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Promote your website and get free backlink

Promote your website and get free backlink


I am always finding ways to return a favor (or favors) to all my readers, followers and even subscribers. I wouldn’t have made it so far without you. Seriously.

I would have given up within the first one week but thankfully, you guys are here to help, guide and show me the way. I really appreciate that!

You might be asking me so what’s this all about, right? C’mon, I know you are eager to know!

All of you have either retweeted, shared and even liked my articles on social network. I even received some trackbacks too which is great. So, here I am today … offering you a platform where we can exchange social media profiles, spend some time connecting and following each other.

Yes! I mean it. I want to give you free backlinks!

So, feel free to promote yourself, website and even social profiles. All you have to do are the below:

  • Your website or article you would like to share (just one)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook profile or page
  • Google+ profile or page

So, what’s the catch?

In order for you to get a DoFollow backlink, you just got to Tweet, Like or +1 this post. Once you have added me, I’ll add you back and let’s start sharing!

If you have yet to follow me, this are a few ways which you can connect to me:

Twitter: @Reginald_Chan

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Google+ page: Blogging Moments

Triberr: Blogging Moments

RSS feed: Reginald Chan

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How to format your comment to promote your website?

I want to make it as easy as possible and thus, you can follow this :) Of course, feel free to leave out any that isn’t relavant!


Personalized comment:





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Connect with me and promote your website

What are you waiting for? Start joining me right now!


Have you followed me on ANY of the social networks? Hit the reply button now and remember to share it! That’s the only way to get a DoFollow backlink.

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Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

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Reginald started blogging in 2005 and it soon went from just a hobby to a serious occupation. He specializes in content writing, marketing, social media and SEO. He also tweaks WordPress during his free time. Reginald is also offering paid services and if you need any help, feel free to contact him and check out the services he is offering or check out his latest project on social media marketing,
Reginald Chan
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  • GizmoGeodog

    I’ve tweeted and shared today and am following you on FB, twitter and G+ now…see your posts daily in Triberr

    Blog: Terrier Torrent
    Twitter: @GizmoGeodog

    • Reginald

      Hey Gizmo!

      Thanks for dropping by. Add you in Twitter, FB and G+ :)



  • Ganesh Narayan Gupta

    First of all thank you bro for this opportunity :)

    ==) My Blog is : Tech Blog Cloud.
    ==) Follow me on
    ==) Like My
    ==) Follow me on

    • Reginald

      Hi Ganesh,

      No worries. Done following back on Facebook, Twitter and G+.


  • Adrian Jock

    That’s nice, thank you Reginald :) So… here’s what I would like to share:

    18 Reasons Why I Won’t Share Your Content Via JustRetweet

    Any reader who is willing to understand my reasons shared via that blog post… will become a better blogger and social media marketer. I really hope it helps your readers.

    And here are some of my social media profiles:


    • Reginald

      Hi Adrian,

      I’m nice? Nah, just giving back what you all deserved :)

      Followed you as well on all three social medias as well!

      Talk to you soon.


  • Yura Bryant

    I appreciate the opportunity to share my blog and social media links. Nice to link up with my fellow bloggers.

    • Reginald

      Hey Yura,

      Welcome! Thanks for commenting. Let’s get connect!


  • Sumanth

    Hey Reginald Nice Idea and Useful too.
    G+ :

  • Darrell Cherry


    What a great way to give back! Here is what I’m sharing today:

    Recent post:
    Twitter: @yurlifebetter
    FB: Nope, not a fan!

    Thanks again!

    • Reginald

      Hi Darrell,

      Nice share! Thanks for dropping by.

      *p/s Not a FB fan? 😉


  • Aashish Sahni

    i’v added you on twitter, fb and also signed up for your mailing list :)

    My blog :

    Stay konnected :)

    • Reginald

      Hi Aashiish,

      Thanks for dropping by! Yes, let’s stay connected!


  • Ash / Madlemmings

    Hi Reginald, Nice of you to open up your blog like this
    Already hooked up on Twitter.
    I also blog about web, tech, social media, blogging etc..

