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Simple Website Builder: Which is the best?

​Simple Website Builder. According to Google, this three letter word is searched over a million times in a month. If you are reading this, you are one of those who are looking for simple website builder. Regardless if you are a freelance website developer or an experienced, full time web developer, this article is definitely worth reading (for you and your business) especially when you are looking to maximize your earnings.

Before we start, let's understand the term "simple website builder."

​What is considered a simple website builder?

​For me, a simple website builder must be beginner friendly. This is the single, most important factor which will affect my decision. After all, would you use a website builder which takes forever to learn (and master)?

Here are a few more criteria which must be in a simple website builder:

  • ​Super easy to use (a simple website builder must be really simple)
  • ​Low learning curve (or no learning required)
  • ​Has to be newbie/beginner friendly
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    Easily to install or deploy
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    ​Able to use right after installing
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    Doesn't create conflict with other WordPress themes and plugins

​Simple Website Builder #1 - Thrive Themes

is thrive themes worth it

​When it comes to simple website builder, Thrive Themes is definitely at the top of the chart.

Why Thrive Theme is a simple website builder?

  • ​Your ultimate marketing tool box (10 WordPress themes and 9 Thrive plugins)
  • ​​Standalone website builder (Thrive Architect) is great by its own
  • ​No hassle in buying and testing various WordPress plugins to build a website
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    ​Easy to install
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    ​Comes with over 200 ready-made templates ready to import directly into your WordPress website
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    ​Uninstalling Thrive Themes doesn't break the website (no other website builders can offer this feature at this moment)
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    ​​One time yearly payment or one time purchase for standalone plugin (with lifetime license)
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    Bonus: 24/7/365 support on forum and email

​The biggest advantage using Thrive Themes is the hassle free in usage. This means that you don't have to hunt high and low for the best plugins to build a website. 

​Here are some resources for you to learn more about Thrive Themes:

​You can also see Thrive Themes in action here (demo).

​Simple Website Builder #2 - Divi

Divi by Elegant Themes

​Divi by Elegant Themes is one of the most popular simple website builder for freelance developers.

Why is Divi such a popular choice?

  • ​Divi is a WordPress theme that comes with everything under one roof (no additional plugin installation required)
  • ​Low earning curve and constantly updated library allows easy website development
  • ​Integrated with all the marketing features (lead in boxes, call to action elements etc.)
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    ​Over 100 different elements you can choose from when building a website
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    ​Universal library allows freelance website developers to 1-click change everything on the website
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    ​Super easy payment plan (one time yearly payment for unlimited access or one time payment for lifetime support)
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    ​Bonus: Subscribing to Divi theme will also unlock all the themes and plugins offered by Elegant Themes (which is an awesome bonus)

​Here are some resources to help you decide:

​You can also try Divi by Elegant Themes here (demo).

​Now, it's your turn!

​Which is your favorite (and simple) website builder? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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  1. Hi
    No doubt, Thrive themes is one of the best and popular website builders. With Thrive themes building a website become easier even for the newbies just due to its user-friendly interface and simple features. Building a website will not be a painful and head scratching experience if you have a great website builder in your pouch.

    Definitely Thrive themes is one of the most simple website builders and it is also my favorite.

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    Have a good day.
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