How To Use Photography To Increase Sales Conversion

In today’s world, buyers tend to have higher trust level when they can see the product. Products that are tangible are often much more sellable compared to intangible ones. Yes, you can’t showcase your products if you are selling your products online.

When it comes to selling products online, one of the best ways to increase sales conversion is to use the right photographs to showcase your products.

In this article, you will discover five effective ways you can use photography to increase conversion.


Use only high-quality images

Being in the consultancy industry, I have seen companies selling their products online either on Shopify, Esty, Amazon, eBay or Facebook using low-quality images.

When enlarged, low-quality images will be pixelated in view. The worst part about this is that with the technology nowadays, smartphones and desktops are often able to display photos to the highest details — thus having high-quality images is an absolute must when it comes to sales conversion.

Why are high quality-quality images important?

It entices the customers to take deeper looks into the products and allow them to imagine the product in real life.

Imagine you are providing your customers with a rotating, 3D photographs. What will happen when your customers use the feature, but the images are blurry? Of course, that will turn your potential customers off almost instantly!


Stock photographs are critical for sales conversion

Do you know that using stock photographs can increase your sales conversion triple fold?

One of the biggest blunders done by most entrepreneurs in the online world is using photos that are very common and unprofessional.

The usage of professional shots can easily increase brand awareness and get you the eyeballs you dearly need to close the sale. Plus, stock photographs are best when you are trying to grab the attention of your potential customers.

This is also one of the reasons why Shopify had launched its stock photography collect called Burst. On a weekly basis, new photographs are added to the collection which allows business owners to use them in their online stores.

Here’s how it looks like:


Provide more than just static photos

Showing more images (as much as you can) and from different angles can make a difference in your sales.

We all love photos and brands such as had been using photos to drive more business and increase the conversion rates for its hotel partners.

Instead of providing a single photograph of the product, try providing several variations and if possible, consider using rotating and 3D photos to show the character of the product.


Embed (virtually) context into the photos

What does this mean to you?


A bicycle is still a bicycle when there is no one riding it. But what happens when someone is riding it?

Our mind will tend to imagine ourselves (or the recipient) riding on it. Take a look at this photo.

As a father, I can imagine my son riding this and heck; this could be an awesome birthday gift for him in March!

If you want your sales conversion to improve, don’t just show the product. Take into consideration who is your potential buyer and ‘show’ the product to them in context.


Draw the right attention to the product

Okay, this may sound geeky but bear with me if you want to improve your sales conversion. Images and photos can be used to draw attention to your products.

How do you draw the right attention to the product?

Take a look at this popular eye-tracking study:

Simply by displaying the photo of the model looking at the product, there is more ‘engagement’ with the product compared to the model looking away from the product.

Now, before you say “what?!”, take a moment to think about it. Or maybe even better, look at the photo above.

Which one attracts you more?

If you are using Etsy to promote your products, you can read this guide from them which explains the 7 essential types of product photos.


Putting in the human touch

Human photos are known to increase sales conversion and click through rates (CTR) — that’s why we place photos of real people on our landing pages.

If you are running an online store, chances are you are going to have one or more landing pages.

Now, dive into this fact: Medalia Art increased click-through rate (not sales conversion) by 95% simply by showcasing the photos of their artists on the homepage.

The takeaway from this is simple. Adding real photos and human touch in your landing page, home page, and sales pages can easily skyrocket your CTR and sales in the long run.

So, don’t be afraid to try this out!


Now, it is your turn!

Do you have any secret formula to increase sales conversion using photography? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss further on this!

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