5 Myths About WordPress Builder

WordPress builder helps you build WordPress websites fast, effective and without using a single line of code. The problem? There are too many negativity and myths about WordPress builder which lingers around the mind of bloggers like you.

I’ve been using WordPress builder longer than I can remember and I hope this article will provide some great insights of the WordPress builders and the myth surrounding them.

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1. All WordPress builder are slow

Years back, WordPress builders come with massive files and sizes. Thus, one of the most popular myths about WordPress builder is website loading speed.

In today’s world, most WordPress builders are lightweight and doesn’t affect website loading speed. As a matter of fact, they make your website even faster!

For example, Thrive Themes and Thrive Architect are build with speed in mind. Therefore, website powered by them will load fast. I use Thrive for this website and take a look at the loading speed (and judge yourself).

fast website loading speed

I got to admit that not all WordPress builders are built for speed. There are still some legacy versions which make your website takes forever to load. Therefore, be really choosy and picky when it comes to choosing a WordPress builder for your online project.


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2. WordPress builders are hard to use

If you hate using codes like I do, then you are going to love WordPress builders. With today’s technology, WordPress builders allow you to build websites without using a single line of code.

Thus, you are easily create the design from scratch without the messy codes. And all of these can be done within a few hours instead of hours!

Take a look at the all-time-favorite, Divi Theme below.

divi 3.0 drag and drop website builderdivi 3.0 reviewcheap drag and drop website builder 2018

WordPress builders are often build for beginners and I see no reason why WordPress builders are hard to use.

3. WordPress builders is complicated

Years back, I use OptimizePress and I got to agree fully that it is complicated to use. For starters, there isn’t any visual builder feature available and you are building a WordPress page in your imagination.

WordPress builders such as Thrive Architect allows you to do anything in real-time and visually. This means that changes are done immediately and what you see if what you get effect.

These are what I mean.

thrive architect font customizationthrive architect customize widththrive architect attention grabbing elementscustomize buttons using thrive architectthrive architect column layoutthrive architect hover effect

If you want to build a WordPress website fast and without all the mess, WordPress builder is definitely a great option to start with.

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4. WordPress builders are expensive

The truth is simple. WordPress builders are really affordable but how much do they really costs?

Let’s talk about premium and recommended WordPress builders, shall we?

  • Thrive Themes costs $19 per month (demo)
  • Divi costs $89 per year or $249 for lifetime access (demo)
  • Avada costs $60 for lifetime access (demo)
  • dollarX Theme costs $60 for lifetime access (demo)
  • dollarBeaver Builder costs $99 per year (demo)

Now, let me ask you something. Does the thought of getting a WordPress builder is highly affordable?

5. I’m not getting the right support when I use WordPress builders

I get it — you lack the coding knowledge and while using a WordPress builder is a good move, you are still worried on the support.

What happens if I encounter challenges when using the builder tool? Who can I look for and how do I resolve the challenges?

Lucky for you, most website builders such as Thrive Themes and Divi comes with 24/7 support team and support forum to answer all your questions.

Here’s an example of Thrive Themes support forum.

thrive support forum


As you can see, support is available 24/7 and at anytime when you need it. On average, the response time for both Thrive Themes and Divi support team is approximately 45 minutes per ticket (which is really impressive).

[Debunked] 5 myths of WordPress builders

As a WordPress user myself, I don’t see any problems using WordPress builders. As a matter of fact, using WordPress builders is a great way to speed up your website development (like creating a website from scratch) or simply create WordPress landing pages.

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