Is Thrive Leads Worth It?

Are you planning to build an email list using Thrive Leads but unsure if Thrive Leads is worth the money?

You are in luck! In today’s post, we will discuss if Thrive Leads is worth it and if you should get Thrive Leads to build an email list.

What is Thrive leads?

Thrive Leads is a cool WordPress plugin that allows you to build an email fast and without much hassle (no coding skills and easy installation).

If you want to learn more about Thrive Leads, take a look at this video for more information.

Advantages using Thrive Leads: Easy to use

Thrive Leads comes with a drag and drop builder feature that allows you to create any opt in forms of your choice—without the usage of any coding skills.

Unlike other opt in form builder that require coding knowledge, the drag and drop feature allows you to create the lead generation forms in just minutes and not hours. Plus, zero coding knowledge is required.

Advantages using Thrive Leads: 4 Powerful features

Do you know that Thrive Leads is more than just a email list building plugin?

Here are four powerful features that you will get when you use Thrive Leads.


Design & Deploy

Thrive Leads combines every type of opt-in form you need in one single plugin and gives you a simple drag-and-drop editor to create the perfect design every time


Advanced Targeting

Get a massive conversion boost by showing relevant, highly targeted offers to your visitors based on posts, categories, tags and more. Build hyper-targeted and profitable lists


A/B Testing Engine

Thrive Leads comes with a highly advanced but very easy to use A/B testing feature. Easily increase your conversions and use the plugin to automatically increase your conversion rate


Actionable Reporting & Insights

Thrive Leads gives you a simple overview over the most important metrics. See exactly how your opt-in forms are performing over time and where your most valuable traffic comes from

Advantages using Thrive Leads: Loading speed

Unlike other email list building plugins for WordPress, Thrive Leads is worth it because it doesn’t slow down your website. It is not chunky and it takes pretty much a small fraction of time to load.

Advantages using Thrive Leads: Wide range of opt in forms

Not sure which opt-in form is best for your website? With Thrive Leads, you can easily test out different variation and concepts.

Here are some of the popular ones.

Thrive Leads Pop Up Light Box

Thrive Leads Pop Up Light Box

Thrive Leads Sticky Ribbon

Thrive Leads Sticky Ribbon

Thrive Leads 2 Step Opt In Form

Thrive Leads 2 Step Opt In Form

Thrive Leads 2 Step Opt In Form

Thrive Leads 2 Step Opt In Form

Thrive Leads Multiple Choice Forms

Thrive Leads Multiple Choice Forms

Thrive Leads Scroll Mat

Thrive Leads Scroll Mat

Summary: Is Thrive Leads worth it?

For me, Thrive Leads is certainly worth the money—every cent spend on it.

How much does Thrive Leads costs?

Thrive Leads costs $67 for unlimited updates and 1-year support. Alternatively, you can opt for Thrive Member for only $19 per month and get immediate access to ALL of our plugins and themes (including Thrive Leads). Click to learn more.

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