OptinMonster vs Sumo: My Honest Comparison Using These lead Generation Software

Comparing OptinMonster vs Sumo, which is a better lead generation software for website owners?

If you are struggling to figure that out, you will find the answers here in this post. Plus, if you have no idea what is lead generation all about and why it is important, read this post by Marketo.

What makes this post different from the rest?

I’m a paid user for both OptinMonster and Sumo, and I use both of them for most of my websites and my client’s one too.

Let’s dive straight into OptinMonster vs Sumo review, shall we?

OptinMonster Lead Generation Software Review

optinmonster review

Side note: I really love OptinMonster’s single-eye mascot!

The single and biggest advantage using OptinMonster (latest OptinMonster review) is the all-in-one lead generation software/capability.

OptinMonster makes it easy for bloggers and online marketers to generate leads using easy-to-use lead generation tools.

The biggest differences between OptinMonster and other OptinMonster alternatives are the fact that you construct all your leads in and opt in forms externally — instead on your own site.

Should I use OptinMonster

While I agree that creating optin forms on WordPress blogs is easier (such as creating an opt in forms using Thrive Leads), it is going to impact your website performance in some way.

If you are using a shared web hosting service, you might experience a drop in website loading speed.

Therefore, all the form generation is done on the OptinMonster backend system instead.

Reginald Chooses OptinMonster

OptinMonster is extremely user-friendly and more importantly, it allows me to create multiple lead generation forms out of my WordPress sites. And why is this important?

It reduces my website load tremendously!

What are OptinMonster features:

  • Beautiful lead capture forms
  • Multiple optin form types
  • Availability of A/B testing
  • Exit Intent® technology
  • Page level targeting (show your opt in forms to the right visitors, every time)
  • Advanced traffic redirection
  • Detailed analytics and insights
  • OnSite Retargeting® and personalization (only lead generation software that offers this feature)

How to use OptinMonster to generate leads?

What made OptinMonster much better than Sumo (OptinMonster vs Sumo) is because OptinMonster is very easy to use.

To be more exact, it is not only easy to use but is feature rich!

Here are the three steps you need to build a beautiful optin form using OptinMonster.

Step 1: Create a visually stunning offer using OptinMonster

OptinMonster Visual Offer Opt In Form

You start by choosing a pre-built template designed for maximum conversions, or you can also start from scratch with a blank canvas.

Easily customize all the details with the OptinMonster easy to use drag-and-drop builder – no code needed.

Step 2: Target and personalize your offers with behavior automation

OptinMonster Retargeting for Higher Conversion Rate

OptinMonster powerful targeting and segmentation engine lets you show your perfect offer to the right people at the exact right time to maximize your website conversions.

Game Changer

OptinMonster’s ability to retarget website visitors and delivery super customized opt in forms makes it an absolutely game-changer in the lead generation industry.

Not only that OptinMonster works as a lead generation software, it is also an awesome software to reduce cart abandonment (eCommerce)!

Step 3: Test and adjust in real time

OptinMonster Split Testing Feature

Last but not least, you can easily test your ideas using OptinMonster. In a simple (but detailed) analytics dashboard, you’ll get all the data to improve your lead generation strategy.

Plus, the ability to easily split test all your ideas helps to increase the conversion rates.

Short OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster is a well-created lead generation software that doesn’t only helps you to create high converting opt in forms on the fly, it also helps you to increase your sales with powerful retargeting options and cart abandonment.

Take A Closer Look At OptinMonster

It is undeniable that OptinMonster is definitely a great option for website owners who are looking for a complete lead generation solution. Plus, OptinMonster is a great tool that integrates perfectly well with eCommerce sites to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment. Click on the button below to take a closer look at OptinMonster for free!

An eCommerce Optimization Tool: Sumo

Sumo Lead Generation Review

https://www.reginaldchan.net/recommends/optinmonster/ I used Sumo for quite a few websites and more importantly, I had been using Sumo since it was still in beta (known as SumoMe back then).

Today, Sumo had changed and now, it is one of the best OptinMonster alternatives that money can buy.

Just like OptinMonster, Sumo isn’t just a lead generation tool. It provides useful tools to help you turn visitors into eCommerce customers.

And if you are running an eCommerce store such as on Shopify, you are going to love Sumo (thanks to its simplicity).

If you want to use Sumo, there isn’t step 1, 2, 3 etc. All you need to do is to install a code snippet to your website and bam!

You are all set to create your first lead generation form.

Here’s how the backend looks like.

Sumo Backend System

Login to your Sumo account and this is what you will see.

Sumo Dashboard

One of the core advantages using Sumo is the integration with Google Analytics.

For the record, OptinMonster integrates with Google Analytics too but just focus on conversion rates.

Once you have integrated Google Analytics to Sumo, here’s the dashboard which you gives you a bird’s eye view of your website.

Sumo Analytics Dashboard

As you can see, Sumo is different compared to OptinMonster and the differences are obvious!

Now, let’s move on to lead generation.

There are 5 simple steps that you need to do before you are able to publish an optin form on Sumo.

Step 1: Click on Shortcuts

Grow Email List Using Sumo

This is what you will see. There’s nothing you should do except pressing ‘Get Started.’

Step 2: Build your form

Build Opt In Forms Using Sumo

On the right hand column, you can customize the forms to fit your needs.

Once that is done, you will need to configure your ‘thank you’ page.

Success Form

Step 3: Setup Sumo email autoresponder

Sumo Email Autoresponder

Here’s the beauty of using Sumo. It is integrated with an email automation system!

Of course, you can skip this step if you have your own email autoresponder such as AWeber.

Step 4: Setting up the opt in form

Sumo Popup Setting

You can tweak the frequency and display on the right column.

It is important to note that Sumo doesn’t come with many options compared to OptinMonster.

However, it is definitely a good basic to start with.

Step 5: Confirm and save

Sumo Email

Last but not least, this step is to finalize all the settings you had done and finally publishing the form.

Short Sumo Review

Sumo is a very effective lead generation tool for website owners.

While it doesn’t come with a wide range of features, Sumo is definitely a great choice due to simplicity.

At the end of the day, Sumo is able to perform the task (lead generation) and that matters the most.

Take A Closer Look At Sumo

If you are serious in starting to generate leads from your website and/or to reduce the cart abandonment on your eCommerce site, Sumo is definitely a great choice to start with. The biggest advantages of using Sumo are the ease of usage and the integrated email marketing solution.

OptinMonster vs Sumo: Which is better?

There is no denial that both OptinMonster and Sumo are great lead generation software.

However, which is the best or the better choice?

Choose OptinMonster if you are a website owner who is serious in turning website visitors into paying customers/subscribers. With the powerful retargeting, you can further customize your lead generation strategy to 10x the conversion rates.

Choose Sumo if you are more focused on eCommerce and don’t want to mess around with complicated setup. You understand that you are just looking for a simple lead generation tool to get started within the shortest time period.

What do you think when it comes to OptinMonster vs Sumo? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss further!

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