Click Funnel Testimonial: How I Went From $0 To $100,000 With Click Funnels

What is Click Funnels? Click Funnels is a lead generation software that helps you to build high converting sales funnels. This is my Click Funnels testimonial.
What Is Click Funnels And Click Funnels Testimonials

Lead Generation Problem For You And Me

Turning leads into paying customers is challenging for every Internet marketer. You spend money and effort to drive leads to your landing page only to see that the traffic falls off right before turning into hot paying customers. When this happens, you waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars on ads just to see the sales going downhill.

I’ve been through this as well and it suck. I wish there is a better word than this but there isn’t. I hate wasting the money go down the drain and feeling helplessly for now being to do anything about it.

I have seen colleagues, friends and peers spending even more money hoping to get the sales rolling in but every lead that comes through sales funnel will just fall off the chart. Well, something might be wrong!

If you are not able to generate enough sales within a certain period of time, you are going to lose your marketing budget (and some sanity). It wouldn’t take long before you run out of cash and have to scrap the entire marketing campaign.

Every challenge we face can be a turning point in our lives if we consider it as an opportunity — Unknown.

An Opportunity In Lead Generation

It was back in 2018 when I first realized that I had a problem with my funnel system. I was an inspiring Internet Marketer and doing decently well on a monthly basis.

I felt that I could solve all the problems … except for one.

I couldn’t convert ENOUGH people when they are in the sales funnel and I don’t understand why.

I went through the hours watching lead generation videos on YouTube and even got myself some courses on lead generation.

I believe I was fortunate to came across Russell Brunson’s video on the 1-funnel away challenge.

At that point, I was like … “Man, I don’t need this. I already have several funnels set up.”

But since it didn’t cost much and his Click Funnels software has a 14 days trial, I jumped in because there is nothing to lose. I could cancel on day 13 and I should be golden.

The Ah-ha Moment In Lead Generation

When I first logged in to Click Funnels, I was like “Wow, this is pretty easy to use.” Mind you, I was an early user for OptimizePress and prior to Click Funnels, OP was my go-to funnel builder.

It took me about an hour to run through the Click Funnels backend and creating my first funnel.

Now, here’s where the magic happen.

Click Funnels is setup with ready-made funnels—you know, funnels that you can copy and paste straight into your sales funnel. Since I had scripts for my sales funnels, I decided to do some tweaking and hit the start button on Click Funnels.

Click Funnels is NOT a traffic generation tool. You need to feed traffic to Click Funnels and watch the magic happens.

I loaded up $300 in Facebook Ads and fire up the ad and funnel sequence.

And then, BOOM!

It started with one sale (within the first hour).

And the second one.

Third one.

Little did I know, the ad was running around 12 hours and I hit 25 sales.

I had NEVER experienced such before and I decided to dive deep INTO the funnels I had copied and paste in Click Funnels.

Traffic Secrets

Learn how to fill your website with your dream customers

Click Funnels God's Features

Right off the bat, I noticed that Click Funnels has an upsell and downsell option—one that is not available in most funnel builders at that moment.

Having an upsell allows me to double/triple my sales value and downsell allows me to still get a small portion of profit (while slowly nurturing the buyers into buying higher value products at a later time).

The second part to Click Funnels’s success is the ability to analyze landing page by landing page and from one funnel stage to another.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is golden. Really.

With Click Funnels, I can clearly see where my readers are falling off—and do the needed adjustment to get them progress throughout the funnel.

Working on parts of the funnel allows me to make my advertising budget work harder for me. In other words, I have lesser falloffs during the funnel which translates to higher sales opportunity and revenue.

Last but not least, Click Funnels has truckloads (plural) of raving fans. If you think this doesn’t matter in lead generation, you are dearly wrong.

The Click Funnel Facebook Group is swarming with feeds and updates. At any point you need help with Click Funnels, publish a post and you will get real help from real customers.

There are two takeaways on this last feature:

  1. This product rocks (thus the raving fans)
  2. Support is always a click away

What Are Other People Saying About Click Funnels?

I felt this is an important part in this Click Funnels review write up. You probably have heard too much of my love for CF, so here is a glimpse of what others are saying.

Button Line: Click Funnels works with all businesses who want to sell online. It can be a low priced item such as a shaver or a high priced group coaching that costs over $10,000. Click Funnels works and the best way to experience Click Funnels is by trying out yourself. Here’s 14 days free trial for you to start with zero risk.

How Much Does Click Funnels Costs?

The latest Click Funnels pricing comes in two tiers (the third tier is on the way).

Click Funnels Basic, $99 per month.  This is the basic version to get you start generating sales through properly setup funnels—from an intuitive drag and drop builder to adding custom domains. The beauty of Click Funnels is the ability to perform payment on behalf of you. Instead of paying a hefty fee to third party payment providers such as PayPal, you can use Click Funnels inbuilt payment gateway.

Click Funnels Platinum, $297 per month. This is the pearl of Click Funnels and this plan offers the heaviest firepower. Apart from getting all the basic features in the Basic plan, this package allows you to enjoy/leverage some of the best features around including:

  • Unlimited funnels and pages
  • Team members
  • Additional payment gateways (extra 6)
  • Additional custom domains (extra 6)
  • Unlimited follow up funnels (easily Connect and reconnect with your audience, even after they leave your funnel)
  • Priority support
  • Weekly peer review hackathons
  • Additional premium training courses on funnel building

Click Funnels Platinum gives you the ability and flexibility to create unlimited offers and unlimited growth.

Click Funnels Special Offer

When I first came across Click Funnels, I thought it was just another lead generation software.

Man, I was wrong. This lead gen software had helped me close more sales than me and my team ever did. And I cannot be more thankful to Russel and his team for this.

The Click Funnel pricing is very straightforward but I want to be honest with you. Click Funnels might not be for you.

So, I recommend you to grab the free 14-days trial using Click Funnels and decide for yourself. Remember that a sales funnel is always effective when you are sending decent traffic to the funnel.

Read This If You Are Thinking Twice About Getting Click Funnels

I know you might doubt Click Funnels and how it can turn your business from down there to up in the pinnacle. I had the same concern too before falling in love with the software.

Here’s what I had learn and I hope these help you in the decision making:

  • Thinking a hundred times is not going to chance the fact that you probably need a new lead generation software
  • There is absolutely no risk because you get a full 14 days trial at no cost to you (none at all, nada)
  • There are many other lead generation software in the market, but none of them are offering a comprehensive solution like what Click Funnels are doing

So, the choice is yours. I recommend you to get started right now because if you don’t, your competitors might be!

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

A meticulous entrepreneur by nature and a serial entrepreneur. Founded a few awesome startups including Marketing Lancers and He is also the founder of Fatherhood Talks and leading columnist for some large publications.

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