vlogging Series Episode 3: Semi-Dedicated Hosting Is Not For Everyone (But Might Be Great For You)

Episode 3 in my vlogging series talks about semi-dedicated hosting. Learn more about semi-dedicated hosting and how it can help webmasters like you.
Semi Dedicated Hosting vLogging Series

Semi-Dedicated Hosting—Power Within Your Finger Tips

Welcome to episode 3 of my daily vlogging series. In today’s vlog, I’m discussing about semi-dedicated hosting.

What is a semi-dedicated hosting?

According to Quora, a Semi Dedicated Server means specific numbers of websites are assigned on single server. Semi Dedicated server is physical database. You need Semi Dedicated web hosting when: Your customer traffic size is more. You want a server where you can get control like dedicated server at affordable cost.

Want to learn more about semi-dedicated hosting? Watch this video right now!

As a recap, semi dedicated hosting is NOT for everyone. If you manage a high traffic blog, getting a semi-dedicated web hosting is the best way to have superior web hosting performance and keeping your visitors happy (with fast loading speed).

Apart from that, semi dedicated hosting is extremely useful especially for webmasters who have tight budget in web hosting. As semi dedicated hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting, getting a semi dedicated hosting is definitely a no-brainer.

What do you think?

Do you use a semi dedicated web hosting or still considering of using one?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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