How To Work From Home During Movement Control Order (MCO)?

How To Work From Home During Movement Control Order (MCO)?

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Working from home during movement control order? Here's how you stay productive during MCO Malaysia and how to get more tasks done at home.
How To Work From Home During Movement Control Order Malaysia

What Is Movement Control Order?

MCO was launched in Malaysia on 18th March 2020 to contain and manage the Covid-19 spread in the country. Businesses are required to close down temporarily until further notice by the government.

The move was not a bad one—as it is necessarily required to contain the virus spread. However, it has lead to unemployment, retrenchment and termination from the day job across various industries.

How To Work From Home During Movement Control Order

Working From Home During MCO

Half or more of the population in Malaysia started using Zoom, Skype and other tools to work from home or to connect to their workplace remotely. While this is a good thing, there are still many downsides from working from home during MCO, namely:

Carry on reading to learn how to work from home during MCO.

1. Planning

The first step is to plan. Plan your work and things that needed to be done for that one particular day.

The better your planning is, the more work you can get done within a short time period.

Some tolls that I use: ClickUp and Trello.

2. Discipline

Once you have set the goals, you need to ensure that the goals are accomplished. Discipline is key for success when working from home during MCO.

Have a strong mindset on what that has to be done and why you need to get them done in a timely manner.

3. Early Riser

Another powerful tip I can share is to wake up earlier than usual. For starters, my kid wakes up at 7.30 in the morning and I know I need to accompany them when they are awake.

So, I make sure that I wake up earlier (4.30 or 5 in the morning) to get jobs done.

Waking up early means you will be tired around evening. Taking a short nap (around 30 minutes to an hour) helps to replenish your energy.

4. Night Owl

If early rising is not your cup of tea (or coffee), then sleeping late at night will help with productivity.

No, it is not staying up late at night to watch videos but to work!

I find it extremely calm to work anywhere between 12 midnight to 3 in the morning.

5. Leverage Online Tools

There are many online tools that will help you accomplish tasks faster and more efficient.

For me, scheduling tools help me to plan my day while having a dairy helps me to put on my thinking cap.

Plus, automation tools such as email and sales funnels help me generate leads on automation for my online business.

6. Stay Healthy

One of the most important factors to stay motivated when working from home is to stay healthy. When you have a healthy mind, you will be able to perform better.

You can go from workout to yoga and to meditation. Choose one or more that fits your style.

Here are some of the best programs and apps that I personally use:

You can't have to go with all like mine, just choose one and slowly move forward from there.

Always remember that a healthy mind will make you more productive!

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

A meticulous entrepreneur by nature, Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

Grow With Confidence

How To Make Money Coding From Home: How I Made $5K My First Year Learning to Code

Learn How To Make Money Coding From Home

Many people think they have to take years to learn everything before they can seek employment. That belief is understandable, especially when you see businesses requesting 3-5 years of experience or more in their job advertisements.

The truth is, you can start earning money today while developing your coding skills with zero experience.

By now, I'm sure that you have read dozen and dozen of 'make money coding from home' material telling you to go onto Fiverr and complete 20 jobs at $5 a gig to make $100.

The math makes sense, but no one has time for that!

Time is previous — and this guide will show you how you can do 1 job charging a fixed priced up to $5k.

So how can you start coding your way to $5K?

How To Make Money As A Coder

One word.


According to the largest independent workforce survey, commissioned by Upwork and Freelancers Union, “The freelance workforce grew from 53 million in 2014 to 55 million in 2016 and currently represents 35% of the U.S. workforce.” With the evolution of technology, it is becoming even easier to start and find freelancing work.

What will your life be if you are able to earn extra income daily, weekly or monthly?

And if the above sounds too good to be true, don't worry — it's darn true.

I made my first $200 building a website for a client without any coding skills. If I can do it, so do you!

The only thing that you need to make money coding from home or anywhere in the world is a computer, an Internet connection, and this blog post.

Don''t make money coding from home without reading this.

This post is written for people who want to earn more now, gain experience today, and live the life they desire as a freelance developer.

I will highlight 3 strategies to help you get the ball rolling. You will learn the exact type of projects you can work on, how to find clients, and what to charge for your services. No college degree or professional experience is required to get started.

