Thrive Themes vs X Theme: The Best WordPress Theme Of The Year

Thrive Themes vs X Theme.

I get it. You are undecided on two of the best premium WordPress themes on the market. Lucky for you, you will find the complete review on both Thrive Themes vs X Theme in this post.

And if you wonder why I do so, it is simple. I've been in the same position as you in the past, and it is hard to decide. As for the record, I ended up buying both the themes!

Being an avid WordPress user myself, I totally understand how it felt like when it comes to choosing the best WordPress theme for your blog. On the one hand, you have the popular Thrive Themes, and on another, you have the X Theme which was rated as the best WordPress theme in 2015 on CodeCanyon.

Don't worry. In this post, you will find the complete review of Thrive Themes vs X Theme -- all under one roof.

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thrive themes vs x theme review

What is a WordPress builder theme?

WordPress builder allows you to do a heck lot of things, especially when it comes to customizing your WordPress theme. In most WordPress themes development, a single project can costs at least $200.

If you are feeling adventurous (and tight on budget), getting yourself a WordPress builder theme such as Thrive Themes or X theme is a great alternative.

Developing a WordPress theme is time-consuming and in most cases, you are required to have a certain expertise in coding. This is where WordPress builder theme comes into play.

A good WordPress builder helps you to create awesome themes without any coding knowledge. In most cases, you are just required to drag and drop different columns to create the ultimate theme of your choice. And yes, all the above is done without any coding skills.


What are the requirements of a good WordPress builder theme?

The market is saturated with dozens of WordPress builders. Sadly, not many make the mark!

So, here are some of the requirements of a good WordPress builder theme:

Lucky for you, both Thrive Themes and X Theme have pretty similar similarities with the above requirements (which we will dive deeper in this post).


Thrive Themes review

You can read my up-to-date Thrive Themes review, and I am firm with my stance; Thrive Themes is one of the best drag and drop builder in the market.

But wait! What should you know about Thrive Themes?

The theme doesn't have tons of bloatware, and all the Thrive Themes are built with the focus on speed and converting visitors into paying customers (or email subscribers).

As a blogger or marketer, you'll understand how important getting leads through your blog. And that's exactly what Thrive Themes can help you to achieve! Every part of the theme created is focused heavily on getting conversions; email subscribers, inquiries, etc.

For one, I'm a huge fan of StudioPress themes and personally, I have used it for over ten years. When I decided to use Thrive Themes on one of my websites, I was worried and to be extremely honest, I was not convinced on Thrive Themes.

However, I read many blog posts talking about the advantages of Thrive Themes, and I was tempted to try it. After all, what's the worst case that can happen, right?


My experience using Thrive Themes

As an experienced WordPress user, I skipped the manual and went directly into installing the premium theme.


(a) Installation of Thrive Themes

My verdict for this part is that Thrive Themes is easy to use. It doesn't take long to install, and it is very easy as well.


(b) Using Thrive Themes

A full copy of Thrive Themes comes with inbuilt Thrive Leads and Thrive Content Builder. With the combination of both plugins, you get a complete, all-in-one premium theme that takes away all the hard work and leave the nice results for you.


(c) Thrive Leads integration

Thrive Leads is pretty much the most advanced version for any lead generation plugin. As a huge fan of OptinMonster, Thrive Leads easily surpass what most common lead generation plugin could do.

You can integrate custom lead forms or choose from the huge library of pre-made forms seamlessly into your blog or website.

A huge plus point for Thrive Themes users is that Thrive Leads can integrate into dozens of email marketing providers. Seriously, you will be surprised on how many plugins who face multiple issues when it comes to integration!

Side note: I use Convertkit for my email marketing, and there is absolutely no problem using it with Thrive Leads! You can also read my post on why I left MailChimp for Convertkit.


(d) Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder or TCB, in short, is a powerful plugin that comes along with Thrive Themes. Instead of the traditional blog writing, Thrive Content Builder allows you to create powerful and highly effective content through drag-and-drop option.

You can easily add content, images, videos, maps and other interactive '˜materials' within the blog post with using any codes. All you need to do is to select the option available and start writing!


(e) Thrive Themes loading speed

Makes no mistake. Thrive Themes is excellent when it comes to website loading speed. I am always keen on making my website load under 1 second, and that's why I use WP Engine to host my websites.

With StudioPress themes, I can load my website under 1 second, and when I use another theme builder, it usually takes a whole 2 seconds or more!

When I use Thrive Themes with WP Engine, my website loads around 1.2 seconds which is superb!


X Theme Review

I came across X Theme two and a half years back. Back then, I was hunting for another premium theme apart from StudioPress. Adam Connell (founder of Blogging Wizard) introduced me to X Theme, and I was instantly 'wow-ed.'

At that time, X Theme was still new in the market, and it was okay. It provides tons of features and is probably one of the best I ever used.

Fast forward to now, X Theme has come a long way. Now, it can integrate to dozens of plugins and add-ons, including Cornerstone which is awesome!

