I wrote several lengthy posts on High Yield Investment Programs or HYIP's in the early 2017 and I scrapped the plan altogether due to the risk and the volatile market. Recently, I decided to go deep into online investment in Malaysia (after some pestering from friends).

In today's post, I hope to share some light on HYIP's in Malaysia.

Important Disclaimer

Investing in HYIP in Malaysia is legal (lies in the grey zone) but is extremely risky. This means that there's a high chance of you losing all your money. If that's your main concern, then you should stop focusing on 'get rich quick' schemes and instead, focus on safe investments such as buying shares and cryptocurrency.

If you are one of those in Generation Y and Z, you might think that investing is old school - imagine going through a broker and buying shares and bonds. Boring, right?

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What is HYIP?

HYIP or High Yield Investment Programs are 'get rich quick' programs (also known as skim cepat kaya). Extremely high risks and in return, the returns are always much higher compared to normal share tradings and other forms of online investments.

How does HYIP works?

Investors are required to invest an amount into the program with the promise of high returns. In most cases, HYIP's are often seen providing returns as low as 20% and as high as 50%.

Why will HYIP close down?

High Yield Investment Programs are mostly ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes. The deck of cards will crash one day and the most common question is "when" (and not "how"). When there are more investors, this means that the owners of the programs will be getting a lot of cash with minimum investment.

Will I make money from HYIP Malaysia?

Early adopters or investors in HYIP will make the most money. Generally, a program will take around 3 to 6 months to gain profits before the owners decide to close the programs down abruptly. Therefore, joining in and leaving early is the best way to reduce your risk of losing money from HYIP.

What is the safest HYIP to participate in for Malaysians?

The answer is "none." Sadly, the risk is just too high. When it comes to HYIP, there isn't anything as 'safe.' Every investment involves risk and HYIP is the highest risk of all. In return for the risk, you will be rewarded with massive profits if you have the right strategies and investments.

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