I’ve compiled all my strategies and even more practical examples into an easy-to-reference training guide you can download and follow when you begin freelancing.

Your First Mission: Earning Your First $100

If you are serious in making money coding from home, you would need to learn the basics for HTML and CSS (and maybe some PHP).

By learning these three, you will have the minimum web development skills necessary to start making money.

Let’s begin with the first milestone and challenge of earning $100.

The types of projects that are worth charging $100 for include:

  • Creating a website for a friend or family member
  • Updating a local business website
  • Creating WordPress Themes
  • Debugging and correcting code
  • Quality Assurance testing

In addition to finding work via word-of-mouth, you can also find work on Upwork or Freelancer, the world's largest online workplace where businesses and professional freelancers connect and collaborate remotely.

Alternatively, you can sell your own themes on Theme Forest, the #1 marketplace for website templates.

Real life examples (to tell you it means business)

With at least 60 purchases of their themes, these authors have earned $6,000+ over time.

Your Second Mission: Earning Your First $500

While working on your side projects, you have also continued developing your web development skills.

Using your new superpowers, let’s begin with the second milestone of earning $500.

Here are the types of projects that are worth charging $500 that include:

  • Build a website with multiple pages

  • Redesigning a website

  • Transitioning a simple website to the WordPress platform

  • Integrating services and APIs into websites

Sure, you can opt for a lower rate than $500 (like $200 or $300 if you have limited experience). 

Ultimately, it is all about you convincing your potential clients on your worth.

Real life examples (to tell you it means business)

I live in Malaysia and having a client from the United States would means that I can charge lower for my coding fees (since the exchange rate is high).

This is the same strategy used by other coders and web developers in other countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippines.

How much to charge a client for web development?

To answer this, you need to ask yourself how much is your worth per hour or per project and to be exact, how much are you willing to be paid for your hard work.

On average, I would say it should range from USD$250 per project or RM 1,000 per project due to the time taken.

Your Third Mission: Earning Your First $1,000

The journey to making your first $1,000 is not an easy task. Really.

But fret not!

By now, you should be taking up more complex work and you’re building your portfolio with real-world projects – all while sharpening your web development skills! 

Now it’s time to enter into the big league of freelance developers.

Let’s begin with the third milestone and challenge of earning $1,000.

The types of projects that are worth charging $1,000 for include:

  • Transitioning a large site to a WordPress platform (website migration services)

  • Adding interaction to an existing site

  • Building a site with multiple pages

  • Developing an interactive site from scratch

  • Designing premium WordPress Themes

How to score yourself a project that worth over $1,000?

With the current business and industry, you should only be targeting organizations and eCommerce businesses ... and the reason is obvious.

Business today is going online — and your ability to code and perform nifty changes to a website could play an important role in helping you to make money from coding.

More importantly, many website developers make money from coding and working from home because the overhead is very low.

Conclusion: How To Make Money Coding From Home

Regardless the level of coding knowledge you have there are many ways you can make money coding from home.

And with today's technology, you can start searching for web development projects without coding skills — thanks to visual builder tools like Thrive Architect and Divi.

Coding and web development are two powerful ways to make money from home. More importantly, there are many stages that you can start coding from (from entry level to advanced level).

What do you think about make money coding from home? Leave a comment below and tell me more about it!

Top 16 Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Recently, I had published quite a decent number of freelancing opportunities and one of the most common questions I get is "What is the best data entry job for side income?"

I get it ...

There are many other forms of freelancing jobs to make money with Google but most of these require some level of commitment.

Which of course, leads us to these questions:

So, here's the deal.

In this post, you will discover the top 15 online (and genuine) data entry jobs without investment.

1. Captcha Entry Jobs

Captcha entry is the hottest and top online data entry job for you if you are not looking for a job that takes up hours of your time.

The earning from online captcha entry jobs is relatively lower than most data entry jobs in the market ...

But the tasks are extremely simple and anyone can apply to work on this based on freelance basis.

How captcha entry job works?

Basically, you will be given a software where you have to login with your username & password & then type the Captcha images. You are given 'scores' based on how success level for solving the captcha.

How much money can you earn from this data entry job?

