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Promote your website and get free backlink
Promote your website and get free backlink


I am always finding ways to return a favor (or favors) to all my readers, followers and even subscribers. I wouldn’t have made it so far without you. Seriously.

I would have given up within the first one week but thankfully, you guys are here to help, guide and show me the way. I really appreciate that!

You might be asking me so what’s this all about, right? C’mon, I know you are eager to know!

All of you have either retweeted, shared and even liked my articles on social network. I even received some trackbacks too which is great. So, here I am today … offering you a platform where we can exchange social media profiles, spend some time connecting and following each other.

Yes! I mean it. I want to give you free backlinks!

So, feel free to promote yourself, website and even social profiles. All you have to do are the below:

  • Your website or article you would like to share (just one)
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So, what’s the catch?

In order for you to get a DoFollow backlink, you just got to Tweet, Like or +1 this post. Once you have added me, I’ll add you back and let’s start sharing!

If you have yet to follow me, this are a few ways which you can connect to me:

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How to format your comment to promote your website?

I want to make it as easy as possible and thus, you can follow this 🙂 Of course, feel free to leave out any that isn’t relavant!


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Connect with me and promote your website
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