For me, X Theme is a great choice for both beginners and experienced WordPress users simply because it offers a lot of features under its hood.

For starters, X Theme can integrate to multiple plugins such as email opt-in forms, lead generation, under construction and social sharing. Instead of buying a truckload of plugins, you can find nearly everything with X Theme.


My experience using X Theme

Similar to the above, I installed the X Theme and here's my honest review about X Theme.


(a) Simplicity in using X Theme

X Theme is way easier to use now than previously. After installing the theme, you can select to import designs or pre-made layouts from the option. Alternatively, you can create your theme from scratch.

X Theme also comes with Expanded Demos which you can import directly into your WordPress website. Here's a short video of it.


(b) Using X Theme

Do you want an honest answer? X Theme is great, and there's a lot under its hood. However, it is not that straightforward (if you are comparing Thrive Themes vs X Theme).

But it makes all the sense, though. X Theme offers more features and is often very '˜heavy.' Compared to Thrive Themes, you can do more with X Theme.

The downside? There's a learning curve, and it can be annoying if you skip the manual altogether (like me).


(c) X Theme integration with Cornerstone

X Theme nearly lost the entire battle when it comes to the premium plugin, but thankfully for Cornerstone integration, it is now back on track.

So, what is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is a drag and drop plugin that allows you to do pretty much anything with the X Theme. With it, you will get WYSIWYG, and you can easily customize your website in real time.

Pretty awesome, right?


(d) Multiple visual effects using X Theme

If you are the type that loves powerful and engaging visual effects on your blog, you got to try on X Theme.

Personally, X Theme is very good when it comes to creating 3D buttons and effects. In most cases, you will not be able to have such features easily on most premium WordPress themes. You would either need to have some serious coding work needed or installing a few more plugins to get the desired results.

With X Theme, all you need is to select the option for 3D effect and you are good to go -- all under 10 seconds, or less!


Thrive Themes vs X Theme review

Trust me, I put a lot of thought into this and to be honest, I can't make a solid decision (literally speaking). Both are equally good and to make the decision much easier, carry on reading the below.


Thrive Themes vs X Theme: Simplicity, ease of use and fast loading speed

The winner got to be Thrive Themes. Sure, X Theme is good, but Thrive Themes excels much more in this category.

It is easy to use, very straightforward and more importantly, it has a fast loading speed (around 1.2 seconds compared to X Theme at around 1.8 seconds).

Want to see Thrive Themes in action? Click here for the complete demo!


Thrive Themes vs X Theme: Design, features, and future integration/upgrades

When it comes to design, I am an avid believer that X Theme still has the upper hand compared to Thrive Themes. The designs on X Theme is often more intuitive and flexible, while Thrive Themes is very much '˜by default.'

Also, X Theme has always been adding new features and upgrades since day one. Therefore, X Theme may one day be the top player in the industry especially if they continue to add more integration into the theme.

Click here to see what X Theme can do for your website!


Summary: Thrive Themes vs X Theme review

I don't believe there is a clear winner when it comes to comparing Thrive Themes vs X Theme. It boils down to exactly what you need as a blogger/writer and how these themes can be used in your daily usage.

If you are looking for a fast loading website with leads conversion focused, Thrive Themes is the one you should be using.

If you are more towards custom theme and building a theme from scratch, consider using X Theme as it offers a wide range of features to help you customize your blog.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

X Theme Review - Is It REALLY The Ultimate WordPress Theme?

I have been a huge fan in the web development industry and my knowledge in coding is close to zero.

My only tools of trade are the various theme builders and I usually build my homemade themes around Genesis Framework. Usually, my only go-to tools will be like this one (as it offers excellent integration with Genesis).

With over 8 years of blogging under my belt, I was tired and a little bored with Genesis Framework. I wanted to move along a new path and many options come into my mind.

For starters, being spoil with over 40 professional themes is seriously bad for psychology and I took up the challenge to build my own theme.

I headed over to Theme Forest and began scouting for a new website build and it only took awhile for me to locate one that is extremely out standing.


X - The Ultimate WordPress Theme Builder


X theme review - The ultimate WordPress theme


Let's be completely honest here. When I first saw it, I was really attracted to the 'X' word. It reminds me a lot about X-men (huge fan here).

This is a complete review of X Theme and thus, that's what you are getting here; Both the pros and cons as well.

And I thought the developers are definitely bold enough to name it with a single letter word.

Just like any other human being, my eye was attracted to the price ... my eyes literally popped out.

A whopping $60 for Christ's sake!

Okay, for those who have no idea about the themes at Theme Forest, you can get tons of website theme builders around $40 each.

This doesn't stop me there but instead, I was curious on what the X theme has to offer. I mean, selling a theme for an extra $20 would either make or break the business ... easily.

And to cut the story short, I bought the X theme in the next few minutes.

