How To Make Money Coding From Home: How I Made $5K My First Year Learning to Code

Learn How To Make Money Coding From Home

Many people think they have to take years to learn everything before they can seek employment. That belief is understandable, especially when you see businesses requesting 3-5 years of experience or more in their job advertisements.

The truth is, you can start earning money today while developing your coding skills with zero experience.

By now, I’m sure that you have read dozen and dozen of ‘make money coding from home‘ material telling you to go onto Fiverr and complete 20 jobs at $5 a gig to make $100.

The math makes sense, but no one has time for that!

Time is previous — and this guide will show you how you can do 1 job charging a fixed priced up to $5k.

So how can you start coding your way to $5K?

How To Make Money As A Coder

One word.


According to the largest independent workforce survey, commissioned by Upwork and Freelancers Union, “The freelance workforce grew from 53 million in 2014 to 55 million in 2016 and currently represents 35% of the U.S. workforce.” With the evolution of technology, it is becoming even easier to start and find freelancing work.

What will your life be if you are able to earn extra income daily, weekly or monthly?

And if the above sounds too good to be true, don’t worry — it’s darn true.

I made my first $200 building a website for a client without any coding skills. If I can do it, so do you!

The only thing that you need to make money coding from home or anywhere in the world is a computer, an Internet connection, and this blog post.

Don”t make money coding from home without reading this.

This post is written for people who want to earn more now, gain experience today, and live the life they desire as a freelance developer.

I will highlight 3 strategies to help you get the ball rolling. You will learn the exact type of projects you can work on, how to find clients, and what to charge for your services. No college degree or professional experience is required to get started.I’ve compiled all my strategies and even more practical examples into an easy-to-reference training guide you can download and follow when you begin freelancing.

Your First Mission: Earning Your First $100

Make Money Coding from Home And Earn $100

If you are serious in making money coding from home, you would need to learn the basics for HTML and CSS (and maybe some PHP).

By learning these three, you will have the minimum web development skills necessary to start making money.

Let’s begin with the first milestone and challenge of earning $100.

The types of projects that are worth charging $100 for include:

  • Creating a website for a friend or family member
  • Updating a local business website
  • Creating WordPress Themes
  • Debugging and correcting code
  • Quality Assurance testing

In addition to finding work via word-of-mouth, you can also find work on Upwork or Freelancer, the world’s largest online workplace where businesses and professional freelancers connect and collaborate remotely.

Alternatively, you can sell your own themes on Theme Forest, the #1 marketplace for website templates.

Real life examples (to tell you it means business)

Make Money Coding on Theme Forest

With at least 60 purchases of their themes, these authors have earned $6,000+ over time.

Your Second Mission: Earning Your First $500

Make Money Coding from Home And Earn $500

While working on your side projects, you have also continued developing your web development skills.

Using your new superpowers, let’s begin with the second milestone of earning $500.

Here are the types of projects that are worth charging $500 that include:

  • Build a website with multiple pages
  • Redesigning a website
  • Transitioning a simple website to the WordPress platform
  • Integrating services and APIs into websites

Sure, you can opt for a lower rate than $500 (like $200 or $300 if you have limited experience). 

Ultimately, it is all about you convincing your potential clients on your worth.

Real life examples (to tell you it means business)

I live in Malaysia and having a client from the United States would means that I can charge lower for my coding fees (since the exchange rate is high).

This is the same strategy used by other coders and web developers in other countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippines.

How much to charge a client for web development?

To answer this, you need to ask yourself how much is your worth per hour or per project and to be exact, how much are you willing to be paid for your hard work.

On average, I would say it should range from USD$250 per project or RM 1,000 per project due to the time taken.

Your Third Mission: Earning Your First $1,000

Make Money Coding from Home And Earn $1000

The journey to making your first $1,000 is not an easy task. Really.

But fret not!

By now, you should be taking up more complex work and you’re building your portfolio with real-world projects – all while sharpening your web development skills! 

Now it’s time to enter into the big league of freelance developers.

Let’s begin with the third milestone and challenge of earning $1,000.

The types of projects that are worth charging $1,000 for include:

  • Transitioning a large site to a WordPress platform (website migration services)
  • Adding interaction to an existing site
  • Building a site with multiple pages
  • Developing an interactive site from scratch
  • Designing premium WordPress Themes

How to score yourself a project that worth over $1,000?

With the current business and industry, you should only be targeting organizations and eCommerce businesses … and the reason is obvious.

Business today is going online — and your ability to code and perform nifty changes to a website could play an important role in helping you to make money from coding.

More importantly, many website developers make money from coding and working from home because the overhead is very low.

Conclusion: How To Make Money Coding From Home

How To Make Money Coding From Home

Regardless the level of coding knowledge you have there are many ways you can make money coding from home.

And with today’s technology, you can start searching for web development projects without coding skills — thanks to visual builder tools like Thrive Architect and Divi.

Coding and web development are two powerful ways to make money from home. More importantly, there are many stages that you can start coding from (from entry level to advanced level).

What do you think about make money coding from home? Leave a comment below and tell me more about it!