Remote Working Made Easy

Working remotely is becoming more popular, and in some cases, a requirement. This means that many companies are learning how to enable their staff to work from home – and produce almost identical results to office based working. 

The global work culture has shifted in recent years, and there are more online businesses and freelancers than ever before. What does this mean? 

There are now a plethora of services and tools to help us maximise our working hours and our output. 

Here are some ways that you can make your remote working life easier to manage. 

Systems & Software

If you manage a team, then this responsibility falls to you. While you might have access to a working laptop, high-speed internet and the files you need. It would be wrong to assume that everyone has the same access. When it comes to files and data, then a cheap VPS is the ideal solution. A collaborative and secure way to work in a team. Zoom or Google Meet are both great options for group meetings. Make sure you equip your team with the tools they need. 


Following on from the last point. Keeping in touch both in a group and on a one-to-one basis is essential. Much of how we communicate is by reading body language and tone of voice. We need to work harder on remote chats to get those across. You should have meetings scheduled once a week to keep everyone on track.

Goal Setting

Have clear weekly and monthly goals set so that everyone knows what they are doing. Collective goals mean that your team will all want to do their best to meet the targets and expectations. 


A remote team will usually consist of a range of people. Some will be morning people, others will be night owls. And while you won’t have too much control over their working hours, you can set expectations. You expect them to be around for group calls, checking in with emails and delivering their work on time. Be clear. 


If you are new to working from home or have had an online home business for a while, you still need structure. Routine is still essential. A considerable perk of working from home is the ability to work around other parts of your life, but some routine is necessary. Without that structure, you will find tasks take longer (Parkinson’s Law). You will not be able to give defined hand-in dates and may need to rush. Create a good routine as soon as possible. 


There is a temptation to burn the midnight oil, wake up very early and get started again. The enthusiasm is impressive, but you will burn out. It is essential to set yourself some rest breaks during your working hours too. Pomodoro timers will give you focused periods of working and designated breaks also. Use the breaks to hydrate and walk around. 

If you find that you get stuck on something, then use the opportunity to take a more extended break. 

There is a particular dedication and discipline that comes with working from your own home. Once you have the basics laid, running a home business, or managing your team from home is a rewarding experience.