Oxygen Builder Review: Best Visual Builder For WooCommerce And Gutenberg

Is Oxygen Builder worth purchasing? Read this article to discover the best Oxygen Builder review.
What Is Oxygen Builder Review

Oxygen Builder Review

I recently co-launched a new WordPress website, WPMaven.net and I knew the mistakes I had did in the past with this blog (and other blogs). 

As a WordPress fanatic, I wanted to create a strong framework and structure to ensure that I could easily do ‘changes’ to the website (when needed) without spending a whole lot of money hiring freelancers.

For starters, I wanted to stick to Thrive Architect and StudioPress and I realized that I should get out of my comfort zone. I should try for something new instead!

I did my research and I discovered Oxygen Builder which is said to be a pretty cool visual builder. Of course, there aren’t many Oxygen Builder review because of two factors:

  1. There is no affiliate program for promoting Oxygen Builder plugin
  2. This plugin is still rather new in the market compared to the competitors

It didn’t took long before I decided to grab the Oxygen Agency plan and started rolling out with the new WordPress website. What you will get below is the honest review of Oxygen Builder.

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Is Oxygen Builder Worth The Money?

I decided to do something different in this WordPress builder review. Instead of going with the introduction, I decided to start with my personal opinion with Oxygen Builder.

Oxygen is a WordPress visual builder used mainly by website developers. At this point of time, it doesn’t come with any free version and the lowest tier starts at $99 for a 1-time fee.

Here’s where it really got my head turning. 

One time payment, unlimited usage and unlimited websites?

This is either too good to be true (like scam) or it’s just really that good.

I first came across Oxygen Builder during the last Cyber Monday deal. While there wasn’t any deal with Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Oxygen, many people were still discussing about it. And just like you, I wanted to know more about Oxygen Builder.

The more I read about Oxygen, the more I was interested with it. So much so that I took out my credit card and purchase it some days later.

What Is Oxygen Builder?

Oxygen Builder is a WordPress visual builder that is geared heavily for users mainly in the WooCommerce and website development niche. Despite that, Oxygen Builder is still a great plugin for typical WordPress users.

Oxygen Builder is firstly created to allow website owners to fully control over their WordPress website design through simple but interactive control buttons.

Oxygen Builder Features

Let’s start this Oxygen Builder review by checking out the features, shall we?

Hit the play button and the video will give you a quick overview on what Oxygen Builder really is.

As you can see above, Oxygen is definitely one of the heavy hitters in the WordPress designing industry.

Why Oxygen Builder Isn't Popular?

If Oxygen Builder is that popular among website developers, why isn’t it being discussed heavily and with the thousands of publications on Oxygen Builder reviews on the Internet?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Oxygen Builder doesn’t have a free plan
  2. Oxygen Builder doesn’t have an affiliate program
  3. Oxygen Builder team is focused heavily in product development but lacks the marketing side

Okay, let’s face it. I’m a WordPress fanatic and a marketing guy. Oxygen is good, Oxygen is fun to use and I love Oxygen Builder. But no matter how many times I visit Oxygen official website, I was never remarketed in anyway.

Of course, I truly appreciate this but heck, this is going to hurt their sales by far.

*P.S. There is a possibility that I might not be the type of target audience that the Oxygen team wanted, but I know I certainly took out my credit card to purchase Oxygen Agency plan!

What Are The Advantages Of Oxygen Builder?

Let’s start this review by going through the features offered by Oxygen Builder. It is important to note that I will only review Oxygen Builder features that are unique to it (to put everything in context).

Now, I helped launch and design WPMaven.net using Oxygen Builder. So, what I’m sharing is based on my personal opinion and experience using this visual builder.

1. Oxygen Is Compatible With WooCommerce and Gutenberg

Oxygen Is Compatible With Gutenberg Block Builder

By now, you know the amount of effort is put into Gutenberg builder by Automattic team. Every visual builder I had used did not work well with Gutenberg—but Oxygen is different. It integrates perfectly well with Gutenberg block builder and the experience would be any more smoother than I wished for.

