We’re all looking for ways to do better in business. Here are a few suggestions for you to think about today…


Introduce employee name badges

Monitoring the work and effectiveness of your employees is something often very difficult to do properly. After all, it is likely that you are exceedingly busy yourself, and therefore you are unlikely to be able to dedicate a massive amount of your time to assess those who work for you.

Moreover, for those who have large businesses, it is frankly impossible to keep an eye on everyone because there are so many people to consider.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that all of your employees should spend their time at your company without any evaluation. You need to be aware of how each member of your staff is performing in order to ensure they are effective in their position and that they are working hard for the money that they are being paid.

For busy business owners or those who own large companies, it is crucial that you think outside of the box and use several different methods of discovering how each of your employees are performing. One of the best ways you can do so is to get your customers to leave feedback regarding your employees.​

In general, a lot of customers tend to leave comments regarding the company as a whole. However, you can promote individual feedback through the use of individual professional name badges.

How is this done?

Well, there are several ways you can interpret this method in order to suit your business specifically. Nevertheless, this article will give a basic outline and then you can adapt this in order to suit yourself.

Professional name badges obviously reveal the name and the job position of the person you are dealing with when in a store or at certain business premises. You should encourage people to take note of the employee’s name and leave feedback regarding the experience they had with the person when shopping or utilizing a service at your company.

You can give out leaflets whenever a purchase has been made, you can send emails directing people to an online contact form, you can simply get people to fill out a small comments box – whichever method you think is most convenient and applicable to your business. This ensures that you receive feedback regarding each of your employees and therefore you can be made aware of any weak links.

In addition to this, you will find that through having professional name badges your employees are likely to work much harder. This is because they know that if they are rude or ineffective in their role that they can easily be reported.

All an individual needs to do is look at the name badge and make a mental note of the person’s name. They can then ring or email the company to complain. This would be a lot more difficult if employees did not wear name badges and therefore this means that badges actually enhance productivity levels. 

Make the most of the Zoho app suite

Zoho have developed a vast selection of apps for businesses. These apps are all centred on generating more customers, being more productive, getting more sales, and altogether making more money.

Read on to discover the top five Zoho apps for your company…

Zoho Creator – Build professional apps without any experience

There is no denying the fact that every business can benefit from an app in the current day. The trouble is that not everybody has the money to pay an expert to design and construct one for them. Well, with Zoho Creator you don’t have to. Anybody can build a professional app with this quick and easy to use creator. Most people like this app because it has a friendly drag and drop interface. In addition to this other great features include; scheduling tasks, data reports, and email notifications.

Zoho CRM – Close more deals with better customer relationship management

Every business wants to generate as much profit as possible and the Zoho CRM app is focused on this. It improves customer relationship management via a great selection of features and thus ensures more deals are complete. You can automate day-to-day tasks for greater efficiency, you can track your sales activity to identify trends and spot opportunities, and you can receive instant email notifications on your smartphone keeping you up to date whilst you are not at the business premises.

Zoho Mail – Secure, reliable and effective inbox 

Effective email management is central to all businesses nowadays and Zoho Mail allows you to have up to 20 accounts absolutely free of charge. Push mail, mobile optimised sites, and 2-way sync allow access on the go. It can also be integrated with iCloud, so you may want to change iCloud email to your professional one. Nonetheless one of the best features about Zoho Mail is the level of security and reliability provided. There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee due to the multiple layers of secure infrastructure implemented.

Zoho Docs – Simple yet successful online document manager

Organisation is another key component to corporate success. The Zoho Docs app is a must-have for any business. You can create and edit documents and then access them anywhere through a smartphone. The online workspaces are particularly popular as they allow team members to work together efficiently and effectively. The great thing about Zoho Docs is the fact that you can create tasks, assign certain employees, and they can update the task progress as they are working. And don’t forget, you will have access to spreadsheets and presentation options as well.

Zoho Invoice – Get paid quickly and easily 

Every business needs to get paid and the Zoho Invoice app ensures you get your money as quickly and easily as possible. You can send simple online invoices as well as automated payment reminders. You will also be able to accept online payments and gain critical insight into business performance that will have been generated by the assessment of your invoices. For instance, the app will tell you which of your products is selling the best. This allows you to make sure your business strategy is on point by highlighting strengths and weaknesses.