How You Can Easily Make Logo Online With DesignEvo

Brand awareness is on the rise. A good-looking logo is often impressive. For example, the Apple logo is an apple that has been bitten. The Nike logo is presented in a swoosh. What if you need to make a good-looking and impressive logo? DesignEvo is a practical logo tool that allows you to design a good-looking logo without hiring a designer.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a logo design software developed by PearlMountain. This software allows everyone to handle logo design easily and get the best design experience.

DesignEvo's Key feature in briefly:

  • 10,000+ Logo templates are available for reference
  • More than one million searchable icons
  • Hundreds of file fonts and shapes to choose from
  • Powerful editing tools: crop, resize, rotate, layer management, copy, cancel/redo, etc.
  • Most Element in the template could be edited

To have a better user experience, you might need to register a DesignEvo account.

Register Account

DesignEvo account registration is straightforward, as long as you use your Facebook or Google account to log in. Even if the registration is completed, of course, you can also enter your email and password to register. After registration, you will be asked about your group identity and occupation and a confirmation will be sent. Register to the email address you filled in. After verification, press the "Free Design Logo" button to start your design.

And since you have registered the account, and click Make a Logo,  then you would be directed to the logo selecting page. So here, you can choose a template to customize. Also you can start from scratch.

Choose a template

Choose A Template With DesignEvo

Choose A Template With DesignEvo

Designing a logo from scratch is a headache for the average person, and DesignEvo provides intimately and categorizes more than 10,000 templates. Just select the template according to the theme you want to create and start designing your own logo.

The operation guideline

When entering the editing page, DesignEvo will jump out of the guide interface to guide the icons and fonts you can use and the location of the download button after the design is completed.

Add icon

Click the Icon tab on the left bar, and some popular search icons will be displayed. Click one of the sample: Circle circles to have many styles for you to choose. Tap and hold the desired icon and pull it to the right You can add icons in the editing window, and you can set the color of the icon, horizontal and vertical flip and transparency, and you can zoom in or out.

Choose font

Choose A Font With DesignEvo

Choose A Font With DesignEvo

How can a good-looking Logo get fewer fonts, DesignEvo has hundreds of fonts, including Classic and Art, to choose from, click the text on the left side to find the font you like, then select the text in the editing window Then press the font you like on the left.

Add shape

The operation of adding a shape is the same as adding an icon. Select the shape you want and add it. It is also a good choice to put a beautiful frame on it.

Choose background

If you think the set background is not good for your logo, then you can consider changing the background too.

Download your logo

After going through the above difficulties, the logo is finally designed. Finally, press the green download button on the upper right to download the file back, but the free version only provides 300 x 300 size and transparent background image files to download. If the pixel is bigger, you need to buy the paid version, and if you want to apply for a trademark or copyright, you should purchase the Plus plan.

To sum up

The advancement of technology makes people more and more convenient. In the past, designing a logo required spending money to ask an art designer to design. Now DesignEvo is really convenient. Go to the website and simply edit the logo to get. The free version is easy to use if you want to use it for yourself. However, if you have a large image output, it is better to buy a basic package to download a large-size image.

The logo represents the brand symbol of your personal or company identification. If you have a budget, please ask the graphic designer to design. If you don’t have too much budget, consider using DesignEvo.

Remote Working Made Easy

Working remotely is becoming more popular, and in some cases, a requirement. This means that many companies are learning how to enable their staff to work from home - and produce almost identical results to office based working. 

The global work culture has shifted in recent years, and there are more online businesses and freelancers than ever before. What does this mean? 

There are now a plethora of services and tools to help us maximise our working hours and our output. 

Here are some ways that you can make your remote working life easier to manage. 

Systems & Software

If you manage a team, then this responsibility falls to you. While you might have access to a working laptop, high-speed internet and the files you need. It would be wrong to assume that everyone has the same access. When it comes to files and data, then a cheap VPS is the ideal solution. A collaborative and secure way to work in a team. Zoom or Google Meet are both great options for group meetings. Make sure you equip your team with the tools they need. 


