X Theme Review – Is It REALLY The Ultimate WordPress Theme?

X Theme Review – Is It REALLY The Ultimate WordPress Theme?

I have been a huge fan in the web development industry and my knowledge in coding is close to zero.

My only tools of trade are the various theme builders and I usually build my homemade themes around Genesis Framework. Usually, my only go-to tools will be like this one (as it offers excellent integration with Genesis).

With over 8 years of blogging under my belt, I was tired and a little bored with Genesis Framework. I wanted to move along a new path and many options come into my mind.

For starters, being spoil with over 40 professional themes is seriously bad for psychology and I took up the challenge to build my own theme.

I headed over to Theme Forest and began scouting for a new website build and it only took awhile for me to locate one that is extremely out standing.


X – The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder


X theme review - The ultimate WordPress theme


Let’s be completely honest here. When I first saw it, I was really attracted to the ‘X’ word. It reminds me a lot about X-men (huge fan here).

This is a complete review of X Theme and thus, that’s what you are getting here; Both the pros and cons as well.

And I thought the developers are definitely bold enough to name it with a single letter word.

Just like any other human being, my eye was attracted to the price … my eyes literally popped out.

A whopping $60 for Christ’s sake!

Okay, for those who have no idea about the themes at Theme Forest, you can get tons of website theme builders around $40 each.

This doesn’t stop me there but instead, I was curious on what the X theme has to offer. I mean, selling a theme for an extra $20 would either make or break the business … easily.

And to cut the story short, I bought the X theme in the next few minutes.

I toy-ed around with it for a couple of days and I am not sure if the word ‘impressive’ fits the case.

Have a look at my complete review below.


X Theme Review – Is It Worth Your $60?

Okay, so you roughly know what X theme is by now. If you have no idea, here is a list of what X theme offers:

  • Complete website builder
  • Interactive visual and building features
  • Close to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Crazy customization options

And X theme was created based on recommendations by 9 industry experts.

Disclaimer: This is one of the biggest buying factor for me. Having a theme recommended by 9 industry experts? Hell yes!


Installing and basic setting up of the X theme

A walk in the park.

Yes, that’s how easy it is to get the X theme working on your website. All you need are:

Upload to WordPress database > Select the theme > Activate

After activating, it will prompt you that you need to install several other plugins to make the X theme work properly such as:

  • Revolution Slider
  • WPBakery Visual Composer
  • X Shortcodes

Don’t worry, those are required to get the X theme running properly.

After installation, you will see the Customizer option in your WordPress dashboard.

How to configure X theme
X theme settings are instantly visible after installation

Building WordPress theme with The X

This is where everything become really juicy. You are (not really) required to build everything from scratch and all the options are very straight forward.

Setting up X theme for WordPress is easy
This is the general control panel for X theme

The above image is the main ‘control panel’ for your theme. You can literally build everything and anything with these custom options; from typography to button sizes and colours.

When using the X theme, the sky is really the only limit you have.

Before you even start customizing the X theme, you need to decide the basic structure of the X theme; integrity, renew and icon.


  • Clean and professional outlook
  • Best fit for corporate websites and blogs as well
  • The real advantage of using Integrity is to highlight Call-To-Action (CTA) options


  • Flat design but with huge 3-D effect (if configured properly)
  • Excellent for blogs
  • Clear theme with one purpose; outline your contents


  • Modern but minimal designs
  • Unique layout which could make your blogs stand out
  • Best fit for blogs and extremely interactive (visual) with visitors

Personally, you won’t go wrong with any of the three options but at the moment, I don’t see any option to use all of them at the same time.

Once you have selected the above, the next step would be setting up the different layouts for your website.

X theme offers various layout options for bloggers
There are several layout options to choose from for customization



X theme comes with different navigation options
X theme allows you to choose your preferred navigation options with ease


This means that you can decide whether to choose:

  • Sidebar position
  • Navigation position

And if you think that’s all about the X theme, you are absolutely wrong. There is also option to create floating bars and you don’t need a plugin for that!

Now tell me … how cool is that?


Create ‘one-of-the-kind’ homepage with the X Theme

X theme is pretty and it is a great WordPress theme.

Great … but, you can’t seem to be able to recreate the homepage as what you thought and it is challenging.

I been through this myself. For starters, that is insanely tough. You have no idea where to start and totally lost.

