Free email marketing services — For example, MailChimp is one of the best free email marketing provider in the world which is used by bloggers and businesses.

We all know that 'free' services only go that far and when should you upgrade from free email service to paid ones?

When should you upgrade to paid email marketing?

I love trying out new tools and it is always fun. I also don't mind spending money if it can help my business grow to new heights.

Here are some signs that tells you that it is time to upgrade your email marketing solution.

1. Subscribers

When you have more than 500 email subscribers, you should start using paid email marketing.

Is 500 the magic number?

Probably. When you have 500 email subscribers, you should be something right and you should be getting sufficient traffic from email marketing (each time you send out a broadcast).

When you have at least 500 email subscribers, you should already be monetizing your email lists and that should generate you some income directly from email marketing.

2. Features

Email Marketing for Beginners

Free email marketing tools don't come with all the features (as much as paid ones do). Therefore, going for paid email marketing is a great option especially when you need advanced features.

For example, visual builders, automation, tagging etc. often come along with paid email marketing.

3. Affordability

When your blog starts making money (and when you are affordable), you should start upgrading your free email marketing service to paid email marketing service.

These additional features will help you grow your blogging business faster and more efficiently. Plus, don't forget that you will have close to no burden on your wallet as you are already making enough from your blog to pay for the email marketing service.

4. The type of business you are promoting

Type of Business

If you are an affiliate marketer, you will know that MailChimp doesn't allows users to send out affiliate marketing newsletters. Therefore, other MailChimp alternatives such as AWeber and GetResponse are better choices.

5. Taking email marketing further

Last but not least, you should be upgrading your email marketing if you are serious in making a living using a blog.

Email marketing should be used as a tool to help you generate more income and traffic directly to your blog, while reducing your dependability towards Google and social media.

Are you ready to take email marketing to new levels?

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