Following on from the last point. Keeping in touch both in a group and on a one-to-one basis is essential. Much of how we communicate is by reading body language and tone of voice. We need to work harder on remote chats to get those across. You should have meetings scheduled once a week to keep everyone on track.

Goal Setting

Have clear weekly and monthly goals set so that everyone knows what they are doing. Collective goals mean that your team will all want to do their best to meet the targets and expectations. 


A remote team will usually consist of a range of people. Some will be morning people, others will be night owls. And while you won't have too much control over their working hours, you can set expectations. You expect them to be around for group calls, checking in with emails and delivering their work on time. Be clear. 


If you are new to working from home or have had an online home business for a while, you still need structure. Routine is still essential. A considerable perk of working from home is the ability to work around other parts of your life, but some routine is necessary. Without that structure, you will find tasks take longer (Parkinson's Law). You will not be able to give defined hand-in dates and may need to rush. Create a good routine as soon as possible. 


There is a temptation to burn the midnight oil, wake up very early and get started again. The enthusiasm is impressive, but you will burn out. It is essential to set yourself some rest breaks during your working hours too. Pomodoro timers will give you focused periods of working and designated breaks also. Use the breaks to hydrate and walk around. 

If you find that you get stuck on something, then use the opportunity to take a more extended break. 

There is a particular dedication and discipline that comes with working from your own home. Once you have the basics laid, running a home business, or managing your team from home is a rewarding experience. 

10+ Best Sticker Mockup PSD Templates That Will Make You Go "WOW"

Best Sticker Mockups Free PSD Templates

10+ Best Sticker Mockup PSD Templates That Will Make You Go "WOW"

Stickers are excellent ways to showcase your design work while highlighting your brand. Since some years back, stickers are very useful mean of promotional tool for businesses around the world.

More importantly, stickers play a vital role especially for designers and entrepreneurs. Using sticker and label mockups, you can easily create designs, graphics and make printing much easier.

In this article, you will find the 10 best sticker mockup PSD templates that you can use ... absolutely FREE.

Free Sticker Mockup

Free Sticker Mockup

Free Sticker Mockup

Free Round Rectangle Sticker Mockup

Stickers Mockup Set

Stickers Mockup Set

Stickers Mockup Bundle

Sticker Mockup Bundle

Stickers Mockup Bundle

Sticker Logo Mock Bundle

Logo Sticker Mockup PSD

Logo Sticker Mockup Psd

Round Roll Sticker Mockup Set

Round Roll Stickers Mockup Set

Sticker Generator Mockup Set

Sticker Generator Mockup Set

Decals Sticker Mockup Set

Decals Stickers Mockup Set

Sticker Mockups Smart Art

Sticker Mockups Smart Art

Keyboard Sticker Mockup

Keyboard Sticker Mockup

Best Stickers Mockup PSD Templates

Do you have your favorite sticker mockups? I hope you find the sticker mockups PSD templates above useful for your online business!

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How To Convert A PDF File Into Word Format?

How To Convert A PDF File Into Word Format?

You might have seen people having problems while sharing a document from their computer to another device. They usually complain about the difference in the formatting, or the low quality of the content and even the size issue.

One of the biggest reasons for all these severe issues is the inappropriate document format. There are many formats that are being used by people for creating and managing documents.

Many people prefer various formats according to their needs, but there is one format that is considered as the best when it comes to sharing content from one device to another, which is PDF format. 

This format is considered as the most suitable format for transferring your documents from one device to another without affecting the quality and formatting for the content. Whether you have an android device or IOS, and you want to share it with any other device, this format is the best.

You don’t have to get worried about the consistency of the content after sharing, as this format assures you the unity of the formatting of your content. You can also include images, text, tables, and graphs in a single PDF file. But, there is a serious issue with this format, that you cannot edit your content in a PDF File easily.

You have to buy some expensive software or need some premium tools for editing a PDF document like

But, what if I have a PDF file with some errors? How can I make some changes to my PDF file?

