Personal Development Goals 2018: How To Start And Where To Start?

Have you set personal development goals for 2018?

Today is the 8th day of the brand new year, 2018 and there’s no time to waste. You might be wondering how to start personal development goals for the year and you came to the right place.

It is important to have different types of goals in life, because the steps taken to achieve these goals automatically lead to one’s personal development.

In this post, I’m going to share some very simple tricks to get you started under an hour.

What Are Personal Development Goals?

creating personal development goals 2018

Personal development is often considered a lifelong process. It is a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential.

Personal development goals are targets that you want to achieve in a given time period. In this case, it will be in year 2018.

The Most Basic Criteria When Setting Goals

what are smart goals

S.M.A.R.T. is the only way to set effective goal. This means that goals set much be:

  • checkSpecific
  • checkMeasurable
  • checkAttainable
  • checkRelevant
  • checkTime-bound

Selecting the right goals with S.M.A.R.T. rules will ensure that you achieve positive personal development for 2018.

Choosing The Right Personal Development Goals

Choosing Personal Development Goals 2018

Before setting those personal development goals, you need to ask your several key questions.

For example, what do you want to achieve in 2018? What are the changes you want in your life in 2018? All of these are very important and will contribute to better personal development goals for yourself.

Here are some segments in life you can consider or focus when selecting personal development goals:

  • checkFulfilling aspirations
  • checkEnhancing the quality of life by being more spiritual/healthy
  • checkDefining your ethics as a human being, spouse, family member, or/and co-worker
  • checkBecoming the person you aspire to be
  • checkBuilding your own identity
  • checkDetermine your priorities
  • checkImproving your lifestyle
  • checkExpand your knowledge, potential and awareness
  • checkDeveloping new skills and strengths 
  • checkBuilding human capital

Regardless whatever your reasons are, those reasons must have significant impact in your life.

Examples Of Personal Development Goals

  • checkExercise daily without fail
  • checkPursue your childhood hobby
  • checkTake steps to concentrate on positive thoughts
  • checkPractice treating others good and think/hear no evil
  • checkStart a healthy diet
  • checkGetting serious with time management
  • checkRead more book
  • checkControl cynicism
  • checkBe punctual at work
  • checkNever snooze the alarm clock
  • checkControl your anger
  • checkBe supportive towards your spouse, family and colleagues
  • checkWork hard to communicate effectively
  • checkAppreciate others and thanking others
  • checkCreating strong financial strategies
  • checkDoing yoga to relief stress
  • checkOrganize your time
  • checkSetting targets for everything you do
  • checkFocus on one task at a time
  • checkFocus to be the best in everything you do
  • checkInvest in yourself to increase productivity and efficiency

Want To Copy My Personal Development Goals For 2018?

My personal development goals for 2018 involves financial, self-development and side hustle.

Here’s a list of what I did.

Improve Personal Development By Reading One Book A Week

reading helps personal development

Reading is the best way to improve your knowledge. Thanks to Amazon, you can purchase hardcover, eBook and even audio to achieve this goal. For me, I opt for eBook for bed time reading and audio when I commute to work.

My favorite books of all time:

Set Personal Development By Living Healthy

Living Healthy Personal Development Goals 2018

This part is always easier said than done. But here’s the thing – it felt good when you live healthy.

My living healthy personal development goal 2018 involves:

  • Avoid fast food at all cost
  • Eat healthy and watch the calories
  • No more supper
  • plus-circleExercising once a day, without fail
  • plus-circlePerform meditation once a day
  • plus-circleSetting priorities in the morning
  • plus-circleWatching one motivation YouTube video daily
  • plus-circleHelp someone (friends, colleagues, family members, neighbor, stranger etc.) without hoping for returns

Living healthy covers a huge spectrum and therefore, you can literally go nuts with this.

Do This When Setting Personal Development Goals 2018

Be bold. 

The sky is the limit and there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Your biggest enemy is not them – it is you.

Never underestimate your potential and 2018 is the year for you to make it right.

What are you waiting for? Start now!

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