But hey, don’t just hear my words. Watch this video to learn more!

2. Powerful WordPress Visual Builder for WooCommerce

Oxygen Integration With WooCommerce Oxygen Builder Review

You can now build your own WooCommerce store as you wished, with Oxygen Builder. Yes, Oxygen Builder is the first WordPress visual builder than is fully integrated with WooCommerce.

If you love WooCommerce, you are going to love Oxygen Builder even more.

This is what I mean.

3. Super Fast Loading Speed

Oxygen Builder Review Fast Loading Speed

Are you a WordPress speed fanatic like I do?

If the answer is “Yes”, you are in luck!

Oxygen’s clean code output and lightning fast load times keep your website visitors and search engine bots happy. On average, websites powered by Oxygen loads under 1 second even with the shittiest web hosting provider.

This is because Oxygen Builder has zero bloatload and clean codes to ensure that your website only loads relevant items and not everything under the sun (which will lead to slower website loading speed).

How about the Oxygen’s loading speed compared to Beaver Builder, Divi and Elementor?

Here’s the stat:

Oxygen vs Elementor vs Divi vs Beaver Builder

As you can see above, Oxygen is 50x leaner than Divi, 25x leaner than Elementor, and 10x leaner than Beaver Builder. Oxygen generally only loads the scripts and styles absolutely required by your design.

But the other builders load everything, even when you don’t use it. Animation styles, icon libraries, motion effects, slider scripts, and much more are loaded on ever page, even when you won’t be using 95% of it.’

The below are 3 reasons why Oxygen Builder WordPress is the fastest visual builder in the market.

  1. CDN Friendly. Use CloudFlare, Amazon CloudFront, or any other CDN. CSS is cached and query strings are avoided, making Oxygen work with all CDNs.
  2. Google Font Weight Chooser. Force the use of only the chosen font weights, reducing the amount of font files that must be downloaded to display your site.
  3. Bloat Eliminator. WordPress loads various unnecessary scripts and styles by default, which you can disable in Oxygen in one click.

4. One Time For Unlimited Usage

Last but not least, I absolutely love the pricing structure of Oxygen. For such an intuitive drag and drop builder, it comes with three pricing, $99 for visual builder, $149 for visual builder and WooCommerce integration, and $169 for visual builder, WooCommerce and Gutenberg integration.

The best part?

All these plans are one-time payment for unlimited websites.

I don’t know you, but heck, this is by far the best deal of the century for WordPress fans, website developers and WordPress bloggers.

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Oxygen Builder?

There are several disadvantages using Oxygen Builder. And just like any other visual builders in the market, there isn’t a perfect website builder out there.

The biggest challenge using Oxygen Builder is the learning curve. Sure, Oxygen Builder is created for beginners and rather easy to use, but it certainly isn’t a straightforward WordPress builder that you can use instantly (especially when you lacks coding skills).

The core concept of Oxygen Builder is to provide the maximum flexibility for website owners to customize their WordPress website. While this is good, most beginners might find it challenging as the features can be really comprehensive.

Oxygen Builder Features In Oxygen Builder Review

Take a look at the above. While the layout looks sweet (c’mon, the layout is way better than Elementor, Thrive Architect and Divi combined!), it can be really confusing for WordPress newbies.

I took around 20 minutes to understand the entire flow of using Oxygen and another few hours creating website designs correctly.

Now, the second disadvantages using Oxygen Builder is that the content will be ‘held hostage’ by the plugin itself. In other words, the content on the website will be in codes and if you uninstall Oxygen, your entire website will not be readable.

Oxygen Builder Competitor: Thrive Architect

Until date, Thrive Architect is the only WordPress visual builder that do not hold your content hostage. In other words, you can uninstall Thrive Architect at anytime and the content on your website is still readable.
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