Best WordPress Lifetime Deals, Lifetime Licenses And Unlimited Usage [Updated for 2020]

I don't really talk about WordPress lifetime dealfor themes and plugins is simply because not all lifetime deals are worth the money. More importantly, there is no point for us to invest into a theme or plugin (for a decend amount of money) and get burned in the end.

But, apart from all the bad things that may happen, there are also some great WordPress lifetime license for themes and plugins that I would personally recommend.

These tools had become apart of my daily routine in crafting the best WordPress experience for my readers (that's you).

What you will find next are the lifetime license for themes and plugins that I recommend you to get it right now.

WordPress themes with lifetime licences

There are quite a few WordPress themes that come with lifetime license. These are great themes that I personally use for my personal business, marketing agency and my reseller hosting business.

Divi Theme

There is no better lifetime WordPress theme than Divi. Comes packing with all the tools you need to start your WordPress blog, Divi is very affordable even for complete beginners.

1,000+ premade elements

Never get struck in web development with Divi premade templates and website layouts.


Divi is mobile-optimized right out from the box, so you don't have to crack your brain for that!

Point and click

Intuitive and precise point to click helps you to build content layout visually and frontend.

Thrive Themes

Conversion focused WordPress themes and plugins is what make Thrive Themes an excellent choice for WordPress website owners.

Complete everything

Thrive Themes comes with website builder and plugins to build a compelte WP site.

No coding skills required

Change anything and everything with drag and drop builder. Yes, no coding skills required.


Build an email list faster or convert cold visitors into potential buyers easily.

Oxygen Builder

A lightweight WordPress theme builder that allows you to transform a boring layout into a clean, well-coded WordPress theme.

Gutenberg ready

With Oxygen, you can use Gutenberg and build the website that you love.

Clean and bloat free

Oxygen build is lightweight and loads fast on the Internet because it has zero bloat.

Coding skills are bonuses

Coding knowledge is always an additional when you are using Oxygen builder.

Astra Pro

One of the best WordPress theme that offers simplicity, ease of use and powerful builder all under one roof.

Gutenberg ready

Astra works well with Gutenberg and you can easily customize anything with Astra


Astra is lightweight and doesn't use jQuery. With minimal optimization, Astra loads fast.

Great community

Astra support team is rather supportive. They provide decent support when you need.

WordPress plugins with lifetime licences

Finally, WordPress plugins — I use WP plugins to speed up my website development projects on and some of these plugins below are the best in kind.

Seriously, you can't go wrong with them!

Thrive Architect

Conversion-focused WordPress page builder, minus the coding skills. Thrive Architect is my go-to WP plugin when it comes to creating blog posts.

Great pricing

Pay once and ever pay again is what makes Thrive Architect unique and best for beginners.


Thrive Architect is focused entirely on building great content for conversion.

Drag and drop

Pin point accuracy helps you craft blog posts without using any complicated codes.

Thrive Leads

If you are tired of paying lead generation tools on a yearly basis, Thrive Leads is a must-have lead generation plugin for WordPress.

Great pricing

Pay once and ever pay again is what makes Thrive Leads unique and best for beginners.


Thrive Leads is highly compatible with all major WordPress themes.

Drag and drop

Pin point accuracy helps you lead generation forms without using any complicated codes.


SEOPress is not entirely a lifetime license, but it offers one yearly payment for unlimited number of website usages (which is really awesome).


Reliable WP SEO plugin for unlimited domains usages with one simple pricing.


Migrate from any major SEO plugin to SEOPress in just a few clicks.

Easy to use

No SEO knowledge is required to manage SEOPress. It is easy to use and can be configured easily.

Fluent Forms

Looking for the best lifetime WP form builder? You can't go wrong with Fluent Forms (ever).


The only WP form builder that is on lifetime. Unlimited domains + lifetime is best for web dev!


Fluent Forms is compatible with all major WordPress themes and plugins.

Easy to use

Conditional logic, payment gateway and webhook integrations are included!


Backup and restoration plugin that offers lifetime usage on unlimited domains (definitely a no-brainer).

Simple pricing

The lifetime license is very affordable and best for WordPress developers.


This plugin is compatible with all major WordPress themes and plugins.

Easy to use

Easily perform backup and staging in just a few clicks with WPvivid LTD.