You thought the drag and drop feature was as easy as A, B and C but it wasn’t. And you feel like asking for a refund (if possible).

Before you even throw in the towel, allow me tell you that you are missing something out.

The X theme offers unlimited customization features but it has a little learning curve and logic is absolutely needed.

What you can do is head over to their demo page and check out the 30 website designs available. Choose one that fits your requirements and download the demo version.

Upload it to your website (create a new page) and modify from there. The below is an example of my modification page layout.

Creating homepage using X theme
If you know some slight coding knowledge, you can easily modify your homepage without visual composer


Drag and drop feature on X theme
This is what it looks like after creating a homepage with X theme visual composer


As you can see above, there are two ways to build a homepage using The X theme. You can either use the visual composer (highly recommended) or the shortcodes if you know what you are doing.

If you want to build a homepage fast using The X theme, use the visual composer as it is much easier. Here are the various options you can choose from when using the visual composer for building a website theme (from scratch).

Visual composer makes website customization easy using X theme
Building a page is easy using visual composer

Additional features of The X theme

The X theme is not only a great WordPress theme builder but as well as an excellent ecommerce theme.

It is fully integrated with the popular WooCommerce platform and you can easily put the visual advantage available to blow your customers away.

While many other themes would just leave you with one layout options, each stack (Integrity, Renew and Icon) will offer an absolutely different layout and theme design for your ecommerce website.

Not only that, there are many smaller features which you could use such as the delay of visual features. This is an absolute replicate to the popular WordPress plugin, Lazy Load.

If you are worried about website loading speed, you are in good hands when you use The X theme.

So, goodbye slow website!

The X theme also comes with over 400 icon fonts. This means that there is no longer the need to hunt for the suitable icons for your website.

Need to find an thumbs up, star or people icons? Don’t worry, X theme has them all!

Last but not least, the support on the forum is great.

On average, I get a reply within 60 minutes of posting a question during working hours and that is insane. The community at there are also very helpful and you are definitely in good hands since most of them are website developers.


Review: Is The X Theme worth it?

While $60 would probably half the crowd away, I would say that it is one hell of a website builder.

With all the juicy features it can offer, I would absolutely be amazed if anyone would actually turn down this offer (unless you are nuts or plain stingy 🙂 ).

Being a WordPress junkie and a homemade website theme developer, I would say this is probably the best $60 I ever spend on a WordPress theme.

Don’t allow my review to mess with your decision but with over 829 sales and 4.5/5 star ratings since the release of it, I bet the data speaks for itself.

Most popular WordPress theme on Theme Forest
The sales and rating stats speak for itself

I hope you enjoy this X theme review and if you are using the X theme, you are obligated (literally) to tell me what you think using the comment form below. If you have any questions about the X theme, fire your questions and I will try to answer them all.

If you want to see what X theme is all about, you can check it out for free here! The X theme by Theme.co.

28 thoughts on “X Theme Review – Is It REALLY The Ultimate WordPress Theme?”

  1. Thanks an excellent theme boy. Lots of options and the price is quite affordable. Yes! With the possibilities and ability to rebrand flexibly, I think $60 is no big deal.

    While I don’t intend to switch themes, I think this one is one of the most recommended

    • Hey Enstine,

      Thanks for dropping by. For many, $60 would mean hell a lot (honestly speaking). What they don’t know is the ability behind it. X theme is probably the most versatile theme builder I ever come across. And I don’t see Dynamik Website Builder anywhere close to it!

      Nonetheless, there’s a small learning curve and for that, not many are willing to spend time into it.

      At least, that’s what I think. Could it be the Ultimate WordPress theme for 2014?

      Hell yeah!

  2. It was interesting reading this post to see a theme review from a blogger’s perspective.

    As someone who codes I see a couple of issues that you will face in the future.

    I fear that by the theme including so many features in it it locks you down. One day you will want to change your theme be it you want a new design or the theme is not being developed anymore. On the day you activate a new theme you will lose all support for the shortcodes and the custom post types will disappear.

    I believe that every theme should work without issues on installation and should not require the installation of extra plugins. It is fine to have recommended plugins.

    • Hi Ulrich,

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your view point.

      As for the part about theme development, I have no worries on that as I can see great progress on many parts. Honestly, I thought about the same worries with you on theme development but after joining their forum and discussing with their support, I know I am in good hands. Very hands on and I don’t see them stopping anytime soon. Their sales parts on Theme Forest is already a good proof for me.