Good question and you are going to be surprised.

If you devote several hours a day for this online data entry job, you are bound to earn as much as $500 per month.

Disadvantages of captcha entry jobs?

It can be really tiring and exhausting as you need to strain your eyes to solve the captchas.

2. Copy And Paste Jobs

Do you know that copy and pasting is one of the most popular online data entry jobs in the market?

Copy and pasting jobs is another cool freelance job that will earn you some decent money every month without investment.

This data entry job involves copying text materials from a Words or Excel file and pasting into another software.

If you are good with computers and shortkeys, this is an excellent online job for you.

3. Micro Jobs

What are micro jobs?

According to The Balance Careers, a micro job is, as the word implies, a very small paid task. A better word for micro jobs might actually be "gigs" because the word "jobs" might imply employment, and no micro jobs are for employees but only for independent contractors.

Micro jobs are best for you if you are not looking for long term commitments.

Generally, most micro jobs are easy and don't take a long time to complete them.

Plus, there are dozens of free micro job sites that allow you to sign up for free and earn a minimum of $200 a month working on very simple tasks.

4. Survey Forms

Do you know that filling up survey forms is one of the most genuine online data entry jobs in the marketplace today?

As we all know, surveys are used by companies to gather valuable feedback on particular product, service or brainstorming for ideas. 

If you are looking for a safe and genuine data entry job, participating in online surveys is one of the best choices for you.

5. Basic Typing Jobs

How fast can you type under a minute with zero mistake?

My speed is around 72 words per minute and this is because I write a lot.

Do you know that typing jobs is a very basic but super popular data entry job?

You don’t require any special skill other than typing speed of 40+ words per minute. In short, this data entry job requires you to produce fast writing speed with high accuracy.

As your earnings is based heavily on how fast and accurate you can type, this is a great online data entry job if you are fast (in typing).

6. Form Filling

Image credit:

As a disclaimer, I am surprised to discover that form filling is a very popular online data entry jobs for many homemakers.

Yes, form filling (literally filling up forms) is geared towards females and mainly in Europe and United States.

Basically, you are required to fill simple forms with the given information (which you can either be provided with or not at all).

Form filling is a recommend data entry opportunity for females and I highly recommend you to avoid using your real contact details when filling up the forms (to avoid being spammed massively).

7. Image To Text

Are you looking for a high paying data entry online job?

If the answer is "yes", converting image to text is one of the most tedious but lucrative data entry jobs.

You are given an image file containing text materials and you are required to write them down on a separate file (example Words file).

Note: If you are serious in making money online with this data entry work, I recommend you to invest into OCR software such as this one.

8. Medical Transcription Jobs

This is an online data entry job that is not everyone's cup of tea.

For starters, medical transcription jobs require you to be on a phone and write things down on what you had listen.

You are also required to have above average listening skills and write down as much information as you can when you listen.

Also, having medical knowledge is a good advantage — in which I conclude that this is the best data entry jobs without investment for nurses and medical practitioners.

9. Formatting Jobs

This is a very decent and average paying online data entry job without investment. 

You are required to format documents and in most cases, this job is great for those who have a wide knowledge in work documents, indentation, alignments and filling works.

For an experienced formatting part-time clerk, you can earn a minimum of $250 per month.

10. Content Writing Jobs

By far, this is my favorite data entry online jobs without investment.

Instead of keying in data into Words or Excel sheets, you are required to write articles and submit them to the publishers.

Having strong knowledge in search engine optimization, blogging, WordPress and online marketing are important advantages to help you shine in this industry.

11. Catalog Data Entry Operator Jobs

A catalog data entry operator focuses in creating an inventory list in an Excel spreadsheet.

Planning and experience are vitals as an inventory has many products with different segmentation (serial number, product names etc..

Apart from being a tedious task, this is one of the most common and sought-after data entry jobs without startup fees.

12. Proofreading And Copywriting Jobs

Proofreading And CopyWriting Data Entry Jobs

This form of data entry does not involves entering data into spreadsheets or Words file.

Copywriting is very similar to content writing and proofreading is geared towards finding mistakes in a sentence.