WordPress Page Builders: The ONE Comparison No One Ever Talks About

WordPress Page Builders are created for one reason and that is to help website developers, bloggers and WordPress owners to quickly build pages on WordPress quickly and efficiently. However, there's one thing that many page builders software that don't talk about—how to decide which WordPress page builder to use?

"Hear me out for a second. I love WordPress Page Builders and I had purchased nearly all of them and I had learned something major in it. Carry on reading this article (takes you less than 5 minutes) to learn more.

Reginald Chan

Do you know that no two page builders are created equally? For starters, WordPress Page Builders are usually known as WordPress website builders—they allow you to create WordPress website layouts without a single line of code (no coding skills required).

Here's where everything get a little fuzzy especially for beginners. We tend to use WordPress Page Builders to build blog posts as well!

If this is the case, this is what you need to know (really, summary style).

List of WordPress Page Buildes (summary)

Fastest WordPress Page Builder

Thrive Themes is the best and highly voted page builder for WordPress. Easy to use and highly affordable, this page builder is excellent for those who wants to build high-converting pages in just a few clicks.

Cheapest WordPress Page Builder

Divi Theme is the clear winner here with pricing structure. It offers yearly and lifetime licenses. In a long run, you save more money with Divi than any other WordPress page builders in the market.

Best WordPress Page Builder for Beginners

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress website builder that allows you to build anything and everything under the sun. This is one of those website builder plugin that offers a limited and free builder plugin.

Best WordPress Page Builder for Advanced Users

Oxygen Builder is one of the best WordPress Page Builders that I had personally used. If you are looking for a completely bloat-free WordPress frontend editor, this is the best that you can ever get when it comes to bloat-free WordPress Page Builder. While Oxygen is a powerful builder tool, knowing HTML and CSS are essential to build beautiful website designs with Oxygen.

Best WordPress Page Builder for Agencies

As a freelance WordPress developer in Malaysia, Beaver Builder is one of my favorite WordPress page builder tool when it comes to building a WordPress site. It loads super fast and doesn't come with huge bloatware like many of its competitors.

WordPress Page Builders to build Pages

If you are looking to build pages and WordPress homepages, the best option would be Divi. Divi comes with thousands of pre-made templates and that you can easily import to your WordPress site. Plus, there are many different layouts that you can use with Divi.

At this point of writing, Divi offers the most pre-made templates available for download compared to any other WordPress page builders.

WordPress Page Builders to build Posts

If you are looking to build posts and landing pages, the best option would be Thrive Themes. Thrive Architect comes apart of Thrive Themes plugins and this is by far my favorite WordPress post builder. More importantly, Thrive Architect comes with over 250 pre-made templates and you can easily use it to build beautifully crafted blog posts that convert!

Apart from that, don't forget that Thrive Architect is the ONLY WordPress builder that doesn't lock your content (making it gilberish) upon uninstalling it.

List of WordPress Page Builders (with features that matters)

Thrive Themes is one of the most popular WordPress website builders in the world. This is a suite that contains 9 different plugins and the popular Thrive Themes Builder. This WordPress website builder allows you to create EVERYTHING from pages to crafting custom blog post layout. When it comes to WYSIWYG frontend editor, Thrive Themes excels far better than any other of its competitors.

Thrive Themes comes with over 276 ready-made templates and the full suite comes with website theme and essential plugins to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

Thrive Themes is also fairly affordable with either 1-time payment for plugins or monthly subscription for the full suite. For the best value-for-money option, subscribing to Thrive Members ($19 per month) is one of the best options for website owners.

Divi Theme Builder is a full suite just like Thrive Themes. It allows you to build everything without the need of a single line of code. Divi is easy to use but this software will add significant bloat to your WordPress site, affecting the loading speed in some way.

Apart from that, there is no website builder tools that provide new and free website layouts on a weekly basis ... except for Divi. All of these website templates can easily be imported directly to WordPress and you use them almost instantly.

Divi comes in two pricing—yearly plan ($89) or lifetime ($249). All plans come with unlimited usages and therefore, it is one of the best value-for-money option for WordPress owner.

Elementor is the only page builder plugin that offers free account. It is one of the most popular WordPress website builder that allows you to build anything and everything under the sun. Elementor is a fun WordPress page builder tool that allowed me to build many sites from scratch, quickly and effectively.

While the free version offers some level of customization, the paid version (Elementor Pro) unlocks the full potential of Elementor as a page or post builder.

