How To Get Shit Done While Working At Home?

Freelancers, are you having trouble trying to be productive when working at home? Here are some tips to get shit done while working at home!
How To Get Shit Done When Working At Home

How To Get Work Done While Working At Home?

Most of us are expecting even more government lockdowns and border closures in the coming weeks—if we are unable to contain the Covid-19 spread. For freelancers like us, the feeling of lockdown isn’t really impacting us, since we are used to be working from home all the time. 

But regardless how prepared we are, we cannot control the environment and it is common for us to feel vulnerable, worried and above everything, not productive.

What you will find next are some of the best tricks I use to get shit done while working from home.

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Keep a set schedule and find time for breaks

The most important part about getting things done while working from home is having a schedule. A schedule can be many things (depending on your liking and preferences).

For me, my schedule is divided into morning, afternoon and night routines—each one ‘set’ consists of working, networking, taking breaks, moving around, working out and spending time with my wife and two kids.

Build A Schedule When Working At Home

Working from home means I am always accessible to my laptop, thus my homepage is Google Keep. It is free to use, easy to navigate and plainly simple to get all my tasks done on time.

I also know many other bloggers who use Evernote and Trello for their daily to-do list (which work well too).

Keep your furry friends busy

For you who have pet(s) at home, you know exactly what I mean!

They need our attention and it is important to spend some time with them daily too.

Having them is good for companion but they can be a huge distraction.

When I write, I need to be in absolute quiet mode. A little noise will sway away my idea and mood—affecting the quality of my writing.

Take care of yourself and be mindful of your mental health

I used to work 5 hours in a row without any breaks in the middle and I noticed that I am less productive that way. The right way is to take a break once every 2 or 3 hours of work.

Working from home can be a little quiet because it is always you and the laptop. Therefore, use the breaks in between to communicate with your housemates, spouse, kids or even do a simple Facebook/YouTube live!

Mingling around after hard work will bring you back to track and feeling lively.

Every night, I spend a full hour reading to get new ideas and to relax my mind. Click here to get some of the best books (that I personally love) on Amazon.

Strictly No Social Media During Work

Social media is one of the biggest distractions for me. When I work, I turn off or close any possible connections with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.).

When I exclude social media in my work, I noticed that I’m more focused on my work and I am able to concentrate better too (no distraction from the notifications).

Avoid Social Media When Working From Home

Typically, I use the old-school way where I turn off my phone or close any browser related to social media.

You may also use these tools to help you to get more work done when working from home:

Clarity And Persistent

If you want to earn money online and work from home, you need to have both clarity and persistence. 

Wait, what does this means?

Remember the part about having a schedule?

Clarity means that you know exactly what needed to be done for the day (which you had outlined them in the to-do list).

Persistent means that there will be many distractions that will sway you away from completing the job at home.

Clarity And Persistent

If you want to get shit done while working at home, you need to make sure that you complete all the tasks given in a single day without bringing them forward to the next day.

Make no mistake.

It is okay to bring forward some tasks to the next day if you are feeling unwell (for example), but having too many of these will train your mind that “it is okay NOT to complete the work on time”.

Get Help To Get Job Done

Most freelancers who work from home will feel that they are alone fighting the never-ending battle.

What they didn’t know is that help is always just one step away. 

Help comes in many forms and for me, help means getting the right motivation to keep moving forward even when the odds are against me.

Getting Help

For me, I use a mixture of videos and books to keep myself motivated throughout the day.

Here are some of the best videos and books you should be watching and reading today:

Summary: How To Get More Things Done While Working From Home?

Let me remind you that there will always be challenges and distractions when you decide to work from home (especially with the Covid-19 world issue).

There are many productivity hacks that you can practise, including the above ones to ensure that you are working at your level best.

With this, I hope that you are taking care of yourself from the deadly virus (Covid-19) and at the same time, making enough money to sustain!

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

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