Nearly everyone is talking about cryptocurrency and online investment these days. While cryptocurrency is slowly trending in Malaysia (slower compared to most parts of the world, or developing countries), it certainly doesn't stop many Malaysia to step into this volatile market. 

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and in order to trade, buy or sell Bitcoins, you are required to have a Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is used to store Bitcoins and it is important to use reliable ones. In this post, I'll share with you my personal favorite for the best Bitcoin wallet in Malaysia.

Which is the best Bitcoin wallet in Malaysia?

I have used quite a few Bitcoin wallets including major ones such as CoinBase and BlockChain Wallet. While these are overseas platforms, I totally understand that some Malaysians felt that these are too risky. Therefore, you will be surprised to find many Malaysians actually opt for local platforms to store their Bitcoins.

If you are looking for the best Bitcoin wallet in Malaysia, I recommend you Luno as it is a local company/platform and you can easily buy/sell Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency in just a few clicks.

It also has mobile applications which you can download straight into your iOS or Android devices. 

Luno Best Bitcoin Wallet In Malaysia

This is what it looks like on the backend (once you signup with Luno). 

Why choose Luno to store Bitcoins?

Firstly, it is secured and as a Malaysian myself, I feel it is extremely safe to use Luno to store my Bitcoins. The company is very interactive and has no issues trying to assist customers to get started with keeping and trading cyrpotucurrencies.

Secondly, you can create multiple Bitcoin wallets to store your Bitcoins. This means that you can easily tag and use multiple wallets for different transactions. If you are a person who likes full control, this is it!

Still looking for the best Bitcoin wallet in Malaysia?

I'll recommend Luno anytime of the day and if you don't have an account, click here to sign up (and get RM5 credit when you perform a transactions worth over RM250)!