On the surface, the Beaver Builder tool looks very promising with a higher price tag. The true power of Beaver Builder comes in the page builder features. Beaver Builder offers powerful WordPress design solution, along with multiple keyboard shortcuts that make website development way faster.

Also, Beaver Builder comes with a nice truckload of ready-made templates (which is awesome) and I love their pricing structure. Beaver Builder pricing starts at $99 (with 50% on renewals) and all plans come with unlimited website usage. Website development agencies and freelancers will be able to make the most out of this due to the unlimited usages (so no extra cost per website).

Honestly, Oxygen Builder may not be one of the best option for you if you have limited knowledge in HTML and CSS. However, Oxygen Builder is one of the most powerful ones in the market if you know exactly what you are doing. It makes website development really easy with the different and clean elements. 

Apart from that, Oxygen Builder is extremely bloat-free which makes it an excellent choice especially for those who are serious about website loading speed.

Top 5 Best WordPress Builders Plugin 2020 [Comparison]

Best WordPress Theme Builders 2020 Based On Ranking

​The Best WordPress Theme Builders Software Comparison 2020 By Ranking

Are you looking for the best WordPress theme builder comparison? In this article, we will go through ​only the best WordPress theme builders in 2020—and sort them by ranking.

​Sounds good?

​Let's get started.

1. ​Oxygen Builder

First in the list of the best WordPress builder 2020 is no other than Oxygen Builder. Oxygen Builder is the cleanest and leanest WordPress builder plugin that I had ever used.

Oxygen Builder Review 2020

But, it may not be suitable for everyone.

Read the details below to learn more.

​Not sure if Oxygen Builder is the right one for you? Check this out.

Key Features


​Overall drag and drop feature

​Drag and drop is very intuitive. Powerful at the very least.

​Loading speed

​Beats every WordPress builders without any cache plugin

​Bloat free

​Super clean and lean

​Gutenberg integration

​Fully support Gutenberg blocks

By far, Oxygen is the best theme builder for WordPress developers and bloggers who have some level of coding skills (ouch). While it is still beginner friendly, it takes a little time to really master and discover what Oxygen can do for you.

​This is how Oxygen Builder looks like on the backend.

Oxygen Builder Backend

​Now, the downside of Oxygen. Just like any other WordPress builder tools, Oxygen has its downside and disadvantages too.

  • ​It has some core features missing as compared to other WordPress builders (example, the undo button)
  • ​Activating Oxygen means you will deactivate any active themes
  • Oxygen is so lightweight that it might not have some core files found in common WordPress themes
  • Learning curve to use Oxygen Builder is slightly higher than moderate

​Oxygen comes with three pricing—Basic ($99), WooCommerce ($149) and Agency ($169). All of these three plans come with lifetime access and unlimited website usage (which is a plus point)

​2. Thrive Themes Builder

​Make no mistake. Thrive Themes Builder is definitely on my second spot when it comes to ​the best Word​Press theme builder plugin in 2020. Thrive Themes Builder is the latest release and it had taken the WordPress industry by storm.

Thrive Themes Builder Best WordPress Theme Builder 2020

​​Thrive Themes Builder comes with Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads integrated with it. And this means that you are getting the full suite of what Thrive Themes can offer.

Here are the key features of Thrive Themes Builder.

Key Features


​Drag and drop builder

​Very intuitive and uninstalling doesn't break your site

​Ease of setup

​Pretty neat and fast

​Demos and templates

​Over 300+ ready for download


​Works well with most of the WordPress plugins

​Thrive Themes Builder uses Shapeshift theme. This allows you to easily create a customized WordPress theme with drag and drop feature and without touching a single line of code.

​Watch this video to learn how you can create a website template from scratch using Thrive Themes Builder and Shapeshift (under 2 minutes flat)!

​Is there anything I dislike about Thrive Themes Builder?

​To be honest, I tried hard but I couldn't find something that I really dislike using Thrive Themes Builder. If I would need to choose one, I would say that my biggest concern is having to pay $19 for the ​subscription monthly for Thrive Membership.

​Other than that, I'm a superb happy customer with Thrive Themes Builder. Click the below button to try Thrive Themes Builder yourself!

​3. Elementor Pro

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress theme builder. Elementor calls themselves as the #1 free WordPress Page Builder and that is very true. With over 4 million active downloads, Elementor is definitely one of the heavy hitters in the WordPress world.

Elementor Best WordPress Theme Builder Plugin

​Prior to moving to Oxygen + Thrive Architect (here's the guide on how I made both Oxygen and Thrive Architect play well with each other), I was using Elementor Pro and mind you, I was a happy user!