These are the questions that might be coming into your mind right now. Well, the best approach to overcome this issue is to convert your PDF File into a WORD file. The word format allows you to make as many changes in your content as you desire without any hurdle. 

Simple ways to convert a PDF file into Word

Converting a PDF file into word format is a challenging task. There are different ways that can be used to turn your PDF file into a Word file, and you can adopt any of them according to your requirements. In the conventional method, you can type all the content of a PDF file into a Word file by yourself.

The other way is to install some massive size document converter on your device to turn your PDF into Word. However, both of these methods require a huge amount of time and effort from your side, and still, the chances of errors remain. But, you don’t need to get worried anymore, as you can use an efficient online PDF to Word converter without any such hassle quickly. 

You don’t need to install any software on your device or write all the content on your computer again by yourself anymore. You can turn your PDF file into Word file without typing a single word easily by using this fantastic online converting tool. You also don’t have to go through any robust methods for converting your file as you can perform this conversion by a few clicks on your device.

Once you upload your PDF file on this fantastic online PDF to word converter, this amazing tool process it and gives you the converted file only in a few seconds. There is also no need to make an account on any website to use this tremendous online PDF to Word tool. 

So, if you are worried about the conversion of your PDF files, then you don’t have to anymore, as this online PDF to Word converter is the best option you have at the moment. This online tool gives you the safest and high-quality conversion of your PDF file into Doc, without charging a single penny.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker for Students

Free Online Plagiarism Checker for Students

As a student, you need to focus on the quality of the content that you are submitting, and not only this, but you also need to make sure that the content that you are submitting with the higher-authorities is totally free and unique. The reason why you need to focus on your content not having plagiarism is that being accused of plagiarism is not what you will want in your academic life as this can simply damage your life, in the same manner, a stone damages a mirror. 

We want you guys to know that we have studied many cases of students who have suffered from the consequences of plagiarism and in light of these events and cases we would recommend you to always check your work religiously!

Students usually don't pay proper attention to the effects of plagiarism and majority of them think that if they have not committed plagiarism verbatim, then there is no need for them checking their work for duplication but let us enlighten you guys with a fact. Today you don't have to save yourself from only one kind of plagiarism.

That is deliberate one rather the more dangerous types of plagiarism are the ones who can eat you up without even knowing about them. We want you guys to know that accidental plagiarism which is the type of plagiarism which refers to the accidental matching of content and self-plagiarism that refers to you reusing your own content are more severe types of plagiarism that you need to save your ass from!

Consequences of having plagiarism in academic work!

We will start with the minor effects of plagiarism and then move towards the heavy ones; the basic effect of plagiarism is rather a personal one. A person who starts relying on plagiarism and duplication won't be able to research and learn in future as he would always be looking for shortcuts to finish his/her work!

Plagiarism can result in rejection of your assignment or your paper and in a situation like this, you have to simply write the work all over again with more accuracy. So waste of time and effort are also one of the effects of plagiarism!

Moving towards the hardcore effects of plagiarism you guys should know that if your content exceeds even 1% of allowed plagiarism, then you can easily get an F grade and have to repeat the course/subject. You can also be awarded negative marking, which can affect your overall results. In this way, you will waste all the money you have spent on the semester and not to mention that huge amount of time that would be wasted.

In extreme cases, we have seen students getting expelled from their institutes with an ill character certificate. You should know that once you are expelled from an institute because of plagiarism, you can never enrol yourself again in any institute and neither can you get a good job to fill out your daily needs.

In our opinion and after reading the consequences of plagiarism you will also agree that saving a few hours of hard work and facing years of consequences is not a profitable deal, so it is best that you use the tool that will help you save yourself and your work from the accusation of plagiarism!

Plagiarism check with smallseotools!

We all know about the good reputation of small seo tools on the web, and this is the very reason we want you guys to use this plagiarism checker, especially if you are a student! In your student life what you expect from a plagiarism checker tool is easy and unlimited use without paying any cost and this is what this tool is all about! It provides you with the most accurate results and that too, without any registrations and payments. We want you guys to know that as a student you don't have to worry about the working of the tool, just click on this link the interface of the tool is so much understandable that even if you have never used this tool, you will easily know how to check your content like a pro.