Requirements for proofreaders and copywriters:

  • Strong command in language (knowing more languages is an advantage)

  • Take time to understand the topic

  • Ability to convert normal words into powerful ones to convert readers into buyers

13. Medical Coding Jobs

Are you looking for an online data entry job that has low competition?

Introducing medical coding jobs.

Medical coding is data entry work where you have to write codes of various products. These products are medicine of different kinds.

You have to be careful while entering those medical codes. You need some experience to take this job.

14. Payroll Data Entry Operator

This is a form of online data entry job (without investment) that constantly has strong demand. 

A payroll data entry operator is required to create a payroll list for various companies. You have to create a list of employee name, address, salary etc in Excel spreadsheet.

The job is very similar to the catalog data entry operator where you fill information about products in the inventory.

15. Email Processing Jobs

Looking for online data entry jobs that doesn't suck?

You should consider email processing jobs!

Email processing jobs are about processing emails. You have to read emails and find out what their content is about. You might be asked to process thousands of email in a day. ​

More importantly, this job could be very exciting for those who are extremely curious (in a good way).

16. Customized Data Entry Jobs

Last but not least, customized data entry jobs is a new entry of data entry job opportunity.

The work that you are required to do is rather huge as you could be asked to do anything a company requires.

The job is not specified and customized according to the needs of the company. You job could be anything; from being an administrator, clerk or as a finance assistant.

What are the best online data entry jobs without investments?

In today's world, there are many free online typing jobs without investment and registration fees. 

However, you have to be extremely stringent and careful as you should only be looking for genuine data entry jobs without investment (and not spammy or scammy ones).

Do you know an online data entry job that I had not mention above? Tell me in the comments below!

6 Freelance Business Ideas That You Can Work From Home Today

Make money. Freelance business. Work from home.

These are just the few things that are constantly lingering in our mind. As a freelancer, you are always finding for more freelance business you can work from home.

Well, we can't say no to those extra income, right?

In this post, you will discover some of the best freelance business you can start right now (with minimal or no cost at all).

1. Freelance writing

Do you like to write? If you like writing (and a taste for additional income), freelance writing is the best freelance business you can start right now.

You can sign up for freelance job portals such as this one, and getting started is easy — like dead simple and no investment cost.

You can easily earn at least $3 per article and scale all the way up to few thousands in just a few months.

Read: The complete guide to freelancing

2. Freelance graphic designer

Do you like Photoshop or editing images? If yes, this is a great freelance business you can start from home.

Again, it is very simple to get started and the cost of starting ip is literally zero.

With freelance graphic designing, you can easily earn at least $10 per image creation.

3. Freelance data entry

If you are fast with typing and keyboard stuffs, data entry is a great place to start your freelance business from home.

Freelance data entry are calculated based on number of hours you work and at the very least, the charges is around $5 per hour.

With zero cost of investment, consider freelance data entry to earn some extra income.

4. Freelance editor

If you have eyes of a predator, freelance editing could be an excellent fit for you.

Editing is what you will do on a daily basis and this is a very lucrative freelance work indeed!

From video to manuscript, you can earn at least $50 per project and cost of investment is zero.

5. Freelance proofreader

Freelance proofreader is very similar to freelance editor. You are required to proofread documents, content and many heavy content-based matters.

Usually, you can earn around $50 (or more) per project and just like the rest of the freelance business, there is no startup cost required.

6. Freelance marketer

Freelance marketer is easy to start and takes literally no cost for startup. When I first started my digital marketing agency for small businesses, I was skeptical on the success level. And little did I know, it is now a big consultancy agency in Malaysia that is striving very well!

You don't need a lot of money (or any money at all) to become a freelance marketer. You can work on the side while waiting to start your own enterprise.

Want to know how to start a digital marketing agency (minus the cost)?

Talk to me today and I'm happy to help!

Are you ready to get started with freelancing?

There is a lot of freelance business that you can work from home — pick one and try it out. Give it a few months before deciding if it is the right one for you.

Tell me what you think in the comments!

P.S. Photo credit: Edubirdie

16 Small Business Ideas for Men in 2020 (That You Can Start Right Now)

What are the best small business ideas for men in 2020?

Let me guess. You are in your mid 20's to 30's and you want to find a side hustle to generate more money.

