you will walk through with the website visitors and ultimately convincing them to take action.

The only difference between a long and a short sales page is the actual length of the page.

What Is A Short-Form Sales Page?

I really like creating soft-form sales page templates. These sales pages are complex, comprehensive and extremely straight to the point.

Instead of (possibility) running around the bush with a super long sales page template, visitors are pulled into a much shorter sales page template.

Here's a great short sales page template by Ramit Sethi.

Short Sales Page Templates
Sample of a short sales page template

If you are wondering, this is one of the top performing short sales page templates I had ever seen. So, how do you replicate one like this (in terms of layout and conversion)?

Let's get down into business and boils down what this page has.

  1. A descriptive and long headline convincing you on why you need to download the "Dream Job Secrets"
  2. A cool graphic that showcases the cover and title of the guide (it looks a bit old school, isn't it)
  3. Bullet points explaining on what you will get right after filling up the form (super duper important)
  4. The creation of strong credibility especially with the short "about" section right after the "$10.000 in 10 minutes"
  5. Visual cues directing you to the call-to-action buttons and images
  6. A smartly done, color-contrasting CTA button with clear "100% privacy. No games, No B.S., No spam" disclaimer
  7. Lastly, further declaration of authority with logos of reputable publications where the author and his products have been featured

You see, creating a short sales page template doesn't require much coding skills (if that's you think) thanks to today's technology.

Sales page template builders such as LeadPages and ClickFunnels make the creation process as easy as A, B and C. 

What Is A Long Form Sales Page Template?

Now, what about long form sales pages? For starters, a long form sales page template is a lengthy page that explains what the product is, and how it can be the solution to the given problem. A long form sales page is focused in relaying all the needed information about the offer to entice the visitor to make a decision.

While a long-form sales page includes all the elements of a short-form sales page (i.e. a headline, form, CTA button and image), the “hero” of the page is the copy because that’s what really matters. The amount of copy makes the long-form sales page long, which is why the copy should get the most attention.

Here's my personal experience with long form sales page templates.

I pretty much dislike long form sales pages because:

  • Terrible page design
  • Crazy low readability (if you are going to use long form sales page templates, make sure the content is readable)
  • The copy is written in a hyped-up manner with many exclamation points and different colored texts
  • Finally, most of the products and services that use long form sales pages are often scam (a super big, no-no for me).

What's the best long form sales template that I have came across?

Here's one by Unbounce.

Unbounce Long Form Sales Page Template

Why this sales page template is one of the best?

  1. The hero image is spot on (describing what the page is all about)
  2. The choice of font is well thought through and looks great on both mobile and desktop view
  3. Sufficient white space to avoid wall of text
  4. Photo of the author with logos for credibility and trust
  5. Ends with a strong testimonial from a happy client

Most visitors dislike long form sale page template because it felt scammy and it takes forever to reach to the bottom.

If you are planning to use a long form sales template (and you are a beginner), I recommend you to use sales page builder such as ClickFunnels to easily create a high converting sales page.

Where To Find The Best Sales Page Templates?

What Is The Best Sales Page Templates

Most website owners build websites and landing pages not through coding. Instead, they spend a couple of hundreds (or lesser than that) by either buying sales page template builder or cloud sales page builders.

There are many sales page template sellers in the market including:

The most common and important factors when choosing a good sales page templates are:

  • Ease of use
  • Low learning curve
  • No coding skills required (hiring a sales page consultants/developer could costs thousands)
  • Affordable (either one-time payment or low monthly subscription)
  • Large library filled with sales page templates and demos
  • 1-click demo installation
  • Easy integration to major CMS including WordPress, Shopify etc.

Building an effective sales page template takes time and effort. If you want to build sales pages fast and effective, it is always recommend to go with builder tools.

What Is The Best Sales Page Template Builder?

As stated above, there are many options that you can choose.

Here are the common ones that I highly recommend (which I also use myself). 

ClickFunnels. The easiest landing page builder that doesn't suck. This is a full suite sales page template builder tool that comes with everything you need to make your business a success, including email marketing. Priced at $97 per month, this is one sales page template tool that business owners had been using over the last 3 years with massive track record. Start your 14 days free trial now.

LeadPages. If you are looking for a cloud sales page template builder, this is a good option. LeadPages is used by big brands, including small business owners and bloggers to create powerful sales pages. With pricing that starts at $25 per month, this is a popular choice for sales page template builders. Start your 14 days free trial right now.

Thrive Architect. Last but not least, Thrive Architect is my top sales page template builder because it integrates well with WordPress and it is the most affordable tool. To make the deal even sweeter, Thrive Architect comes with over 275 ready-made sales page templates for you to choose from! You can try Thrive Architect with one-time payment of $67 for lifetime access and with 30 days money back guarantee. Get Thrive Architect now.


In a nutshell, sales page templates must be constructed properly to ensure high conversion rates. At the same time, the sales page template builder tools must be affordable because you don't want to burn a hole in your pocket.

With that being said, which is your favorite sales page templates? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

A meticulous entrepreneur by nature, Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

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