We will leave the working of the tool to you guys, but we will surely discuss some top features of the tool so that you can know how to consume the tool in the best possible way!

Features of the tool!

You can check an unlimited amount of documents with this plagiarism checker you just have to make sure that each search does not increase more than the 1000 word limit!

The tool can accept all formats of written content and also multiple languages.

The tool has an automatic rewriting feature which can be used by you to simply get rid of plagiarism if found any!

The tool will give you a complete percentage report that will tell you about the exact source of plagiarized content along with the percentage of it in the total content.

The tool can also check grammar along with plagiarism checks!

6 Ways To Stay Focused When Working From Home (You'll Be Surprised)

6 Ways To Stay Focused When Working From Home (You'll Be Surprised)

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How to stay focused when working from home? Here are some of the BEST tips to stay focused when working from home (and staying productive at the same time).
How To Stay Focused When Working From Home

Quick Tips To Stay Focused When Working From Home

With the constant growth of the gig economy and the current Covid-19 pandemic, people are working from home or remotely

But, there's a little problem.

Staying at home for a long period of time can be demotivating and making us feeling nostalgic. These will lead to lack of focused and the low productivity levels.

In this article, I'll share with you some of the best tips to stay focused while working from home.

Create A Work Schedule

The best way to stay focused is to create a work schedule. Working at home requires discipline and with a work schedule, you know exactly what needed to be done and when do to them.

Create A Schedule To Stay Focused While Working From Home

There are many tools that you can use to schedule your work. My favorite is ClickUp that allows me to create multiple schedules (either on recurring or one-off types) and setting reminders.

A work schedule helps you to stay focused when working from home and you don't have to create a super complicated one.

Time for Workout

Staying healthy helps to promote better focus when working from home. Staying at home for a long time will create a sense of nostalgic and working out helps you to reduce stress.

Workout From Home

Aside from that, you should also focus on doing light stretching every 1 hour of work to keep your focus during working from home.

If you need a workout plan at home, here's a good one to try out (free video included): Click here.

Time For Reading

Staying focused at home is all about having enough time for yourself. I find that reading helps me to keep my focus right and on top gear ... even when working at home (with all the stress that the kids around and other stuffs).

Reading Helps To Improve Focus When Working From Home

While there are many reading types, I tend to lean towards motivational and energy books.

Here are some books that you should read:

  • Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World (get it on Amazon)
  • You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life (get it on Amazon)
  • Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds (get it on Amazon)
  • The Mamba Mentality: How I Play (get it on Amazon)
  • How to Make Sh*t Happen: Make more money, get in better shape, create epic relationships and control your life! (get it on Amazon)

Improve Focus With Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditation helps. Yes, these are boring stuffs—but you will feel the focus level increase dramatically right after the first session.

Yoga And Meditation For More Focus At Home

While you can practise yoga and meditation at anytime of the day, my favorite time is still the early mornings and/or right before bed.

This gives me some level of calmness and I am able to be more focused throughout the day.

Here's a quick yoga challenge you can try from the comfort of your home!

Avoid Multitasking

If you want a better focused rate when working from home, you should avoid multitasking at all costs. Multitasking doesn't only slow you down, it reduces your ability to complete more tasks and produce better results.

Multitasking When Working At Home

Avoid multitasking and you will see an improved focus level when you are working from home.

Some of things that you never do when working from home:

  • Use social media when working
  • Distracted by television
  • Trying to complete two or more at the same time
  • Rush to complete a task
  • Having too many tasks in one day

Set Tiny Datelines

Last but not least, setting up tiny datelines can help you stay focused when working at home. 

Achieving tiny dateline gives you the needed psychological boost to continue solving more tasks. Take a look at thie video to learn more.

Want to stay focused when working from home?

I hope you find these tips useful in staying focused when working from home.

Do you have other tricks? Tell me in the comments below!

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

A meticulous entrepreneur by nature, Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

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