      Now for the plugin part, I got to agree with you. However, not all the plugins are needed but are highly recommended. If my memory serves me right, only one plugin is absolutely needed (compulsory).

      Hope this helps and will forward this over to the developers for their point of view too 😀

  3. Hi Reginald,

    Wow, I must have been too busy styling CSS code for Genesis and Thesis… I hadn’t heard of X Theme till your post. Tsk! Tsk!

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be giving it a serious checking out right after I leave this comment.

    – Cole

    • Hi Cole,

      Thanks for commenting and glad you find this useful! I love Genesis and Thesis and don’t get me wrong. But, X theme is a whole different platform which makes theme development pretty fun.

      I mean…after some years of the familiar Genesis and Thesis, man…it is great to enjoy a new framework. The X theme is very versatile if you ask me. I love they way I can customize it and in the hands of an experienced web developer, I could see endless possibilities.

      Take care and talk to you soon!

  4. Wow! the theme is perfect in this price and it contains many options. you shared a informative article about theme. I will prefer this to my all friends.

  5. Wow Reginald,

    What a great review on the X theme! You really explained it so well, even I can understand it lol. (not the techie type)

    Seems to me that the price is worth it. I know it is difficult for some to pay an extra twenty bucks, but Jeezzzzz……It does so much stuff! Plus, spending a little extra is better than spending more if things start to break!

    I rather have quality and support than something that could go wrong and then have to pay a higher price to fix it.

    Thanks for the lovely review,


    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for visiting my humble blog!

      Really hope you enjoyed the review. Just something that I thought sharing with the rest (from a blogger and user’s point of view).

      And you are absolutely right. Support is vital. Good support comes a long way if you ask me!

  6. I agree that $60 is not that costly, but you can only use it one site. Themeco boasts that this is “The last WordPress theme you’ll ever have to buy.” Except that if you want to use it on multiple sites, you have to buy it over and over again. I have three personal sites, so $180 is getting up there.

    • Hi Susan,

      Oh great point. To be extremely honestly, I thought it was a multiple site (didn’t notice since I only install it on one of my corporate sites). Totally agree that it isn’t really the last theme you’ll ever buy~ Good eyes!

      3 sites? Whoa! You really love it or … ? 🙂

      Talk to you soon!

      • Actually, I haven’t purchased it yet. I still might, but I’m doing my homework. The single site limitation is the biggest objection I have to the theme. Themeco says that this is a Themeforest policy and not their own so they have no control over it. Personally, I would never sell a product somewhere that I did not have control over pricing, licensing or refunds. It’s a bit odd. (By the way, apparently all themes at Themeforest are single site use. So if I don’t buy this theme, I won’t be making any purchases at Themeforest.)

        The other thing I am wary about is the true speed of the theme. I asked the following questions on the pre-buy forum:

        Q: “I have been reading a few reviews stating this theme is unusually heavy on coding’”not sure exactly what that means except some were stating this has the potential to have slow load times.”
        A:”Comments you see related to this are either from people who are not familiar with how X is developed or have not asked for clarity as to why we chose to do things the way we did. While we are always looking for better and faster ways of doing things, X was built from the ground up with development best practices in mind.”

        Q: “The demo site is full of graphics and features and yet it loads quickly and smoothly. Very impressive! Is this what we can expect with sites built with X? Or does the demo site contain something special? I would love to add content like this, but I don’t want my readers to experience a lot of lag.”
        A: “We are on a very fast and optimized server. If you had the same server configuration as us, then yes! We have optimized the theme for fast load times (and continue to do so as better ways of doing things are discovered) however your server configuration is what ultimately makes the biggest difference.”

        So I would love to see this theme at work on a shared hosting environment. If it doesn’t respond as quickly and smoothly as in the demo, then our viewers will get annoyed and that could drive traffic away.

        Thanks for posting this review!

        • Hi Susan,

          Oh wow! Thanks for the lovely input. Here’s a few thing from my own experience (which you can take it with a pinch of salt) 🙂

          Question 1 – The developer and support team is good. I was pretty skeptical about the ‘building from ground up’ part but after checking out their support and as well as several emails through and forth with the team, yes, they are really who they are.