​And for the record, I still use Elementor Pro for some of my sites but not my main sites like this one. 

​I used Elementor as early as their beta stage—and I cannot be happier. Here are some of the best Elementor features for WordPress owners.

Key Features



​Comes with both free and paid version

​Customize everything

​Drag and drop everything

​Mass usage

​Suitable for ​designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs

​Ready made templates

​Over 80+ ready made templates

​There is no denial that Elementor is one of the best in the market. However, it is important to note that the free Elementor version comes with very limited features. 

​At the same time, there are many Elementor addons that you can install and use to further improve the experience and end results of your WordPress design.

If you are looking for a great Word​Press theme builder software 2020, you can't go wrong with Elementor.

​4. Divi Theme Builder

​Divi Theme builder is not far the pack and as a matter of fact, it is the fourth in the top 5 best ​​Word​Press theme builder plugin in 2020. Divi had long been in the backseat in the WordPress builder industry but they started to bounce back to the top 5 thanks to the all new Divi shape dividers feature.

Divi Theme Builder Best WordPress Builders 2020

​Here are the important features of Divi theme builder.

Key Features


​Ready made modules

​40+ ready made website templates

​Ready made​ designs / elements

​800+ demos with 1-click ​install function


​​No coding skills required

​Learning curve

​Easy for beginners

​Divi Theme Builder is one of the most popular WordPress builders used by website developers. For starters, it is a one-time purchase that comes with unlimited websites and unlimited updates.

​Here are some of the downsides using Divi Theme Builder:

  • ​Very bloated
  • ​Ready made templates are large in size and impact website loading speed
  • Not suitable for shared hosting

​Nonetheless, ​Divi Theme Builder is still a powerful option—especially in the hands of a WordPress developer who knows how to remove the bloat from Divi. 

​On the side, it is important to note that Divi scores well in terms of usability and beginner-friendly. With yearly pricing starts at $89 and lifetime license at $247, this is definitely a well-invested WordPress tool for website development.

​5. Beaver Builder

Last but not least, Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder is a powerful WordPress Page Builder plugin that is used by both beginners and professionals.

​Here's a quick video of Beaver Builder.

​I do use Beaver Builder for some of my clients works, but not my main tool. What I really love about Beaver Builder are as follow.

Key Features


​Drag and drop builder

​Very intuitive and powerful

​Agency features

​White-labeling, override core templates, etc.

​Help and support

​One of the friendliest community around

​Availability in theme builder and plugin

​Highly compatible and great options

​If you are looking for the top WordPress builders in 2020 based on ranking, you can't go wrong with Beaver Builder.

​Some of the downsides that you should take note are:

  • ​Higher pricing tier (starts at $99 for the standard package)
  • ​Powerful features are available from mid-tier and higher
  • The ​Beaver Builder theme is only available from mid-tier onwards

​Overall, Beaver Builder is still a nice WordPress theme builder tool. It is powerful and offers many possibilities, especially in creating a website design of your choice.

WordPress ​Theme ​​Builder ​Comparison

​There are many options when it comes to choosing the best WordPress theme builder that fits your need. Here's my top choice of WordPress theme builders based on rankings:

  1. ​Oxygen Builder — Best for web developers
  2. Thrive Themes Builder — Best for bloggers and Internet Marketers
  3. Elementor Pro — Best for bloggers
  4. Divi Theme Builder — Best for agency and business owners
  5. Beaver Builder — Best for agency-level

How To Use Oxygen With Other WordPress Builders?

How To Use Oxygen With Other WordPress Builders

​How To Use WordPress Builders With Oxygen Builder?

Oxygen Builder is one of the finest and most lean WordPress builders I had used. Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi don't come even close to what Oxygen Builder can offer.

But, there's a little problem.

Oxygen Builder is known for not working well with other WordPress theme builders in the market. You cannot just install a WordPress ​theme and hope that it plays nicely with Oxygen.

​Often time, this WordPress guide is extremely important for those who had a large site and use one or more WordPress theme builder. Migrating everything to Oxygen not only takes time but a lot of effort too.

​There's a little trick over it. Now, if you love watching video, hit the play button to watch how you can get Oxygen to work with any WordPress theme builder.

​How To Use Oxygen With Other WordPress Builders?

