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Host With Me is the latest product by Blogging University

Are you looking for cheap and unlimited hosting, plus excellent customer service for domain hosting? Or maybe, you are tired and looking for HostGator or GoDaddy alternatives?

Well, you definitely come to right right place!

Host With Me is a personal and business class hosting for bloggers and businesses. Yes, it is fully managed by me (if that’s what you are wondering).

And if you are apart of Blogging University, you’ll automatically enjoy an additional of 1 month free hosting.

So, what you are getting is a cheap hosting with top notch services. Period.

Let’s face it. You pay around $3 per month and expecting to the host to do their job; ensuring no downtime and optimum speed.

And most of the time, you get crappy web hosting services and you felt lost.

I’ve been though myself. Waiting hours for an email to reply or probably the first auto responder said the hosting support are working on the ticket and no news of it for the next 48 hours.

I been though myself and finally, I decided that it is time to move on. Allow me to explain what you’ll get; up front.

This is a reseller hosting. Yup, make no mistake.

But what makes Host With Me different … is probably everything you can think of.

Short intro: I came across a hosting company and after some lengthy discussion, we realized that we have the same goal; providing quality service and top notch services. A server is being setup according to my specific request and enough allocation to run dozens of high traffic websites at the same time.


What are the specifications?

cheap unlimited web hosting with cpanel

1. Server specifications

  • Dual Xeon L5520 2.26GHz (16 CPUs)
  • 72GB DDR3 RAM
  • SSD-Acceleration for MySQL

2. Network Information

Datacenter: QuadraNET (Los Angeles – West Coast US)

Network Carriers:

  • nLayer — Transit — 2 x 10Gbps
  • Tiscali — Transit — 2 x 10Gbps
  • PCCW/BTN — Transit — 1 x 10Gbps
  • ChinaUnicom — Transit — 1 x 10Gbps
  • Equinix Exchange — Peering — 1 x 10Gbps
  • Any2Exchange — Peering – 1 x 10Gbps
  • BBOI/ — Peering — 2 x 10Gbps
  • HiNet Taiwan — Peering — 1 x 10Gbps
  • TeliaSonera — Peering — 1x 10Gbps

3. Backup Features

Multiple points of backup (other providers only use either one of these usually):

  • First point to a Local HDD
  • Second point via R1Soft to a remote server

4. Exclusive features

  • SSL ready (Comodo PositiveSSL)


What will you get when you choose Host With Me?

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Personal cPanel for each client (security control)
  • Automatic daily backup (copies will be kept for 30 days before being discarded)
  • Top notch customer service and support
  • Softaculous enabled
  • All servers are SSL ready
  • Free migration (worth $100 per website)
  • Free plugin consultation (WordPress only & worth over $50)
  • Free professional SEO advises (worth over $300)

To ensure you are having the best value for your hosting, here are our limitations / restrictions:

  • We do not allow adult or gambling sites
  • Strictly no abuse the hosting


How much does Host With Me cost?

We try to make it as easy as possible for you. Therefore, you can choose monthly or yearly plan with us.

Of course, you will be getting much more discounts and savings when you pay the hosting services upfront.

Here are the hosting plans:

Blog hosting:

  • Yearly hosting plan (unlimited domains ~ up to 10 domains): $4.99 per month

Still not convinced?

Your past experiences taught you to be vary about these type of cheap web hosting with cPanel and you’re hesitant.

I get it and I’ve been in that position a zillion time now.

To be honest, my cost is way more than $5.99 per month. In fact, it is very much more expensive than what you think.

And why I do this? Because I was able to struck a deal with the hosting company to make ends meet for you. Seriously!

Therefore, you get the cheapest price while getting services like those premium hosting. I dare to guarantee you that.

So the deal is simple.  All you need to do is to contact me using the form below and I’ll give you a free month trial. And there’s no obligations.

You are free to stop at anytime during the trial but I’m sure you won’t.

Are you ready to start your free month with premium web hosting? Let’s get in touch.

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