How To Work From Home During Movement Control Order (MCO)?

Working from home during movement control order? Here's how you stay productive during MCO Malaysia and how to get more tasks done at home.
How To Work From Home During Movement Control Order Malaysia

What Is Movement Control Order?

MCO was launched in Malaysia on 18th March 2020 to contain and manage the Covid-19 spread in the country. Businesses are required to close down temporarily until further notice by the government.

The move was not a bad one—as it is necessarily required to contain the virus spread. However, it has lead to unemployment, retrenchment and termination from the day job across various industries.

How To Work From Home During Movement Control Order

Working From Home During MCO

Half or more of the population in Malaysia started using Zoom, Skype and other tools to work from home or to connect to their workplace remotely. While this is a good thing, there are still many downsides from working from home during MCO, namely:

Carry on reading to learn how to work from home during MCO.

1. Planning

The first step is to plan. Plan your work and things that needed to be done for that one particular day.

The better your planning is, the more work you can get done within a short time period.

Some tolls that I use: ClickUp and Trello.

2. Discipline

Once you have set the goals, you need to ensure that the goals are accomplished. Discipline is key for success when working from home during MCO.

Have a strong mindset on what that has to be done and why you need to get them done in a timely manner.

3. Early Riser

Another powerful tip I can share is to wake up earlier than usual. For starters, my kid wakes up at 7.30 in the morning and I know I need to accompany them when they are awake.

So, I make sure that I wake up earlier (4.30 or 5 in the morning) to get jobs done.

Waking up early means you will be tired around evening. Taking a short nap (around 30 minutes to an hour) helps to replenish your energy.

4. Night Owl

If early rising is not your cup of tea (or coffee), then sleeping late at night will help with productivity.

No, it is not staying up late at night to watch videos but to work!

I find it extremely calm to work anywhere between 12 midnight to 3 in the morning.

5. Leverage Online Tools

There are many online tools that will help you accomplish tasks faster and more efficient.

For me, scheduling tools help me to plan my day while having a dairy helps me to put on my thinking cap.

Plus, automation tools such as email and sales funnels help me generate leads on automation for my online business.

6. Stay Healthy

One of the most important factors to stay motivated when working from home is to stay healthy. When you have a healthy mind, you will be able to perform better.

You can go from workout to yoga and to meditation. Choose one or more that fits your style.

Here are some of the best programs and apps that I personally use:

You can’t have to go with all like mine, just choose one and slowly move forward from there.

Always remember that a healthy mind will make you more productive!

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