5 Most Powerful WordPress Hosting In Performance And Pricing 2020

Most Powerful WordPress Hosting

The Most Powerful WordPress Hosting 2020

I’m a huge gig when it comes to web hosting. I have read and published posts related to “the best WordPress hosting”, “the cheapest WordPress hosting” and “the ultimate WordPress hosting” to name a few. But this is definitely the first to write about the most powerful WordPress hosting for 2020.

Yes, you read this right.

This post is not about just-any-other web hosting companies—these are the most powerful WordPress hosting in terms of performance, market share and of course, my personal favorite … customer support.

So now, if you are tired of reading all those crap and full of promotion based WordPress hosting review, you are going to love this WordPress hosting review.

Let’s dig in!

What Is The Most Powerful WordPress Hosting Means Like?

Honestly, there could be dozens of variations but for me, it boils down to these simple checklist:

  • Overall features
  • Customer support
  • Pricing strategy

“More importantly, a powerful WordPress hosting is someone you can trust and backs you up when you need it.”

Reginald Chan

List Of The Most Powerful WordPress Hosting 2020


BlueHost Powerful WordPress Hosting


1-click WordPress installation and multiple perks such as free domain and SSL are certainly huge plus points.


Support is rather okay. They are not the best in the market but certainly delivers the support when you needed.


BlueHost offers an excellent introductory WordPress hosting price that is unbeatable by many.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Verdict: BlueHost is my favorite option when it comes to cheap and reliable WordPress hosting. It offers everything I need to start a blog without burning a hole in my wallet. With pricing starts at $3 per month, you can’t go wrong with BlueHost.

Suitable for: Small WordPress websites, beginners and low traffic websites.


BlueHost Powerful WordPress Hosting


One of the most unique semi-managed WordPress hosting that offers flexibility and scalability.


Support is by far the best among the ‘lower’ tier WordPress hosting. Live chat is definitely a huge bonus.


SiteGround comes with 3-tier WordPress hosting that are affordable and suitable for small to large sites.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Verdict: SiteGround is another great and powerful WordPress hosting provider. It offers a nice value pack, along with top notch customer support. However, its entry level plan doesn’t come with much perks especially if you are serious in having a fast loading WordPress website.

Suitable for: Small WordPress websites, beginners and low-medium traffic websites.


FlyWheel Powerful WordPress Hosting


Flywheel is apart of the WPEngine family and it is a very popular option for agencies due to whitelabeling.


Support is rather good and courteous. However, it doesn’t offer live chat which could be improved.


Flywheel is highly affordable and you can even transfer the billing to your clients in just 1-click without hassle.

Overall rating :  4 / 5

Verdict: Flywheel is an excellent WordPress hosting provider for creative agencies and freelancers. The biggest advantage using Flywheel is the ability to transfer payments to your clients in just 1-click (which is pretty awesome). It’s pricing of $15 for a tiny site (up to 5,000 visits a month) is a great entry level for a fully managed WordPress hosting solution.

Suitable for: Creative agencies, freelancers, WordPress developers and serious bloggers.


Kinsta Powerful WordPress Hosting


Google Cloud Platform, CDN and DNS management make Kinsta stay right ahead of its competitors in the race.


Support at Kinsta is superb with 24/7 live chat support and super courteous suppor team members.


Kinsta is not the cheapest managed WordPress hosting but the pricing is rather decend according to market price.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Verdict: Kinsta hosting is by far my favorite and most powerful WordPress hosting I had ever reviewed. This site is hosted on Kinsta and if you want to have an excellent experience with web hosting, Kinsta is the answer. 

Suitable for: Medium to high traffic websites, business owners and serious website owners.

WP Engine

WP Engine Powerful WordPress Hosting


Optimized servers for speed and bullet proof security features are some of the WP Engine selling points.


WP Engine excels in customer support and its support team are always happy to chip in to help out.


WP Engine is priced slightly higher than the market median. It’s entry level is also higher than the rest in the market.

Overall rating :  3.5 / 5

Verdict: WP Engine is one of the leading managed WordPress hosting provider in the world. Their backend and branding give a very premium feel and in terms of performance, they are slightly slower than Kinsta but excels above the rest.

Suitable for: Medium to high traffic websites and while its plans are geared towards low to mid tier plans, WP Engine enterprise plan is one of the most expensive in the market with above average server performance.

Which Is The Most Powerful WordPress Hosting Provider In 2020?

This is an excellent question. For me, I would go with Kinsta hosting anytime of the day mainly for their excellent support. If you are having a bad day, speak to the support team and I’m sure they will delight you more than you can ever imagine!