How To Choose The Best Page Builder WordPress

Page builder for WordPress helps you to create pages on WordPress with the shortest time available. The biggest upside about using a WordPress page builder is no coding skills required.

This is one of the reasons why page builders for WordPress are often very popular.

In today’s world, there are many page builders that you can choose from, at different prices and features. And I totally understand this — everyone wants to use the best page builder WordPress, right?

So, let’s have a quick discussion on what should the best page builder for WordPress has under its hood.

1. Features

The first and most crucial part in choosing the right page builder is the features. What are the features that they offer that benefit you?

I rather use a WordPress page builder that comes packing with features than hiring an expensive web developer for my websites.

What are the features you need to look for in a WordPress page builder?

2. Build for speed

Page builder plugins are often considerd heavy and bloated with codes that make your website loads super slow. When choosing a WordPress page builder, you certainly wouldn’t want to choose a plugin that will make your website loads over 3 seconds, to say the very least!

Speed is all about efficiency — build for speed is an important feature in any WordPress page builder plugin.

Google and other search engines also penalize websites that load slower than the current benchmark. So, don’t ever fall for this mistake.

3. Build for beginners

Everyone wish to have WordPress page builder that allows you to “click and edit” anything, in just a few seconds.

This means that it has to be super easy to use and it doesn’t require you to go through the manual/knowledge base just to understand how to use the plugin.

Everything on a page builder plugin must be ultra-flexible to ensure that beginners (and advanced users) can create powerful WordPress pages in just minutes and not days.

Note: The best page builder WordPress removes every obstacle between you and building the content that you want.

4. Landing page templates and demos

If you are planning to buy a page builder, make sure that it comes packing with tons of pre-made designs and demos which are ready to download. Most of the time, you wouldn’t want to spend time creating a lading page from scratch. Therefore, having ready-made templates is going to save you a lot of time and making your page building experience a great one.

Pro tip: The best page builder plugin will allows you to create sales pages that make you look like a copywriting pro.

5. Pre-build conversion elements

Ladies and gentlemen, this is important. You are not required to reinvent the wheel — You just need to follow what’s working.

And this is a critical element when you are choosing the best page builder WordPress for your site. Great landing page builder plugins like Thrive Architect and Divi allow you to import ready made conversion elements (which are proven effective by the way) into your page without you needing to lift a code.

What’s your favorite and best page builder WordPress plugin?

Personally, I love Thrive Architect because it is super flexible and definitely the best page builder plugin I have ever tried. Click here to read about Thrive Architect and why it is the best page builder plugin for me.

How about you?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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