​By default, ​Oxygen Builder is a WordPress builder by itself. Therefore, I highly recommend you to use Oxygen with other WordPress builders only if you have a large site and it would be massive hassle to convert everything into Oxygen.

It takes over $1,000 to complete the entire site migration to Oxygen. If this is something you are keen on, you can reach out to me and I'm happy to help you in anyway possible.

​There are two simple steps you need to take in order to use Oxygen with other WordPress builders:

  1. 1
    ​Build a layout template for current/existing layout
  2. 2
    ​Build a layout template for new posts and pages using Oxygen

​Part 1: Build A Layout Template For Existing Layout

​This is an important step to ensure that your website design do not break when you ​activate Oxygen Builder. Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. 1
    ​Get a copy of Oxygen Builder
  2. 2
    ​Install and activate Oxygen Builder license
  3. 3
    ​Disable all cache plugin
  4. 4
    ​Head over to Oxygen » Templates » ​Add New Template

​I am a huge fan of Thrive Architect and therefore, the following example will be integrating Thrive Architect into Oxygen Builder.

“​Building an Oxygen template for all your old blog post is the first step and to avoid any distorted layouts when using Oxygen Builder.”

- ​Reginald ​Chan -

Integrate Thrive Architect Into Oxygen Builder
  • ​Add title: Put in a name for your Oxygen Template.
  • ​Inherit design from other template: None
  • ​Where does this template apply?: Singular (check Posts and Pages only)

​Once the above is done, click "Edit with Oxygen."

​This template is to ensure that your website layout is not broken in anyway. Thus, you will be using Inner Content element on Oxygen Builder.

​By default, you will see an empty page. Select the panel on the left and search for Inner Content. Click on it to have the element imported to the layout.

Inner Content Oxygen Builder

​For easier navigation, you can use Structure to have a bird's eye view on the entire page.

​Now that this is done, you can perform additional setups such as screen layout.

​I set different layouts on different screen size. In order to do so, you need to ensure that the Inner Content element is location inside a ​Divider.

Different Margin And Padding using Oxygen

Part 2: ​Creating A New Template With Oxygen For New Posts And Pages

​Once you had completed the above steps, you need to create a new template with Oxygen. This will be used for ALL blog posts and pages that you create.

“​Templates in Oxygen Builder is like using Global Widgets for Elementor. When you use them right, you are going to save a lot more time in WordPress design.”

​Reginald Chan

​The process of creating a new template on Oxygen is similar with the steps above. The next time you are creating a blog post or page, select the template that you had created with Oxygen and click on Edit with Elementor or Edit with Thrive Architect.

​By doing this, all the saved templates will be imported directly into your content and you don't have to worry anything about the header, top and bottom menu, etc.

​Summary: Using Oxygen With Other WordPress Builders

​This WordPress tutorial is only best when you are using Oxygen ​on a large WordPress site (such as over 500+ posts and pages). This allows you to inherit all he previous designs and not breaking anything on your site.

​The best part, you will be able to use Oxygen Builder on all your latest blog posts and at the same time, using Oxygen with other WordPress builders.

Top 10 Marketing WordPress Themes for 2020

With the marketing sphere growing and changing at a rapid speed, even the most skilled marketers are finding it quite challenging to stand out among the fierce competition. That’s why establishing a professional online presence for your business is important more than ever.

No matter if you already have a website dedicated to your marketing business or you only now plan to present yourself to the world, you still might want to consider taking it to another level by using one of the many available marketing WordPress themes. Not only are these themes equipped with everything any type of marketing agency needs, but they’re also highly flexible and intuitive and don’t require any skill whatsoever to be set up.

This time around, however, we’ve decided to round up a list of top 10 marketing WordPress themes for 2020 that are sure to give your online business reputation a boost.

1. Innovio

Innovio Theme

Innovio Theme

This multipurpose landing page theme is ideal for any marketing and SEO agency, but can also come in handy for startups, interactive and SaaS presentations. What’s characteristic for Innovio is its flat design and various one-page templates. You can easily mix and match the elements of these templates to create a homepage befitting of the vision you have for your business. Moreover, for a visually immersive user experience of your visitors, there are various interactive layouts and effects included in the theme, such as a fullscreen slider, scroll animations, video slider, and so on. The theme is also SEO-compatible out of the box and includes 6-month support and lifetime updates.

Overall, if you decide to go for Innovio, there’s no doubt that this theme will serve you well, no matter your marketing purpose.