Don't worry. I'm not here to judge and as a matter of fact, I totally believe that you NEED to run at least some small business on the side just to stay afloat.

​Here are some stats from USA Today before we dive into the top small business ideas for men.

  • ​The average American gross household income is $71,258​

  • ​The average American household with debt owes $132,529

  • ​The average personal savings rate in the U.S. is 5.5%

​Let me ask you something. Are these stats worrisome?

How do you expect to live better than an average person if you are NOT making enough money?

​Are you ready to make some serious progress in your side hustle project and make money?

Continue reading the below for some of the best small business ideas for men.

​Note from the editor

​The small business ideas that I am sharing in this article are designed to help you to get started with:

  • The shortest time available to launch
  • Least investment (or no investment at all)
  • Doesn't require more than two hours a day
  • Possibility of making at least $50 a day

​Small Business Ideas For Men Using The Internet

​The Internet is the powerhouse that can be very profitable for you in running a small business on the side.

Here are a list of small business ideas for men using the Internet (with the focus of making at least $50 a day).

Make money through blogging

small business ideas for men 2018

Blogging is a good small business idea for men (and women)

Blogging is one of the most overlooked method when it comes to small business ideas for men.

Here are some very serious misconception about blogging:

  • ​Females are much better at blogging

  • ​Females make more money through blogging

  • ​Men couldn't be good bloggers

​There are many men who I know, are great bloggers. More importantly, they make thousands of dollars from the Internet using blogging!

Need some name dropping to convince you further?

  • ​Neil Patel (co-founder of CrazyEgg)

  • ​Pat Flynn (founder of Smart Passive Income)

  • Larry Kim (former co-founder of Wishpond)

​These are the people that used the blogging platform to skyrocket their business (either on the side or their own business).

How to make money through blogging?

​Watch this video to understand why blogging is such a great small business ideas for men.

​Of course, this leads us to ​several important questions.

Where do I start? How can I start a blog?

Don't worry. I got you covered in the infographic below (you can also read this step by step guide on how to start a blog).

The best blogging tips for beginners

  • Start small and cheap (you don't need premium domain names, expensive hosting and expensive plugins to get started)

  • Find a specific topic and build an authority around the topic by discussing (and publishing) detailed information

  • Avoid any direct sales or selling heavily in the first 10 posts

Do you know that you can start a blog as low as $2.79 per month? Yes, that's inclusive of domain name and hosting!

>> Click here to take a look at this deal. <<

​Free Webinar

​Learn how a newbie female entrepreneur starting out with zero tech experience and no product launched her first funnel and changed lives of 1.3 million women (in less than 3 years)!

Dropshipping business idea

​You probably heard about dropshipping but you have no idea what it is all about.

The idea of dropshipping is really simple. Take a look at the image below by Oberlo.

Related read: Here's how I went from $0 to $100,000 thanks to dropshipping and ClickFunnels.

The whole idea is that you run an online store promoting a specific product - minus the inventory. Without inventory and stock, your risk factor in dropshipping is literally zero.

Once a sale is completed, the supplier will ship the product(s) over to the buyer and you will get a cut at the end.

Pretty cool, right?

​How to start dropshipping? There is only 5 simple steps as follow.


​Create an online store

​I recommend Shopify online store creator because this is the cheapest option for dropshipping. It offers everything you need to run an online store successfully and it is extremely beginner friendly. ​Get started here.


​Integrate with a dropshipping partner

​In other word, this is your product supplier who handles all the shipping and product images. Oberlo is the best in the market and it integrates perfectly well with Shopify. A huge advantage using Oberlo is that it is absolutely free to use. Create an account here.


​Finding the right products

​This is where the fun begins. The success of finding the right product on Oberlo is by understanding the demand. The easiest way is to choose products that you use on a daily basis (technological items, kids items etc.). There are thousands of products that you can find on Oberlo. Therefore, the sky is your only limit.


​Importing the products to Shopify

​Once you have selected the products on Oberlo, you can easily import them directly to Shopify in just a few clicks.

BONUS: Leverage Oberlo's bulk importer to import multiple products at once.