I toy-ed around with it for a couple of days and I am not sure if the word 'impressive' fits the case.

Have a look at my complete review below.


X Theme Review - Is It Worth Your $60?

Okay, so you roughly know what X theme is by now. If you have no idea, here is a list of what X theme offers:

And X theme was created based on recommendations by 9 industry experts.

Disclaimer: This is one of the biggest buying factor for me. Having a theme recommended by 9 industry experts? Hell yes!


Installing and basic setting up of the X theme

A walk in the park.

Yes, that's how easy it is to get the X theme working on your website. All you need are:

Upload to WordPress database > Select the theme > Activate

After activating, it will prompt you that you need to install several other plugins to make the X theme work properly such as:

Don't worry, those are required to get the X theme running properly.

After installation, you will see the Customizer option in your WordPress dashboard.

How to configure X theme

X theme settings are instantly visible after installation


Building WordPress theme with The X

This is where everything become really juicy. You are (not really) required to build everything from scratch and all the options are very straight forward.

Setting up X theme for WordPress is easy

This is the general control panel for X theme


The above image is the main 'control panel' for your theme. You can literally build everything and anything with these custom options; from typography to button sizes and colours.

When using the X theme, the sky is really the only limit you have.

Before you even start customizing the X theme, you need to decide the basic structure of the X theme; integrity, renew and icon.




Personally, you won't go wrong with any of the three options but at the moment, I don't see any option to use all of them at the same time.

Once you have selected the above, the next step would be setting up the different layouts for your website.

X theme offers various layout options for bloggers

There are several layout options to choose from for customization



X theme comes with different navigation options

X theme allows you to choose your preferred navigation options with ease


This means that you can decide whether to choose:

And if you think that's all about the X theme, you are absolutely wrong. There is also option to create floating bars and you don't need a plugin for that!

Now tell me ... how cool is that?


Create 'one-of-the-kind' homepage with the X Theme

X theme is pretty and it is a great WordPress theme.

Great ... but, you can't seem to be able to recreate the homepage as what you thought and it is challenging.

I been through this myself. For starters, that is insanely tough. You have no idea where to start and totally lost.

You thought the drag and drop feature was as easy as A, B and C but it wasn't. And you feel like asking for a refund (if possible).

Before you even throw in the towel, allow me tell you that you are missing something out.

The X theme offers unlimited customization features but it has a little learning curve and logic is absolutely needed.

What you can do is head over to their demo page and check out the 30 website designs available. Choose one that fits your requirements and download the demo version.

Upload it to your website (create a new page) and modify from there. The below is an example of my modification page layout.

Creating homepage using X theme

If you know some slight coding knowledge, you can easily modify your homepage without visual composer


Drag and drop feature on X theme

This is what it looks like after creating a homepage with X theme visual composer


As you can see above, there are two ways to build a homepage using The X theme. You can either use the visual composer (highly recommended) or the shortcodes if you know what you are doing.

If you want to build a homepage fast using The X theme, use the visual composer as it is much easier. Here are the various options you can choose from when using the visual composer for building a website theme (from scratch).

Visual composer makes website customization easy using X theme

Building a page is easy using visual composer

Additional features of The X theme

The X theme is not only a great WordPress theme builder but as well as an excellent ecommerce theme.

It is fully integrated with the popular WooCommerce platform and you can easily put the visual advantage available to blow your customers away.

While many other themes would just leave you with one layout options, each stack (Integrity, Renew and Icon) will offer an absolutely different layout and theme design for your ecommerce website.

Not only that, there are many smaller features which you could use such as the delay of visual features. This is an absolute replicate to the popular WordPress plugin, Lazy Load.

If you are worried about website loading speed, you are in good hands when you use The X theme.

So, goodbye slow website!

The X theme also comes with over 400 icon fonts. This means that there is no longer the need to hunt for the suitable icons for your website.

Need to find an thumbs up, star or people icons? Don't worry, X theme has them all!

Last but not least, the support on the forum is great.

On average, I get a reply within 60 minutes of posting a question during working hours and that is insane. The community at there are also very helpful and you are definitely in good hands since most of them are website developers.


Review: Is The X Theme worth it?

While $60 would probably half the crowd away, I would say that it is one hell of a website builder.

With all the juicy features it can offer, I would absolutely be amazed if anyone would actually turn down this offer (unless you are nuts or plain stingy 🙂 ).

Being a WordPress junkie and a homemade website theme developer, I would say this is probably the best $60 I ever spend on a WordPress theme.

Don't allow my review to mess with your decision but with over 829 sales and 4.5/5 star ratings since the release of it, I bet the data speaks for itself.

Most popular WordPress theme on Theme Forest

The sales and rating stats speak for itself


I hope you enjoy this X theme review and if you are using the X theme, you are obligated (literally) to tell me what you think using the comment form below. If you have any questions about the X theme, fire your questions and I will try to answer them all.

If you want to see what X theme is all about, you can check it out for free here! The X theme by