What Is BlueHost Spark (WordPress Hosting Support) And Why It Matters?

Setting Up A WordPress Used To Be Tough Is Now Much Easier

Launching a blog from scratch can be an extremely daunting task.

From getting a domain name, to finding the best hosting service and from preparing blog post ideas to crafting blog-worthy posts.

There’s just so much work — and so less time.

Have you ever wished to have an affordable (or free) blog expert helping you with all these?

I bet you do.

And lucky for you, there’s a new kid on the blog that helps you achieve just that!

WordPress Expert Help by Spark

BlueHost Spark Review

Spark is a cool and new feature by BlueHost (yes, that popular web hosting company).

This service is launched by BlueHost to help you jump start the entire WordPress installation process.

What is Spark by BlueHost?

It is the absolutely answer to “excellent customer service and support by BlueHost.”

Let’s face it.

If you search for BlueHost review, you will see dozens of negative reviews on BlueHost.

Now, take a deeper look into the reviews and comments. You will notice that the company gets many negative feedbacks years ago — and not now.

BlueHost Spark.

For all Bluehost customers looking to leverage the power and flexibility of WordPress but aren’t sure how to get started, Bluehost provides a free service that assists with getting started on the right track.

Blue Spark is designed to help each customer with getting familiar with both the Bluehost and WordPress dashboard, as well as help customers select the correct theme and plugins for their website needs. ​

You will work with trained WordPress experts to learn the basic elements of WordPress so that you can start building your ideal website quickly and correctly.

Now, BlueHost is all about excellent customer support and server performance.

Real BlueHost Reviews 2019

The truth is, BlueHost is much better now compared to years before.

And with the constant competition in the web hosting world, BlueHost offers Spark in conjunction with improved customer support and services.

What are the features included in BlueHost Spark?

Get started with WordPress

Skip the learning curve and get an efficient start to your WordPress experience, including dashboard walkthroughs, account setup, and more; a full-featured WordPress orientation.

Selecting an appropriate theme

Leverage the guidance of WordPress experts to ensure your site utilizes the best possible WordPress theme relative not only to your website’s purpose, but also your own style.

Installing the correct plugins

Our WordPress setup service even helps you avoid the hassle and uncertainty of plugin selection and installation. We’ll make sure you’ve got the best plugins for your website.

How to get BlueHost Spark?

After creating a Bluehost account (click here to get started), simply contact BlueHost 24/7 support team via (844) 741-1192 and ask to begin your Blue Spark call. 

All Bluehost support representatives have been trained on the best practices for getting started with WordPress, and will be able to assist with navigating the Bluehost and WordPress dashboards, as well as assist you with selecting the right themes and plugins for your WordPress website.


BlueHost Spark is a good service and effort created by BlueHost in order to generate better support for its customers.

As WordPress is one of the most popular platforms in the blogging world, there is no denial that this customer support or service will be a great addon especially for beginners.

Get started with BlueHost now.