Why I Choose Elementor For WordPress (And You Should Too)

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Elementor is one of the best WordPress builder tools in the market. Want to know if Elementor is right for you? Here's why I choose Elementor for WordPress.
Honest Elementor Review

Choosing A WordPress Visual Editor

Are you using a WordPress visual editor? In this post, I'm going to share with you why I use Elementor for all my client's website (even this website) and why I recommend you to get Elementor.

But before that, here's a little story line about me.

My entire entrepreneurship journey circles around WordPress, WordPress and even more WordPress. I manage several blogs and my clients websites. Gutenberg editor is good, but I find it not intuitive enough for me to build WordPress blog, landing pages and overall WordPress design quickly enough. Therefore, choosing a WordPress visual editor is an important step for me to ensure my website development project turns out well and correctly.

Developer's Choice: Elementor

Elementor is a powerful WordPress theme builder that allows you to create beautiful WordPress themes without coding skills.

When it comes to website development, the ability to churn out websites fast and effective is crucial for success. Sure, you have seen me talking about Oxygen Builder and how much I love it. Personally, Oxygen is much more a good fit for new website and not when you are trying to migrate an existing website to Oxygen.

On the other hand, Elementor is a much fluid WordPress editor that doesn't suck. It is easy to use and makes website development way much easier.

Carry on reading below to learn more about Elementor (and maybe, you might even start loving Elementor too)!

Introduction To Elementor Builder

What Elementor Theme Builder

Until date, Elementor is the only FREE WordPress builder that is really powerful. This free WordPress builder plugin has over 1 million active downloads. 

What makes Elementor so powerful and in demand is simply because it's basic version (free version) is pretty much complete for you to run the entire website development without requiring to purchase the Pro version.

Added with the various Elementor addons available in the WordPress repository, the customization that you can do is close to unlimited.

Here are some of the best advantages using Elementor today.

What Are The Advantages Using Elementor?

I used dozens of WordPress drag and drop builders in the past (since 2004), including big names such as Thrive Architect and Divi Builder. But Elementor is different.

Building a website design especially without coding skills is freaking challenging. Plus, making a blog post less boring is like an uphill challenge.

If you are designing a homepage or a website design, Elementor comes with ready-made and beautiful elements that you can use to further enrich the page. Take a look at my homepage which is created using Elementor.

If you are designing a blog post, Elementor comes with different elements that you can use to turn a boring post into an interesting one. You can even use Elementor to style the blog post to make it stand out from the crowd.

These are some of the elements in the free Elementor builder plugin:

Elementor Elements

Elementor Compatibility

As a WordPress website owner, one of the most annoying thing that can happen after installing a plugin or theme is your website goes into error.

When this happens, it points pretty close to compatibility issue between a new theme or plugin you had installed.

Here's the good news.

Elementor is compatible with the majority of the themes and plugins in the market. This means that the chances for you to encounter issues using Elementor is pretty close to none.

Elementor allows me to design beautiful and high converting websites WITHOUT having any coding knowledge and zero worries about any compatibility issue with other themes and plugins.

Elementor Free Vs Elementor Pro

I get this question all the time (I even ponder on this question long enough).

Elementor is a freemium WordPress builder. But, do I really need Elementor Pro?

Mind you, there are many free Elementor addons in the market that you can download and install for free.

So, what about Elementor Pro?

I got myself Elementor Pro because:

  • Count less on 3rd party tools (sticking to original)
  • Affordable pricing (costs only $49 per year, per website)
  • 50+ pro widgets
  • 300+ pro templates

As a freelance website developer, speed is all about being efficient. Elementor allows me to design a website from scratch quickly.

Instead of messing around with CSS and HTML (I really, really hate that), I use Elementor Pro widget to help me design quickly and beautifully without any coding skills.

At the same time, Elementor comes with Theme Style. With just a few clicks of the button, I can change the entire website style with Elementor (instead of going into each page to do the changes).

In order for you to use Elementor Theme Style, head over to Elementor > Settings > Enable checkboxes for Disable Default Colors and Disable Default Fonts > Click on the hamburger setting in Elementor visual builder > Select Theme Style. 

How To Use Elementor Theme Style

Crowd's Favorite: Elementor

Elementor is popular, and it is one of the best WordPress builder tools that you should be using in 2020.

If you are serious in building beautiful WordPress websites, I recommend you to use Elementor today.

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

A meticulous entrepreneur by nature, Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

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Why I Choose Elementor For WordPress (And You Should Too)