2. BoostUp

BoostUp Theme

BoostUp Theme

Here’s an SEO marketing agency theme ideal for boosting your website’s visibility. Coming with a plethora of practical elements necessary for presenting your marketing business in the best light, BoostUp WordPress theme is a perfect fit for every social media, digital marketing, SEO agency or any marketing professional out there. Its flat design and modern vector illustrations will help you showcase your business in a simple but unique and attractive manner. But that’s not all – together with BoostUp, you get numerous plugins necessary for any website that wants to get their business off the ground, such as Contact Form 7, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, and WPBakery page builder.

3. Ultima

Ultima Theme

Ultima Theme

As its name suggests, this powerful multipurpose theme is an ultimate toolkit for every digital marketing, social media or SEO agency out there. Ultima is packed with 24 unique homepages and a powerful WPBakery page builder which will allow you to build a professional website for your business with a simple drag-and-drop. Moreover, thanks to its practical options, you will be able to modify every aspect of your website from your admin panel. You can also change the colors of every element or section, and completely adjust the theme to fit your brand’s vision. Having been made with mobiles in mind, Ultima is fully responsive and looks great on devices of all sizes.

4. Optimize

Optimize Theme

Optimize Theme

Optimizing your website for search engines is of utmost importance if you want to gain online visibility and get noticed by the right audience. Optimize theme is a digital marketing, SEO and social media WordPress theme specifically created to help the optimization of your website. So accordingly, the theme is SEO plugin-compatible and contains a plethora of useful features and elements, such as 12 carefully crafted homepages, infographic elements, presentational elements like pricing tables, portfolio slider, clients carousel, and so on.

But what makes this theme particularly handy for all types of SEO and marketing agencies out there are its detailed inner pages. There are your usual standard pages such as About Us, Our Team, Testimonials, etc., but there’s also an entire section of pages dedicated to SEO & Digital Marketing, such as Analytics Services, Social Media Strategy, Search Engine Advertising, and more. Plus, there’s a group of various Case Studies pages that can prove particularly useful as well.

5. Mr. SEO

Mr SEO Theme

Mr SEO Theme

We present you a theme that is a true godsend among marketing and social media themes – Mr. SEO theme. This theme comes with a wide assortment of features and functionalities specially directed towards SEO-related businesses and marketers. Aside from an instant SEO compatibility, there’s a uniquely designed layout for every one of the 9 homepages included in the theme, with a particular emphasis on different colors, illustrations, and carefully crafted animations. With neatly organized inner pages, you can easily showcase your team, your workflow, services, and other necessities for promoting your business. You can also display your works by using any of the flawlessly designed portfolio lists and singles.

Finally, just as any other Mikado theme, Mr. SEO is well documented, and offers professional support and unlimited updates to everyone who purchases the theme.

6. Holmes

Holmes Theme

Holmes Theme

This is another theme ideal for building a fully professional website dedicated to your marketing business. Packed with an impressive collection of home and inner pages, Holmes has everything you need to successfully grow your digital or any other type of marketing agency on a global scale. In addition, you get a vast collection of interactive and portfolio layouts, modern animations, and other useful shortcodes such as item showcase, process, team, testimonials, and project slider, among others.

The theme is mostly characterized by a bold design style that is versatile in nature and allows you to create modern, professional and creative websites with ease. Of course, you also get the popular and useful premium plugins like Slider Revolution and WP Bakery that will assist you in building stunning pages and slides for your website.

7. Brünn

Brünn Theme

Brünn Theme

Brünn is a creative agency theme perfect for various types of businesses, including startups, marketing agencies, and creative studios. Its bold, colorful and modern style combined with over a 100-page layouts leaves you with plenty of space for customization. There are also plenty of powerful shortcodes that will help you present your business in a user-friendly and professional manner. Some of them include Google Maps, Pricing Table, Progress bar, Team, Testimonials, and more. Aside from all these useful features and functionalities, the theme is SEO, Retina and translation-ready, requires no coding knowledge to be set up, and its demo content can be easily imported with only a single click.

8. Arrosa

Arrosa Theme

Arrosa Theme

If you want to build a professional website in no time with minimal effort, Arrosa is just the theme you need. It comes packed full with practical and niche-specific homepages which can be adjusted for any business or purpose, including creative and marketing agencies.