          Question 2 – This is tough. Just like any other sites, usually developers or theme sellers in particular uses super fast servers. I mean, that makes sense right? On my personal experience, running on a crappy HostGator shared hosting (thanks to my bad neighbors), I would easily load around 1.5 sec without a problem. Of course, smack it up with MaxCDN and you will go as low as 600ms etc. To answer your question, it does support pretty fast loading speed but is it the fastest? No 😀

          Hope this helps (yes, I know I am just adding up).

          Happy Friday new friend!

        • I am spending all my time waiting for it to load. No real answers from support forum. I have way more dedicated php through hostgator than needed. As i search the net i find i am not the only one who sees this as a problem.

          • Hi desrtfighter,

            I got to admit that X theme does take a little time to load (sometimes). The longest I seen is approx 3 sec with a page size close to 2mb.

            One simple method to solve this loading issue is by clearing the cache (plugins and CloudFlare). It would take a little while before a fresh cache is created.

            On top of that, I have yet to face any issue with the X theme. Personally I experience a reply from the team within 24 hours or less. If they yet to respond, you can either bump or send them an email directly.

            I hope by now, you have solved the issue. Feel free to contact me if by any chance you need any help.

  7. Thanks for this very useful post.

    I am concerned about the slow loading issue as that is a big seo no-no and will increase my already high bounce rate. Do you think this can be overcome and what would you need to do?

    With regard to ads in the sidebar and posts there doesn’t seem to be much on this in this theme, so is it easy to add ads?

    Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


    • Hi Reena,

      It really depends. Being a ‘heavy’ guy, I was loading off 2 seconds with the craziest, toughest and most feature pack website homepage. That was with CloudFlare enabled and a cheap hosting.

      So, if you have a decent one, you are going to profit BIG time.

      When it comes to adding ads etc, it is relatively easy. Each stack (themes) have their own sidebars which you can choose left, right or both sides (you get the point). It is relatively same as long as you are running a WordPress powered blog. So, don’t worry about that!

      I hope this helps and if you have any question, just fire up!

  8. Reginald, you mentioned that there is only one plugin you *have* to buy. I was wondering if you have to buy that plugin. What about the other recommended plugins–do those cost money? I might not mind buying the theme, since with one buy I can give my website a complete facelift anytime I want–but not if I have to buy extras to make it work.

    • Hi Yoli,

      The other 4 plugins (they are optional but highly recommended) are free on WordPress repository X theme is good (seriously) but it would take a little time and logic to get it around working especially when you are working with your own ‘theme’.

      Oh yes, X theme has a new stack which is cool. Parallax style 🙂

      Hope this helps and fire up if you need any suggestions or help.

    • Hi Cort,

      Thanks for dropping by and comment. For starters, X theme is really good and why? I have hands on experience with it since the day it was launched.

      Do I earn if someone buys them? Yes and as a matter of fact, anyone who write review gets that 🙂

      At the end of the day, it really depends on you if you find this useful. For me, I have personally used it on my business site and I have absolutely no problem with it.

      Hope this helps and take care!

    • Hi Derek,

      Thank you for your question. Ethos stacks in some way but not with the multiple column as seen on NY Times. However, it is certainly doable if you know some coding skills.

      Hope this solves the question you are asking!

  9. Is there a way to get this from someone other than “Envato Sales?” I sent the same question to them several times via email since the middle of August, but have not yet heard back from them, which makes me question their authenticity and / or support abilities. It may be a silly question, but as a new business owner, I am designing my own website and wanted to make sure that the wording in the sales agreement related to the “end user not being charged,” did not refer to my clients. I am building a site so that I can get customers for my consulting / training business, and the plan is to find those who need my services, but there is a fee for them. More than likely they are referring to business owners who actually build websites (not my type of business) for others and charge them, correct (meaning they cannot buy the theme and keep selling it to others when they design their site)? Or do they mean I (as an individual business owner) cannot get paying customers from a website I build with X? Silly question, probably, but as I am not used to this (have no experience with this yet), I want to make sure I am purchasing the right type of theme. Thank you!

    • Hi Elisa,

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Hmm, they seem to be replying me pretty fast (like within a few hours).

      Basically, the single license is for a single site. So if you work for your client (for example), you need to buy another copy of it which you can bundle in your service.

      Make sense?

      Oh yes, don’t go through Envato sales (they are really slow) and it is a third party. Hit me up using the Contact Me page and I’ll be happy to pass along their direct email to you 🙂

      Hope this helps!

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