Top WordPress Landing Page Plugins

Which Is The Top WordPress Landing Page Plugins?

Do you know that top affiliate marketers make money through blogging using landing pages?

For most affiliate and online marketers, the usage of landing page means tons of coding works, high construction cost and time consumption.

Here’s what you need to know.

Having a good landing page will help you convert more one time visitors into paying customers.

In this article, I’m going to disclose two of the best WordPress landing page plugins money can buy (and that you should be using today).

What is a landing page?

According to Unbounce, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they have clicked on a Google AdWords ad or similar.

For online marketers (such as affiliate marketers), landing page allows you to build funnels to drive safe and conversion.

What are WordPress landing page plugins?

Building a great landing page requires a lot of coding; HTML and CSS to say the very least.

A WordPress landing page plugin allows you to create landing pages, often using drag and drop, and without using a single line of code.

Therefore, if you want to build landing page on WordPress fast, use a landing page builder plugin!


Thrive Architect — Popular WordPress Landing Page Plugin


If you are looking for the best WordPress landing page plugin, you don’t have to look far.

I’ve been using Thrive Architect for over 3 years and those days, it was called Thrive Content Builder.

Two of the biggest advantage of using Thrive Architect are the speed (it’s really easy and fast to construct content use Thrive Architect) and your content is preserved if you ever decide to remove Thrive Architect from your site.

Thrive Architect has been a game changer especially for the WordPress landing page builder plugin.

The launch of it made other drag and drop tools look bad and obsolete.

Take a look at the GIF below. That’s how easy to use Thrive Architect.

What are the advantages and disadvantages using Thrive Architect?

Advantages #1: Speed

Unlike other WordPress landing page plugins, Thrive Architect allows you to create landing pages fast and without hassle.

Advantages #2: Intuitive

Thrive Architect is an intuitive drag and drop website builder for WordPress. This plugin is extremely fluid to use and doesn’t impact your website loading speed.

Advantages #3: Affordability

When it comes to pricing, nothing beats Thrive Architect. At only $67, it comes with a full year support and unlimited usage for a single WordPress website.

Advantages #4: Ready-made templates
If you are a fan of ready-made templates, Thrive Architect is definitely the best choice for you. With over 700 different templates to choose from, you are guaranteed to be spoilt with choices.
Disadvantages #1: Overwhelming
Thrive Architest is one of those WordPress page builder plugins that comes with many features. Therefore, it can be overwhelming at first to many.

The Most Value-For-Money Landing Page Plugin?

If you are looking for a WordPress landing page builder that worth the money, you don’t have to look any further. Thrive Architect is affordable, powerful and comes with many elements to help you construct the perfect landing pages … without a single line of code.

Get Thrive Architect now

Divi Builder — Excellent WordPress Landing Page Builder Plugin for Developers


If you are looking for a WordPress landing page builder that kick-ass, this is it!

Divi Builder is a great option and it is one of the most powerful builder plugins in the market.

What makes Divi Builder such a popular option among website developers?

Unique design + intuitive website builder = Winner.

This is what I mean …

As you can see, Divi Builder allows users like you and me to craft, design and launch any landing pages without any coding.

You can easily tweak anything on the page through the intuitive drag and drop builder feature.

Advantages #1: Enomous elements
Divi Builder comes with over 600 elements to choose from. This means that you can construct your ideal landing pages in just minutes, instead of hours using super confusing codes.

Advantages #2: Ready-made templates

Divi Builder comes with a wide range of templates for you to choose from. To be exact, there are over 500 different templates where you can easily 1-click import or download to your website.

Advantages #3: Fast

Divi Builder plugin is not only fast and easy to use, but it also loads fast. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about website loading speed.

Disadvantages #1: Price
Unlike other WordPress builders, Divi Builder is packaged under one price (under Elegant Themes). At $89 per year, you have access not only Divi Builder but unlimited access to everything Elegant Themes can offer (wait, isn’t this a good thing?).

Disadvantages #2: Overwhelming

There’re many things you can do with Divi Builder and therefore, it can be extremely overwhelming for beginners. On the bright side, there’s a nice knowledge base and support team if you need any help.

The Best WordPress Landing Page Builder Plugin?

Divi Builder is the best for you … if you are looking for a plugin that does all the landing page building work for you. With its intuitive drag and drop builder, Divi Builder is definitely a no-brainer for online marketers.

Get Divi Builder now

Which is the best WordPress landing page builder plugin?

The answer is highly dependant on your profession.

If you are a website developer, I would recommend Divi Builder for only $89 per year (or $287 one-time payment), you get unlimited access to everything Elegant Themes can offer.

If you are a blogger, online marketer or affiliate marketer, Thrive Architect ($67 per year) is a much better option due to the pricing structure.

Which WordPress landing page plugins do you use? Leave a comment below!

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