​Promote your online store

​This small business idea for men will not work if you are not putting effort into it. The starting up phrase is probably the hardest where you will need to constantly promote your online store. If you have the budget, I recommend you to run Facebook ads at least several times a month. Alternatively, you should share the store and products on social media platforms to gain visibility.

​The process of dropshipping business is fairly straightforward and simple. It does take a little time to grow this small business idea for men and you should be able to see the profit after a few months managing it.

Quick tips for eCommerce geeks

​Do you know that you can triple your eCommerce earning using sales funnels? Click the button to learn more!

Become A Respondent

Full time respondent makes at least $150 per hour, and that's really crazy.

A respondent’s job is quite similar to filling out survey forms, except that you have to do them in market research studies.

You will need a PayPal account for this task as well, since most of the sites that provide or hire respondents bill using PayPal.

How To Get Started With Completing Surveys (Using Respondent)?

The easiest way is to sign up for as it is the most legit survey site for beginners.

Next, fill up all your particulars and be as detail as possible.

From time to time, you may require to provide more details to be invited into some specific surveys.

Last week I received an invite to participate in a marketing research: $50 for 20 minutes of my time! Not bad as a creative way to make money by answering some questions!

- Small Business Ideas For Men -

Freelancing for quick income

​Freelancing can really be a great small business ideas for men if you know what you are doing.

Before you think that you doesn't know if freelancing is right for you or not sure what type of freelance services you can offer, allow me to throw you a question.

What is the ONE skill that you have right now?

​It can be proof-reading, writing, data entry, web designing, marketing, consultancy and many more. All of these are marketable in the freelance world.

​The concept of freelancing works because anyone can be a freelancer (zero investment) and business owners can save money when hiring freelancers.

​How to get ​started with freelancing?


​Create an account

​There are many freelance platforms that you can choose from and most of them are free to join. I recommend you to choose either Freelancer or UpWork as both of these sites have high and great reputation.


​Creating a professional portfolio

​Branding yourself professional is critical. Your portfolio doesn't need to be like 10 pages long, but it has to be detailed enough to convince potential customers to discuss the project with you.


​Bid for projects

​The last step is to bid for projects. There are several things you need to take into consideration. For example,the bidding pricing, number of bidders (overall), number of high value bidders (great in reviews) and entire project length will affect your bidding price. Therefore, try to outbid your competitors as much as you can to secure the project.

​Freelancing is a great small business idea for men and you can easily make $50 a day from freelancing as long as you constantly deliver and perform. 

Paid content delivery services

​This is bad-ass and make no mistake from this. If you are looking for a small business idea for men, consider using paid content delivery services.

The whole concept relates to delivering critical information to a segment of audience who are willing to pay for it. The information can be related to stock prices, crytocurrency news and other important information that will impact their success.

​You can easily start this small business idea by sharing information that you are extremely familiar about (and not many who knows it).

​Education and information are two important segments that people are willing to spend money on. You should leverage this by creating a paid content delivery that you send out a daily/weekly basis while charging a flat fee for it.

​Apart from having informative content, you should also use an affordable email marketing solution to ensure that emails are delivered at the right time without fail.

I recommend you to start with AWeber or ConvertKit as both are extremely good in their segments.

Online courses

Online courses relates very closely to the freelancing business idea. The majority of people are willing to pay a little price for information. This business idea for men is proven with the launched of online courses platforms such as Udemy, Teachable and Skillshare.

People had been spending thousands of dollars on education every year and make no mistake as you are never too old to learn something.

Imagine you are teaching an online course on Spanish language for $19. You are required to upload the content only once and the course will be available to everyone until you decide to take it down.

This is a one-time effort for recurring income.

​Do you want to share knowledge for money?

​Here's a free book (you just pay for handling and shipping) by Russell Brunson, where he teaches you how to become an expert in your field. Click to watch the video.

​6. Freelance business consultant

​Do you know that an average freelance business consultant earns an average of $800 from a business session?

If you are knowledgeable in business and marketing, there is a good chance that business consultancy can be one of the best small business ideas for men.

I even started up a digital marketing agency to help entrepreneurs and small business owners with marketing related matters.

What is it needed to start a freelance business consultancy?

