BlueHost Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting (WP Pro) Review

Which Is The Right BlueHost Web Hosting Plan For Me?

BlueHost is a well known web hosting company that hosts millions of websites every single day. Just like other web hosting companies, BlueHost offers a wide range of web hosting plans.

Here’s a list of BlueHost web hosting plans that it offers:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • WP Pro
  • eCommerce hosting

As you can see, there really many BlueHost hosting plans that you can choose from — and it can be really complicated (trust me when I say this).

Two of the most common web hosting plans is Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

Let’s dive into both of these, and I sincerely hope that this information is going to help you make the ultimate decision.

What is BlueHost shared hosting plans?

BlueHost Shared Web Hosting

BlueHost shared hosting is the most common and popular web hosting service. It is an excellent choice for bloggers, website owners and business owners who don’t require much from a web hosting company.

In other words, the BlueHost shared hosting plan is best for small websites (or for those who is looking for cheap web hosting services.

With web hosting pricing that starts at $2.97 per month, BlueHost shared hosting plan is definitely a deal not to be missed!

What is included in the BlueHost shared hosting plan?

BlueHost Shared Hosting Malaysia

As you can see, there are four common shared hosting plan with different features and prices. 

Basic is the cheapest shared hosting plan at only $2.97 per month with limited features. There are also Plus, Choice Plus and Pro which all serves different features and come with unique pricing structures.

Is BlueHost shared hosting right for me?

BlueHost shared hosting is a great option for those who don’t require a lot server resources and have a low traffic website. This package is best for new websites as it is highly affordable with low monthly commitment.

What is BlueHost WordPress hosting?

BlueHost Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are looking for managed WordPress hosting, BlueHost WordPres hosting is definitely one option to consider. Currently, BlueHost managed WordPress hosting is known as BlueHost WP Pro (you can read more about it here).

The pricing for WordPress Pro by BlueHost starts at $19.95 per month and there are several other options that you can choose from. Here’s the pricing structure for WP Pro.

What is included in the BlueHost WP Pro plan?

BlueHost Managed WordPress Hostign Features

As you can see above, WP Pro web hosting plans are hevaily based on fully-managed WordPress hosting. Both the Build and Grow plans are excellent for non eCommerce websites and Scale plan is best fitted for eCommerce on WordPress.

Is BlueHost WP Pro right for me?

WP Pro isn’t for everyone. It is best suited for website owners who want a peace of mind, top notch security and excellent server performance 24 hours a day. If you are having more than 300 traffic in a day, you should definitely consider BlueHost WP Pro.

BlueHost Shared Hosting vs BlueHost Managed WordPress Hosting: Which is better?

As a summary, BlueHost shared hosting a good option for beginners and website owners with limited traffic. This web hosting service is very affordable and doesn’t cost much.

BlueHost managed hosting or WP Pro is a great alternative for website owners who want superior performance, bulletproof security and excellent customer support.