    My Blog and social media details are as follows
    Twitter: (@madlemmingz)

    I have limited myself to these social media forums for the moment.

    Will tweet this after and presume you then change the links to dofollow?

    thanks again

    • Reginald

      Hi Ashley!

      Thanks for coming over mate!

      The share is actually for you to gain extra 1 DoFollow. Anything that is in the comment will do DoFollow.

      Glad to connect to you and can’t wait to see more of your work. You been great and thanks again for everything!


  • Vikram Pandit

    Hey that’s a great step towards website promotion! I’ve tweeted this post, followed you on Facebook, G+ and Twitter!

    My blog:

    Hope you follow back and remain connected! :)

    • Reginald

      Hello Vikram,

      Thanks for your comment :)

      Added you back as well and checked out your website. Looks good mate!

      Keep it up and thanks for dropping by.


  • Ankit

    My Blog is :
    ==) Twitter Followed
    ==) Like My Facebook page.

    • Reginald

      Hi Ankit,

      Welcome to the club :) Enjoy yourself here.


  • Adesanmi Adedotun

    This is really simple but worth cents as a reward from my end. Thumb up.

    My blog adetechblog
    Google + :

    • Reginald

      Hi Adesanmi,

      Thanks for dropping by. Adding you shortly then!

      Take care mate.

  • Sriram

    Hey Reginald,
    How are you? Thanks for the opportunity.
    Twitter: @revealingstuffs




    RSS feeds:

    • Reginald

      Hi Sriram,

      I’m good mate! Busy day indeed. How about yours?

      Thanks for dropping by mate!

  • Rajan

    Thanks for letting us promote our networks. Followed and shared yours too. My social profiles are
    1. Blog –
    2. Twitter –
    3. FB Page –
    4. Pinterest –
    5. Google plus –

    • Reginald

      Hi Rajan,

      Glad that you dropped by! Connected with you on social media and do check out my blog from time to time.

      Also, there’s a contest running right now and don’t forget to signup for the free newsletter too!

      Have a great weekend mate.

  • Abhijit Mahida

    Hey Reginald ,Just want to tell you that your site is awesome and your efforts are paying well.I have followed,liked and have done everything else.Expect the same from you.


    Twitter: @GeekLaboratory



    Thanks for this Awesome Idea.

    • Reginald

      Hey Abhijit,

      Thank you :) Glad you dropped by!

      Added you already and thanks for everything mate.

  • Amal Rafeeq from BloggerDoc

    Hi Reginald,
    I see you got a catchy and brilliant plan there. Helping each other to grow is a great promotional strategy for sure.

    BloggerDoc @ Facebook
    Me at Google+
    Web Experts @ Triberr
    And my lovely blog.


    • Reginald

      Hey Amal,

      No worries! Glad you joined the ‘clan’ :)

  • Abid Omar

    I”m a regular reader of your blog and I’ve tweeted and shared on my social medias and i’m already followed you on Facebook, twitter and Google+.

    Blog: ABCD Blogging :
    Twitter: @IamAbidOmar

    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Abid,

      Thanks for your kind words. Connected with you already :)

  • Muba Mi

    I am impressed by your way of helping people with multiple options. This is I think a proof you know how to become industry influencer by helping others and serving their needs both free and on fee. Please do add as I already followed you and you group apart from frequently sharing your posts on my group Be A Money Blogger on Facebook to let my community take benefit of your blogging guidance.

    • Reginald Chan Xin Yon

      Hi Muba,

      Thank you. I feel being a blogger, it is all about giving back and outreaching.

      So why not help others out right?

      Thanks for sharing mate. Definitely will follow yours soon too!

  • yogesh
    • Reginald Chan

      No worries!

  • Mrs. Mashed Up

    Hello friend! I love this idea! I shared on Pintrest and Twitter. :-) You know I follow you on every social media platform we are both on. I hope all is well!





    • Reginald Chan

      Hey! Glad you dropped by. A honor to connect (seriously)!

      Have a great week!