Top 3 Extranet Landing Page Tools For 2019

Top 3 Intuitive Extranet Landing Page Builders For Website Owners

Do you know what is an extranet landing page?

There are several different meanings to an extranet landing page. One of the example is is yield management software where they have extranet landing pages for clients to login to.

Here are two examples.Agoda Extranet Landing Page Extranet Landing Page Extranet Landing Page Extranet Landing Page

Another extranet landing page is often used by eCommerce platforms and content management systems (CMS) to drive and convert traffic on the landing page.

In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page”, “static page” or a “lander”, or a “destination page”, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. Source Wikipedia.

Now, this leads to another question.

How do you create awesome (extranet) landing pages?

If coding is your cup of tea, then you should already be on your way to create multiple landing pages.

But what should you do if you have no idea how to create a high converting landing page?

The answer: You should use landing page builders.

What is a landing page builder?

What is a landing page builder

A landing page builder makes the process of creating a landing page much easier.

For bloggers, you don’t have to spend hours trying to craft high converting landing pages (thanks to the inbuilt landing page demos).

For website owners, you don’t have to hire expensive website developers to get the job done for you because there is a drag and drop builder feature (that requires no coding skills).

For freelance website developers, you can start a freelance business with minimum investment (and earns handsomely from it).

According to CrazyEgg, a good landing page builder software will help you create effective, easy landing pages to increase your conversions. It allows you to choose from templates that have already been tested and are effective in converting visitors with a variety of types of landing pages.

Which are the top 3 WordPress extranet landing page builders?

The below are the top 3 WordPress extranet landing page builders which I had used and truly recommend.

Let’s dive in right now.

1. Thrive Architect

Yes, the introduction of Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 does make a significant change in the way the native WordPress editor works.

However, the functionality is still far from what offered by top landing page builders in the market.

What makes Thrive Architect an excellent extranet landing page builder?

  • Super smooth drag and drop WordPress builder
  • 271+ landing page templates and demo ready for import
  • Pre-built conversion elements
  • Ultra-flexible column layout options
  • Hover effects and other stunning visual effects
  • 24/7 support and affordability

Thrive Architect Responsive Editing

Thrive Architect is a simple but highly effective solution when it comes to creating high converting landing pages (using the landing page templates available).

With its low learning curve, Thrive Architect had proven to be an excellent choice for bloggers, website owners and even web developers to craft extranet landing pages.

2. Divi Builder

Divi Builder Plugin

Divi Builder is another awesome landing page builder that you should be using, especially when you want to wow your website visitors.

Most extranet landing pages are boring but with Divi Builder, you can literally bring the page to life.

Here are some advantages using Divi Builder:

  • Endless layout possibilities
  • Easily integrated with any WordPress theme
  • 46+ content modules to create your perfect landing page
  • Customize anything under one dashboard
  • Live chat support
  • One affordable pricing structure

Divi Builder Visual Composer for WordPress

Take a look at the GIF above. This is how fluid Divi Builder is and why it is one of the best landing page builders for website owners.

For me, Divi Builder is an excellent choice especially when you are constantly working with clients who require customized pages and web designs.

The drag and drop features certainly makes it extremely easy to use and to navigate, thus saving a lot of time.

3. LeadPages

leadpages extranet landing page

Last but not least, LeadPages is a must when it comes to create landing pages.

What makes LeadPages different from Divi Builder and Thrive Architect is that is an extranet landing page builder that doesn’t sit on the website backend system.

LeadPages doesn’t only work with WordPress, but with a wide range of different Content Management System (CMS) which is one of the best selling points for it.

Here’s a list of advantages using LeadPages:

  • Publish unlimited landing pages
  • Ability to drive traffic and capture unlimited leads
  • Connect with a wide range of third party tools and apps
  • Easily experiment and test
  • Easy-to-read analytics dashboard to understand the data collected
  • Over150+ free templates that are ready to use (1-click import)
  • No coding or programming skill required

Try LeadPages Extranet Landing Page Builder Tool

If you are looking for a good extranet landing page builder, LeadPages is definitely the only one with massive track records to go with.

I used (and still using) LeadPages and seriously, I have no problem recommending this to anyone who is serious in building beautiful extranet landing pages in minutes.

Still looking for extranet landing page tools?

As a recap, Thrive Architect, Divi Builder and LeadPages are all great tools that you can use to start building unique extranet landing page.

I recommend you to check out each and everyone of them to fully understand what they can offer and how they fit into your strategy/needs.

I’m curious on what you have in mind and therefore, leave your comments below!

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