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How Good Is Thrive Themes?

You read several Thrive Themes reviews but you are still wondering how good is Thrive Themes. More importantly, you are wondering if Thrive Themes is worth it.

I'd been through there myself and I totally get it. It can be challenging especially when there are so many Thrive Themes alternatives such as Divi, X Theme and Avada. So, I want to make it easy for you.

In this article, I'll go through some key points of Thrive Themes and comparing it with other tools—ultimately, helping you to decide how good is Thrive Themes.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Introduction to Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes and Thrive plugins are an all-in-one marketing toolbox that include 10 WordPress themes and 9 premium plugins. The plugins include lead generation plugin, drag and drop builder, scarcity builder, split testing tool, quiz builder and headline optimizer plugin (just to name a few). Thrive Themes has been in the business for over three years and at this point of writing, there are exactly 18,213 Thrive Members who are using Thrive Themes and Thrive plugins to power their websites. What made Thrive Themes worth the money is because it is affordable and have many features to make website development much easier and effective.

Feature Rich

Thrive Themes and Thrive plugins are well known for their features. As a matter of fact, this is the most important factor for me to use Thrive Themes (which makes Thrive Themes worth it). Thrive Themes doesn't only come with 10 conversion-focused WordPress themes, it comes with 9 other plugins that allow me to generate leads, build landing pages seamlessly and integrating evergreen countdown timer to encourage conversions. And all of these are achievable under one roof (single dashboard on WordPress).

Built From Ground Up

Thrive Themes is different from other drag and drop builders. Thrive Themes was build from ground up—and this makes all the difference. The team behind Thrive Themes understands the importance of usability and constant updates. Therefore, Thrive members are always spoil with tons of weekly updates and launch of new features. As a Thrive Themes member, you will also get new templates and other fun addons closely a weekly basis.

Speed Is Not A Problem

I've used many WordPress builders and when it comes to how good is Thrive Themes, the most important factor is the loading speed. Thrive Themes and Thrive plugins are not heavy. This means that your website will be loading slowly simply because the database is huge. There are also ways you can make your website loads faster by removing unwanted CSS codes using Thrive.

More Than Just Affordable

Thrive Themes and Thrive plugins are crazily affordable. That's exactly the reason why I use Thrive for all my clients' websites. And if you don't believe me, click here to take a look at the Thrive's pricing structure. A single plugin starts at $30 - $60 per year and if you are serious in going into saving mode, I highly recommend you to go for Thrive Membership (read the review here). For only $19 per month, you have access to unlimited downloads and access to all the 10 Thrive WordPress themes and 9 Thrive plugins. Don't forget that it also comes with round the clock support via email and forum too!

Summary: How Good Is Thrive Themes? 

Thrive Themes is really good. Thrive Themes allows you to purchase everything separately (standalone plugin) or under a monthly membership for unlimited access (and much more saving). 

At the end of the day, it is safe to summarize that Thrive Themes is an important, all-in-one marketing tool for bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs and even agency level.

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