The theme is designed with the utmost attention to every detail, which makes it ideal for presenting every single aspect of your business and/or services. There’s also a large number of ready-made inner pages that will allow you to showcase your team, your offices, your philosophy and working process, pricing plans, and much more. In short, if you opt for Arrosa, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to create a functional, informative and user-friendly website in no time.

9. Bridge

Bridge Theme

Bridge Theme

We present you Qode Interactive’s no.1 bestseller among creative multipurpose themes – Bridge. With over 100,000 purchases and 460+ demos for every purpose, category or niche imaginable, Bridge is truly an all-in-one solution for your marketing business. You can choose from one of the many agency and business demos (like SEO agency or Digital agency), use or combine elements from multiple demos, or just stick to the original Bridge demo – it’s entirely up to you. In addition, if you get Bridge, you also get the exclusive access to two most popular page builders on the market – WPBakery and Elementor (you can use either one of them depending on the demo you pick).

No matter which one of the building methods or templates you end up going for, Bridge will help you build a fully professional website with minimal effort. Multiple presentational and showcase elements such as a call to action section, advanced galleries, workflow, process, expanding images, etc. are just some of the features that will help you stand out from your marketing competition and showcase what you’re about with style. You also get a fully equipped blog and shop pages in case you want to share any news or articles related to your business or establish an online store.

10. Stockholm

Stockholm Theme

Stockholm Theme

Here’s another multipurpose creative bestseller made by Select themes. Stockholm comes with 42 different demo concepts, among which there are various business variants (like agency demos Metta and Claes, for example). Similarly like with Bridge, you can easily pick elements or sections from any demo type, and combine them to create a unique representation of your business. Stockholm is known for its clean and minimalist style which will help you present your agency, services and everything else you stand for in a smooth and modern manner. Packed into the theme are also various effects and functionalities such as parallax, fullscreen and video slider, scroll animations, price list, Google Map, banner, call to action, progress bar, and many more.


We’ve reached the end of our list of top 10 marketing WordPress themes for 2020. We advise you to carefully check out the demos of each theme first before you determine which one works the best for you. That being said, given the number of useful templates, powerful elements and functionalities that come with each one of these themes, you can hardly make a wrong choice, whichever one you pick for your website.

How To Fix Elementor Not Loading [5 Minutes Solution]

How To Fix Elementor Not Loading [5 Minutes Solution]

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How do you fix Elementor not loading properly? In this guide, learn how you can solve Elementor not working in just 2 steps.
How To Fix Elementor Not Loading [Complete Guide]

How To Fix Elementor Not Loading?

Elementor is not loading! #OMG

It sucks. Elementor is not loading and for one, I’m pissed. I know exactly how you feel.

In this post, I will share with you some quick fixes for Elementor not loading.

Table of Contents

What Are The Signs That Elementor Is Not Loading?

Elementor is one of the best WordPress builders in the market. But it is no bulletproof to problems such as visual builder not loading properly.

You need to fix Elementor quickly because you have website development job to complete. So, how do you fix this problem?

Take a look at the image below.

Elementor Not Loading Properly

Does this looks familiar?

Elementor is one of the best WordPress builders in the market. But it is no bulletproof to problems such as visual builder not loading properly.

You need to fix Elementor quickly because you have website development job to complete. So, how do you fix this problem?

There are two ways you can fix Elementor not loading properly issue.

First: Wait for new updates from Elementor

The best way (if time is not a factor) is to wait for Elementor to update its core files. At times, the development team might have overlooked on some files which make Elementor not loading in the backend.

There is also the possibility that you have not updated to the latest version. Thus, keeping your Elementor updated to the latest version is critical.

This is how you keep your Elementor plugins updated.

WordPress dashboard » Updates » Check for updates

Second: Update Elementor files

The second method is slightly unconventional but I found this solution in Github (source).

At times, there might be some files missing when downloading and uploading Elementor. When this happens, Elementor will stop loading and you cannot use Elementor.

How To Fix Elementor Not Loading Properly

How to solve Elementor not loading?

Head over to your WordPress dashboard » Elementor » Tools » Regenerate CSS (click Regenerate Files) » Sync Library (click Sync Library)

Wait for the update to be done and clear your cache before reloading Elementor visual builder.

In layman’s terms, both of these steps will download all the important Elementor files and hopefully, they include the files that are missing which is making Elementor not loading.

Summary: How To Solve Elementor Not Loading

I hope you find the above tips useful in fixing your Elementor not loading issue. If you need help, tell me in the comments below and I’m happy to see how I can help you further!

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

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