  • ​Find a problem that is constantly faced by local businesses

  • ​Create a solution that solves the problem

  • ​Outreach to local business owners (or whoever your target audience is) and promote the services

How do you price your consultancy business?

I often go 25 to 50% of the full price of what established companies are during with my target area. Pricing your rates at least half of your competitors will give you a huge edge and is a great way to build your reputation. From there on, go with a 3 to 10% increase year on year for higher profit.

Video club business

​If you are a movie addict and collect movies, you can easily run a video club business right from your backyard.

The market for video club is very competitive but there are still an avalanche of clients that you can attract.

​The idea of a successful video club business is that you have got to have the latest collection of movies, so that you do not come across as stereotyped.

Become an Airbnb host

​Do you have a spare room to spare or property to rent? 

Well, most of us do - seriously. If you don't need the spare room or the extra space, you can easily put it for rent on Airbnb. At the very least, you can easily use the extra money for your rent or mortgage.

​Note from the editor

​Make sure you are in the state or country where it is legal to become an Airbnb host.

Cleaning business

​If you love to clean stuff, or like to see things spic and span, then you can look at   starting a cleaning business. 

​Putting the cleaning matter into context, everyone loves to have a clean place to stay and work. Having a cleaning business could easily be the best small business ideas for men.

Wait, men?!

Now, hear me out on this. You may run a cleaning business as an owner and don't have to be cleaner yourself! Or, you can be the middle person to arrange the cleaning services and get a cut from it.

Now, do you think that this is a simple way to start a project on the side?

Freelance graphic designer

​You can make a lot of money just by doing freelance graphic designer.

​While graphic designing is one of the most popular small business ideas for men, not everyone is successful being a graphic designer.

For starters, you need to have a passion for graphic. By combining passion with the right graphic creation tools, you can start your freelance graphic design company.

​Here are a list of tools for freelance graphic designer:

  • ​Adobe Photoshop

  • ​Canva

  • ​PicMonkey

  • Burst by Shopify

  • Unsplash

  • ​Gratisography

​On average a freelance graphic designer makes around $30 to $100 per project.

Not bad for a side gig, right?

Freelance content writer

Do you have flair in pen and writing? If yes, freelance content writing might be a great small business idea for you.

Content writing is simple and in most cases, it is one of the most lucrative side business you can do at home.

On average, freelance content writer earns anywhere between $10 to $500 per content (depends on experience and length of the content).

Data entry works

​No, data entry is not for women entirely. Data entry works can be a good fit for you if you ​are looking for a straightforward side hustle that doesn't take a lot of your time and has zero startup investment.

The best part about data entry is that you doesn't need any skills, literally. All you need is basic computer knowledge and decent typing skills.

​There are many companies hiring data entry workers and on average, you can earn around $10 to $50 per hour depending on the type of data entry work you are doing.

Translating business

If you are able to converse in more than one language, translating business is the perfect small business idea for you!

​The translating business can range from translating a document, content or even spoken language.

Translating business is another popular side business idea for men because the demand is extremely high.

​Did you know?

​There are 7,106 living languages in the world today. How many languages ​are you well versed in?

Web development

​​Most web developers will build incredibly valuable skills that are in extremely high demand especially in the digital age that we are living in now.

​If you have interest in web development, here are 45 places that you can learn ​coding for free.

But wait!

What if you just want to start a web development business from home and build passive income from it? Is that even possible?

​The answer is yes. It's possible for you to build a website without coding knowledge.

Here are three resources that you can start with.


​I ain't kidding when I said podcasting. Podcasting is the next big thing that is happening in the digital marketing world.

If you can create a regular audience for your podcast on a specific topic, this is a great way to get sponsors and fund this side business idea.

​Top podcasters such as John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire had proven that podcasting is an effective business idea. You can listen to his podcast here.

​Want to start podcasting? You only need ONE tool to start, which is a good mic. I recommend you to get this ​mic from Amazon (which I'm personally using it).

​Free Guide: ​The Best Podcast Equipment For Beginners (That Does Costs A Bomb)

​Summary: Small Business Ideas For Men

I'm sure that there are many other small business ideas for men that you can find on the Internet or think of. However, these are the top 16 business ideas that you can start today (like close to immediately) and doesn't cost you a whole lot of investment.