When it comes to developers tool for web designing, both Thrive Architect and Divi Builder are receive equal shares of likes (and dislikes).

The biggest question would be – which is the better choice for website developers? Which tool is a better option for designing websites faster, more effective and most importantly, cost efficient?

Let's dive into the comparison of both Thrive Architect and Divi Builder, and ultimately deciding which is the best for website designing projects.

What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect Review

Previously known as Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Architect is a WordPress editor that allows you to customize any WordPress website in real time.

Thrive Architect is a standalone WordPress editor plugin and it is also apart of the Thrive Themes plugins when you sign up for the Thrive Themes membership.

Read more about Thrive Themes membership here.

What is Divi Builder?

divi 3.0 review

Divi Builder is pretty similar to Thrive Architect in many ways and the most visible one is the WordPress drag and drop editor. Divi Builder isn't that popular compared to Thrive Content Builder (on papers) for many reasons.

One of the main reasons is of course, due to the indirect competition from Divi 3. Divi 3 (or Divi 3.x) is a WordPress theme builder that allows website developers to build website faster and more efficient.

Read more about Divi from Elegant Themes here.

Thrive Architect vs Divi Builder: Which is better for a web developer?

This is a tough call, but let's compare them side by side, shall we?

1. Visual builder

When comparing Thrive Architect vs Divi, both are pretty close in terms of functionality. This is how you can use Thrive Architect for building custom WordPress designs.

thrive architect font customization
thrive architect hover effect
customize buttons using thrive architect
thrive architect attention grabbing elements
thrive architect column layout
thrive architect customize width

Using Thrive Architect, you can customize everything under one roof using the super intuitive visual builder. Thrive Architect is green in colour and I think that gives a nice view for the eyes as it is not overly empowering after a long usage.

On the other hand, Divi Theme Builder is also a greta choice in visual building tool. It works similar to Thrive Architect in many ways — and I know it is one of the most popular developer's visual builder tool for many.

divi 3.0 drag and drop website builder
cheap drag and drop website builder 2018
divi 3.0 review
divi customization feature review

Divi Theme is considered more robust especially with the functionality that you will get in just a few clicks. Take a look at the image above and judge for yourself!

2. Speed — Thrive Architect vs Divi Builder

Speed is all about efficiency and which is faster? If you are using a shared web hosting service, website loading speed should definitely be your top concern!

Lucky for you, both Thrive Architect and Divi Builder are both very effective in terms of website loading speed.

But make no mistake — both of these visual builder can easily create massive page size which affects your loading speed. Therefore, I highly recommend you to use elements that you really need to reduce the webpage size.

The clear winner for for speed is Thrive Architect as it comes with a nice 'Remove Theme CSS' which helps improve the website loading speed. Take a look at this video to under how this option is implemented.

3. WordPress support — Thrive Architect vs Divi Builder

Last but not least, developers are going to have a massive head if there is no support for the visual builder tool.

On the surface, both Thrive Architect and Divi Builder comes with unlimited support (as long as you are paying for the tools). When deciding on support level, my bet goes to Thrive Architect as the support forum is massive. Click here to see their forum.

Thrive support team are working around the clock to answer all the questions you had in mind and that is a feature worth mentioning. Compared to Divi Builder, they have a support forum but it is not as great as compared to Thrive's in many ways (feel, support level, activeness of the forum etc.).

4. Pricing — Thrive Architect vs Divi Builder

Last but not least, pricing is all that matters, right, right?

How much does Thrive Architect costs?

The smallest plan starts at $67 for a single website and a full year support.

how much is thrive architect

In terms of pricing, you can also consider getting Thrive Themes membership that comes with 10 premium Thrive Themes and 9 Thrive plugins including Thrive Architect. Read more about Thrive Membership here or see the pricing table below.

thrive membership for website developers

As a website developer, signing up for Thrive membership is definitely the best bet money can buy (and it's really affordable too!).

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Divi Builder on the other hand is priced differently and very attractively (I got to say).

divi 3.0 pricing

Divi Builder or Divi 3.0 pricing is indeed very interesting. For only $89 per year or $249 one time payment for lifetime access are definitely more interesting compared to Thrive Themes (or Thrive Architect) in anyway!

Unlike Thrive, Divi does not limit you to how many websites and domains you can use. Therefore, you are to use it as much as possible and this means unlimited usages to all Elegant Themes WordPress themes and plugins.

Check out the latest discount or try Divi Builder for free here.

Thrive Architect vs Divi Builder — Which is better for web developers?

This is a tough call. On one hand, Thrive Architect and Thrive Membership comes with massive features and benefits which web developers can leverage almost instantly. On another hand, Divi Builder comes with a simple pricing structure which is very interesting especially for freelance web developers who are on a budget.

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