OptimizePress dominated the WordPress builder industry for a few good years. From the first version of OptimizePress to the all new, OptimizePress 2.0. I been using OptimizePress for over three years and I noticed it had slack in many ways. 

I get it. You are looking for the best OptimizePress alternatives and in this post, I will list down some of the top OptimizePress alternatives that are affordable and powerful.

Afterall, you wouldn't want to use an OptimizePress alternative that isn't suitable for you, right?

A Quick Introduction to OptimizePress

Using OptimizePress for many sites, I can tell you that OptimizePress is quite good. It is a WordPress visual builder and it comes in two sizes:

  • Standalone plugin (WordPress visual builder only)
  • Complete set (both theme and visual builder)

You would be able to download the respective options based on your needs. On the side, OptimizePress users are also able to download the OptimizePress membership site plugin which is compatible with both the plugin and theme.

With the competition in the market space, OptimizePress had failed to win its customers. As a matter of fact, there are two things that lead to their failure:

  • Pricing structure (limited use only)
  • Outdated features on its WordPress visual builder

Seasoned OptimizePress users will find that OptimizePress is bulky and takes forever to load. The features are not 'modernize' in many ways and thus, it makes all the sense for others to look for OptimizePress alternatives.

Below is a list of the best OptimizePress alternatives. As a matter of fact, you will find the top 4 best OptimizePress alternatives money can ever buy (with both performance and value).

1. Thrive Architect (WordPress visual builder plugin)

If you don't need a complete theme, Thrive Architect is your best option here. For starters, it doesn't cost you a bomb and you can easily start using it with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Thrive Architect is a member of the Thrive Themes products, and thus, you know that this plugin is more than just great. 

The below is a sample of the landing page templates that Thrive Architect has to offer.

Thrive Architect Landing Pages Template Sets

Here's a list of what Thrive Architect can offer:

  • check
    Intuitive interface
  • check
    Clean and lightweight (website will loads faster)
  • check
    State-of-the-art technology and features

As a seasoned WordPress user, I hate using plugin that makes the website slow. With Thrive Architect, it loads extremely fast and it doesn't burden your web server at all.

A huge upside using Thrive Architect as an OptimizePress alternative is the pricing structure. Unlike OptimizePress where it limits you to the number of websites you can use (three for the lowest tier), Thrive Architect allows you to use on as many sites as you wished!

Here are some resources on Thrive Architect:

SUMMARY: Thrive Architest is the best OptimizePress alternative if you are only looking for a WordPress visual builder.

2. Thrive Themes (if you need a theme + WordPress builder)

Thrive Themes is already a household name for many, including me. Thrive Themes is one of the top WordPress themes and I highly recommend it because it is the most complete WordPress theme for both beginners and advanced users.

Here are some of the reasons why I use Thrive Themes (and you should too):

  • check
    Highly affordable
  • check
    Intuitive WordPress visual builder
  • check
    Compatible and access to many Thrive plugins
  • check
    Fast loading speed
  • check
    Extremely easy to customize without using coding

I have used many WordPress themes (both premium and free ones) but I have yet to come across a great one like Thrive Themes. When I first used OptimizePress three years back, I thought that was "it." There is no way another company could create a better WordPress visual builder and theme like OptimizePress.

But I was wrong. As time moves on, more companies are creating very interesting WordPress builders and Thrive Themes is one of them.

Here are some of templates you can use (click here for the full preview and demo versions):

Thrive Themes vs Genesis Theme Framework Review

I know that some of you come from other premium WordPress themes like StudioPress and Divi. Here are some additional resources for you:

And of course, you can read this article comparing Thrive Themes and OptimizePress.

Here are some testimonials from real Thrive Themes users around the world:

How much does Thrive Themes costs? Thrive Membership starts at $19 per month with unlimited access to all their themes and plugins.

Thrive Themes Review
Thrive Themes Real Review
Thrive Membership Review

3. X Theme

X Theme is definitely a great OptimizePress alternative. I first used X Theme when it was first launched in the Theme Forest marketplace.

What makes X Theme an interesting tool is it is really intuitive. From setting up the theme to importing the demo content, everything can be done in just minutes (not hours).

Yes, I'm a huge fan of X Theme because the team behind it is very interactive and would address all my concerns immediately. 

What makes X Theme a powerful and highly desirable WordPress theme?

  • check
    Inbuilt WordPress visual builder (using Cornerstone with advanced controls)
  • check
    1-click demo content import
  • check
    Crazy amount of extensions that come included
X Theme Features

Make no mistake. Instead of downloading a theme and adding different plugins (not knowing if they are compabile) is a hell of a task. In most cases, it could easily break your website.

Using X Theme, there is a list of recommended plugins you can use (some are premium ones) for free. Yes, even the premium ones can be used for free — as long as you are a paying member of X Theme.

X Theme also has a long line of avid fans and followers. Here are some testimonials to prove its worth.

X Theme Review

X Theme has come a long way and it had been voted as the best WordPress theme in 2016 and 2017 respectively. With over 169,457 sales on Theme Forest, this is one heavylifters especially when you are looking for an OptimizePress alternative.

4. Avada

Have you heard about Avada? I bet you do.

Avada is the most popular WordPress theme ever sold on Theme Forest and by far, it is also one of the best OptimizePress alternative. Avada is sold over 350,000 and they call themselves as the only theme you need for a complete website building experience.

Fair to say, Avada is extremely useful regardless the industry you are in. For starters, Avada offers:

  • check
    35 pre-made fully featured websites
  • check
    Most advanced yet easy to use option system
  • check
    Demo installer for all pre-made content
  • check
    Intuitive, fast and fun fusion builder
  • check
    Over 225+ pre-made web page designs
  • check
    Multiple premium plugins included
  • check
    Free value packed lifetime updates

With over 5 years of holding the helm as the #1 selling theme on Theme Forest, Avada is definitely a powerful OptimizePress alternative not to overlook. 

Avada Features

When it comes to website building, Avada offers multiple forms of customization that you can ever imagine. The best part?

You don't even need to use a single line of code to get the job done!

No wonder Avada is able to garner such a testimonial:

Avada Review

Personally, I've used Avada multiple times in many websites and it works like charm every time. Avada had proven to be one of the best OptimizePress alternatives of all time.

The Best OptimizePress Alternative — Summary

The above are the top 4 OptimizePress alternatives and it is seriously tough to decide on the best.

Nonetheless, I would recommend Thrive Architect if you are looking for a WordPress visual builder. Thrive Themes, X Theme and Avada are better suit if you are looking for a complete solution. 

I hope you like this article about OptimizePress alternative and tell me what you think!